Feb 032023

I have been playing around with my sex demon catalog idea.

In a previous project I was working on, I included short stories about the demon to give an example of their power. Revisiting my notes on the project, I found that the short stories were a little too distracting and broke the immersion of the entries. For this project, I really want to maintain a verisimilitude that this is a book of magic. The footnotes help with that but I am curious if others find the notes distracting.

The following is what a current entry might look like. Let me know if there is a detail you think I am missing or any other notes.

Whispering Fea
AKA: Clerk of Secrets. Blind Takara,

A physical description is hard to give as Whispering Fea only manifests to those who can not see. In the dark, or when blindfolded or sometimes with only eyes closed, a person may hear Whispering Fae whisper in their ear. They may feel her sharp nails drag across their flesh. They may even feel the press of foreign flesh to their lips and taste strange juices. If their vision is restored, Whispering Fea leaves in an instant.

Whispering Fea will arouse, tease and on rare occasions, stimulate to orgasm those that call on her. While she is present, people have been known to willingly give forth their secrets to her. The more salacious the secrets, the more intense the physical interactions.

It should be noted that Whispering Fea often comes to the mortal realm on her own accord. She is drawn especially by those who blindfold themselves willingly. It is a common experience among beginning magicians to sit in the dark and wait for Whispering Fae’s touch.

Father Spunk warns against trying to coerce Whispering Fae to reveal the secrets that others have given her. He reports that she responded to his attempts with repeated pinches to his genitals. Even after her banished her, he was plagued with more pinches to his cock and scrotum for a week whenever he was in a dark room. (Source: Father Spunk, The Gasping Ecstasy of Divine Worship, 1992)

Whispering Fae resides in a dark vault located at the bottom of an ocean on a sunless world in the Planes of Desires. Any light brought into the vault is smothered in darkness. Any attempt to create a light fails. The walls are soft and hairy but what they are made of is impossible to tell. (Source: Maria Rook, Visions in a Haunted Brothel, 2009)

Her symbols have included blindfolds or scarves bound across eyes.

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