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Explorer’s Log: I have arrived at the star system designated “The Queen’s Laughter from Her Enemy’s Misfortune” by Royal Astronomers. There are sixteen planets and half are gas giants. The third and the fourth planets support life, but the fourth planet shows no signs of intelligent life. The third planet is much further along with primitive artificial satellites.

Monitoring their communications is easy as they speak some version of Gadugi. It has revealed some curious qualities. They live in city-states and appear to be divided along geographical borders but I detect no military aggression between them. Maybe they are engaged in some sort of subtle economic war. Either way, they are unnaturally peaceful with each other without the presence of a central authority.

Clearly these people are being controlled somehow. I will endeavor to find out how. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: My scanners detect that one of the city-states is launching a manned vessel today. According to the broadcasts I have intercepted, this craft will attempt to orbit the planet for a week and then return to the surface. They are very excited about this pioneering effort. It will be cute to watch.

Vaquel Di stood in front of her mirror naked. One foot was on Chairbot’s seat with her leg spread to the side. The mirror reflected her smooth brown legs and the bright pink bush of her pubic hair. A hair trimmer was in one hand while the other hand idly stroked her pussy.

She was stalling. This bush of pink hair had been with her since she started her exploration mission some thirteen years ago. Oh, she had trimmed it and she had kept it from becoming a wild jungle, but she had always maintained a thick bush. A lot of alien fingers, mouths, cocks and other appendages that encountered this bush. It was like an old friend.

But still, Vaquel was in the mood for a change. The aliens on the planet below were furry creatures without a spot of bare skin. They had gorgeous furs and glorious manes, but after staring at so much hair on the communication channels, Vaquel was developing an appreciation for naked skin. She wasn’t going to touch the cute short pink hair on her head so depilation of her bush would have to do.

Vaquel brought the trimmer down on her crotch. Tufts of pink hair fell and were snatched away by a minitractor beam within the trimmer. It was never good to have hair floating around on a spaceship. Little by little, the pink bush disappeared and revealed the dark lips of her sex.

She thought about the alien rocket she saw earlier. The launch was quite spectacular. They were using liquid fuel and the flames it produced looked like a volcano erupting. Vaquel half-expected the rocket to explode at any moment but somehow the crude vehicle stayed intact. It eventually dropped their fuel tanks into the ocean and reached orbit, but they still had a distressing amount of fuel on board.

That had been a few hours ago. The novelty of rudimentary space travel soon wore off and Vaquel was restless. Self-grooming was one of the safer things an explorer can do while bored.

Another pass of the trimmer removed the last of the hairs around Vaquel’s sex.

“Hey there,” Vaquel said to her pussy. The lips were a little bigger than she remembered. There was a spot that might have been a scar. She wondered when she picked that up. All in all, it was a lovely pussy.

There was a band of pink hair above her pussy. Vaquel started to clear it away and then paused. The hair was so soft and fluffy; it would be a shame to lose it all. Vaquel used the trimmer to clear away most of it and left behind a tight little triangle. The remaining pink hair was a pretty adornment for her pussy. It almost looked like a hat.

“Mistress!” Chairbot said. “The alien rocket is experiencing a critical malfunction! Scanners are detecting multiple explosions.”

“That’s too bad,” Vaquel said. “You don’t need that much to re-enter an atmosphere.” She set the trimmer down and ran her fingers over her pussy. Damn, that was nice and smooth. She was tempted to play with herself right now but curiosity won out.

“Come on, let’s see if any of the poor bastards survived,” Vaquel said. She walked back to the front of the ship to the navigation console. Chairbot rolled behind her, already dedicating several monitors to the distressed rocket.

The rocket was in four pieces. A swarm of debris floated beside it. The debris accounted for forty percent of the ship’s original mass.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. “At least the poor fuckers died quick.”

“Negative, Mistress,” Chairbot reported. “There is still one life sign.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore again. “Where?”

One of the rocket fragments become highlighted. It was the onboard laboratory. The compartment was sealed but had no propulsion or navigation controls of any kind. It was a floating coffin.

“Any signals coming from the survivor?” Vaquel asked.

“Negative, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “No movement either. They might be unconscious.”

“Small mercy,” Vaquel thought. The explorer might asphyxiate before regaining consciousness. Then again, they might not. They might wake up just in time to suffocate. Space was a nasty bitch that way.

Vaquel thought of her travels. Other than Chairbot, she had been alone for a very long time. Dying was always a possibility and she had made peace with the idea of dying alone on some unknown planet. For some reason she couldn’t identify, she was having a harder time accepting some other explorer dying alone.

She punched in an intercept course for the debris field. As the ship shifted direction, Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. Shiny green fabric flowed from her belt and onto Vaquel’s skin. By the time she reached the airlock, she was nearly covered in the skintight material. She grabbed a glassteel helmet and secured it to her head.

“I don’t understand, Mistress,” Chairbot said, rolling behind her. “I thought you were forbidden from interfering with emerging space civilizations.”

That was true. Space travel was hard and some planets gave up reaching for the stars and were content to remain on the ground. Those planets were a lot easier for the Queen’s armies to conquer. For that reason, the Royal Navy had a strict rule about providing any sort of aid to beginner space travelers.

“The Royal Navy doesn’t need to know about this,” Vaquel said. “As far as they are concerned, there were no survivors.”

“Understood, Mistress,” Chairbot said. For a subservient robot, he was remarkably eager to aid in the disobeying of orders. Vaquel wondered if she should worry about that.

“Approaching the debris field, Mistress!” Chairbot announced.

Vaquel stepped into the airlock. As she the inner lock sealed, Vaquel slipped on the propulsion pack to her back. The other seal opened. Bright light filled the airlock as Vaquel looked out at the bright blue planet. The debris of the destroyed vessel floated in front of her.

She kicked out of the airlock and activated her pack. Gentle forces propelled Vaquel towards the remnants of the alien ship. The debris was small as the explosion had torn apart most of the components.

The laboratory was up ahead. Vaquel slowed her velocity and adjusted her angle to come along side the floating compartment. She was struck by how small the lab was. It was barely the size of her navigation console. Only the luck of internal explosions allowed the module to survive that explosion.

There was a hatch. Vaquel opened it and a cloud of air left and immediately froze. Vaquel pushed the cloud away and stepped inside.

The alien drifted. They wore a clunky white spacesuit that looked terribly awkward. A clear faceplate revealed a face covered in silver hair. The eyes were closed.

Bio scanner data appeared in side Vaquel’s glassteel helmet. The alien was unconscious and their oxygen levels were low. The suit they wore was intact but without power.

Vaquel grabbed the alien around the waist. They were small, just over a meter tall. She pulled the alien through the hatch and then kicked away from the lab. The propulsion pack activated and sent Vaquel on a rapid ascent back to her ship.

Kiloseconds later, Vaquel pulled the alien out of the airlock and into the habitation corridor of her ship. The alien was distressingly light in her arms. She set her down on the ground and pulled a sonic knife from her belt.

“Chairbot, get us out of orbit,” Vaquel commanded. “I don’t think their primitive tech can detect the ship but let’s not take any chances.”

“Right away, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel started with the helmet. The sonic knife parted the metal clasps and separated fibers on the molecular level. There was a distressing lack of air escaping as the seal was broken.

The alien gasped and sat up. They weakly fumbled with their helmet. Vaquel pulled the helmet from their head and tossed it aside.

The alien shuddered. Silver hair around their mouth parted to reveal long rows of teeth. Deep green eyes the color of emeralds blinked but couldn’t’ focus. One of their hands pawed at their chest.

“Take this off,” the alien whispered in Gadugi. “Skin, can’t breathe.” The alien then closed her eyes and went limp.

Vaquel brought the knife to the alien’s chest. Making her best guess, Vaquel adjusted the length of the sonic blade and started cutting. The crude space suit began to part and Vaquel pulled at the thick material.

More of the alien’s body was revealed. It was covered in fine silver hair. The fur was barely a centimeter in length and the body it covered was lithe and muscular.

A black tunic covered the alien’s chest and crotch. Vaquel wasn’t sure if that needed to go too, and the alien wasn’t answering. She used the sonic blade to cut the tunic which almost sprang open on its own. Once Vaquel saw the large four fur-covered breasts, that the tunic was holding in, she had a better appreciation for the cloth’s resilience.

Vaquel pulled the rest of the tunic off the alien to reveal a furry cleft between her legs. Unlike the rest of her fur, the pubic area was a bright gold color. She wondered if it was natural or some sort of cosmetic decoration.

The alien groaned. The eyes were still closed. She reached out and her hand fell on Vaquel’s breast. Four short fingers latched on and squeezed.

“Nice,” the alien moaned.

Vaquel smirked. As the alien held onto her tit, Vaquel pulled her glassteel helmet off and set it aside. The bioscanner data rerouted to the wrist display. From what Vaquel could tell, the alien was suffering from oxygen deprivation, but her levels were steadily increasing. Perhaps it was causing cognitive impairment.

“Show me your fur, pretty fish,” the alien mumbled. “Come on . . .I’ll be good.”

Vaquel snorted. Yep, the alien was out of it. Still, Vaquel was curious how the alien would react to bare skin. More importantly, she wanted to see how those furry fingers felt on her breast.

She tapped a button on her belt and a seam split the chest of her spacesuit. Vaquel pulled on one side and her brown breast flopped out of the green material. She gently pulled the alien’s hand away from one breast and then pressed it to the exposed tit.

Furry fingers clenched and squeezed. The tiny hairs tickled at first but the softness of the fur was luxurious. The hand shifted, squeezing and releasing as it moved around the contours of her breast.

“No beast, no engine,” the alien babbled. The eyes were still closed but ridges formed in the fur above their head. Their lips opened and closed.

The alien cupped Vaquel’s tit and held onto it. She reached blindly with her other hand for Vaquel’s arm. Vaquel watched in amusement as the hand slid down her arm and found her wrist. The alien then guided Vaquel’s hand to one of her four breasts.

Vaquel squeezed the offered breast. The fur was soft but the mass underneath was softer. She pulled on the plump breast and the alien let out a loud moan.

“Ocean cheese,” the alien babbled.

Vaquel laughed and then moaned as a new sensation came from the alien’s fingers. Heat radiated from the furry digits, but it was a soothing heat like a warm breath. A finger pressed down on her nipple and Vaquel felt the heat radiate through her breast.

What was going on? She glanced at the bioscanner display on her wrist. Well, something was happening but the data was inconclusive. Could it be magnetic in nature?

Whatever it was, it felt wonderful. Warmth flowed from the alien’s hand and deep into Vaquel’s breast tissue. Every millimeter of her skin became sensitized. Her tit felt heavy and potent with heat.

Vaquel tapped another button on her belt and the green spacesuit retracted completely from her chest. She grabbed the other alien’s hand and placed it on her newly exposed tit. The alien’s fingers latched on with the same gentle strength and moments later, the warmth flowed from this hand as well.

“Ohh!” Vaquel moaned. It was like dipping her breasts in hot water. The energy suffused her large breasts and went deep into her chest. She could feel it flowing into her arms. It reminded her of getting drunk or experiencing a good dermal intoxicant.

“Justify express!” the alien moaned. They rolled their shoulders, pressing their own breast into Vaquel’s hand.

Were they expecting a similar exchange of energy? Vaquel had none to give but she could perform her own form of stimulation. She shifted her grip to carefully pinch the side of the alien’s breast.

“Banquet!” the alien moaned. Their hips lifted dramatically.

Vaquel assumed that was a positive statement. She pinched another plump bit of the alien’s breast and then another. She worked her way towards the alien’s tiny nipple, watching the alien shiver with each pinch. When her fingers squeezed the hard little nub of flesh, the alien whistled a wild scale of notes.

“Oh, you liked that?” Vaquel whispered.

The alien suddenly sat up. She opened her toothy mouth and went straight towards Vaquel’s breast. Vaquel was taken by surprise and barely had time to react as the alien’s wide mouth encircled her tit with teeth, That was a slight prick of fangs and Vaquel froze in place.

A tongue licked her nipple. Vaquel relaxed slightly, still aware of the far too many teeth around her breast. The tongue licked again, and then again, and then inexplicably, three tongues licked Vaquel’s breast.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel moaned. She leaned into the tongues, not caring about the pricks to her breast. Yes, there were definitely three tongues licking her. One licked her nipple while another licked the underside of her breast and a third licked the side. Each tongue was a flickering, rapid feather of licks.

Meanwhile, warmth continued to flow from the alien’s hands and into her breasts. Fingers clenched and relaxed as if she was milking Vaquel. Whatever the reason, the rhythmic groping felt wonderful.

The alien’s eyes were still closed. A glance at Vaquel’s wrist display revealed the alien’s brain was in an incomplete state of awareness. Their oxygen levels were still rising.

Vaquel wasn’t sure what to do. The alien’s mouth and hands felt great, but the alien wasn’t fully cognizant. She didn’t want to take advantage of the alien without consent or at least submission. The smart thing to do would be to stop this.

On the other hand, Vaquel wasn’t sure she could pull her breast from the alien’s toothy maw without some serious dermal damage.

The alien suddenly spread her legs. The golden hairs over her sex stiffened and vibrated. As Vaquel watched, the hairs flowed back and forth as if there was a breeze.

“That is definitely an invitation,” Vaquel whispered. She was sorely tempted.

The three tongues gave her nipple a triple lick. Tremors ran down Vaquel’s back. Her own hips began to move with urgent need.

And then the licking stopped. The alien’s eyes opened to reveal the deep green pools beginning to focus. The teeth released their grip and Vaquel’s wet breast slip from the alien’s mouth.

“Am I dead?” the alien whispered. “Are you a Courier?”

“Nope,” Vaquel said, not sure what a courier was. “You are very much alive.”

The alien was still holding onto Vaquel’s breast with their other hand. The warmth was still there. There was a pause and then the alien gasped.

“Are you a Foreigner?” they said. “From another planet?”

Vaquel didn’t answer right away. This was tricky. You tell a planet on the verge of space travel that there are other civilizations out there, and they tend to get very motivated to get their space program up and running. Saving this fellow explorer was one thing, but Vaquel wasn’t ready to jumpstart their technological progress.

“Your kind does not have the capability of understanding what I am,” Vaquel said. “One day, if you search deep within yourselves, you may align your mind to the proper frequencies of deeper understanding.”

“Banquet,” the alien whispered. They looked suitably awed.

Vaquel tried to look serene. It was hard with the warmth still filling her tit from the alien’s hand. Her pussy was soaking the crotch of her spacesuit. She hoped the alien was suitably confused by her meaningless speech.

The alien licked their lips with all three tongues. “What happens to me now?”

“I shall take you back to your planet, but somewhere far from any witnesses,” Vaquel said. “You must uh, not tell them what you have seen here. Their minds are not ready.”

“They are going to have questions about how I survived,” the alien said. She looked down at Vaquel’s tit in her hand. The gold her on her pubic area were still vibrating.

“But I will tell them I can’t remember,” the alien said. “And I will do as you say and search deep within myself. Maybe we will meet again when my mind is ready.”

Vaquel tried not to sigh with relief. “I am sure we will,” she lied.

“But I have one more question,” the alien said.

Vaquel tried not to stare at the alien’s vibrating pubic hair or think about the alien’s three tongues. “I will answer if I can.”

“Can we still fuck?” the alien asked.

“It is essential to your deeper understanding,” Vaquel said.

The alien lunged forward. Vaquel was taken by surprise as the smaller alien pushed her onto her back. The alien scrambled over Vaquel’s face until golden fur pressed against Vaquel’s lips.

Vaquel giggled into the alien’s sex. From submissive to aggressive in a blink of an eye! She opened her mouth and probed with her tongue.

The short golden hairs were warm to the touch. They also moved on their own, flattening to offer Vaquel the best access. Vaquel’s tongue tasted sweetness similar to honey and then the soft folds of intimate flesh.

“Banquet!” the alien moaned. Four-fingered hands clutched Vaquel’s short pink hair.

Vaquel took another lick and then another. She reached up and held onto the alien’s thighs, pulling the alien down harder onto her mouth. Honey flowed between her lips as she licked deeper and deeper.

“Oh!” the alien cried out. “Just one tongue? But your tongue is so thick!”

“I’ll show you what I can do with one tongue,” Vaquel moaned into the alien’s sex. She pushed her tongue deep into the alien’s narrow pussy. Slick walls gripped her tongue. Vaquel poked with her tongue, simulating the thrusts of an eager cock.

“Banquet!” the alien cried out again.

Heat flowed into Vaquel’s mouth. She worried that the heat might become too intense but the heat remained a pleasant sensation. Vaquel wondered if it the warmth was temperature related. It might be some sort of psychic phenomena instead of heat conduction. Whatever the source, it made Vaquel feel warm and snuggly from the inside out.

“Forgive me, I am being selfish,” the alien said.

Vaquel’s tongue was too busy thrusting to respond.

The alien leaned back. Her spine twisted at an alarming angle. Vaquel felt hands grip her thighs and then something nuzzled against the thin spacesuit covering her crotch.

Vaquel let go of the alien’s thigh and slapped her belt controls. It took her a moment to find the right button. The alien whistled when the green spacesuit finally melted away to reveal Vaquel’s bare pussy.

“No hair!” the alien whispered in awe.

Vaquel paused in her licking. Was this going to be a problem? Fuck, the first time she shave her pussy in years and she meets a species with possible trichophobia.

A finger pressed against Vaquel’s bare pussy lip. Vaquel kept licking the alien, hoping to soothe the cultural differences. Another finger touched Vaquel’s other lip and then both lips were spread open. Hot breath fell on Vaquel’s wet sex.

Vaquel whimpered. More heat filled her mouth and spread through her body. She was tempted to pull the alien’s head down to her pussy but she had to resist and let the being acclimate to Vaquel’s strange sex.

There was a lick on Vaquel’s inner lip. She trembled. There was another lick, and then there was three tongues on her pussy, followed by lips sealing themselves to Vaquel’s pussy.

The triple licking was incredible. Vaquel lost all self-control and her hips rose to grind against the alien’s mouth. The three tongues flicked inside her soaked sex, licking, and swiping at her clenching walls.

Vaquel writhed under the alien. Her tongue flailed inside the alien’s small pussy as warm sensations filled Vaquel’s body all the way to her toes. She could feel the walls of the alien’s sex spasm against her tongue.

The alien whistled inside Vaquel. The tongues didn’t stop licking. Vibrations from the alien’s lips vibrated against Vaquel.

The combination of strange sensations sent Vaquel’s body over the edge. She climaxed and the orgasm reacted strangely with the warmth inside her body. Multiple miniature orgasms exploded throughout Vaquel, especially around where the alien had groped her breasts.

“Glory to the Queen,” Vaquel whispered through clenched teeth. It was a weird sensation to feel an orgasm in her tits, but custom demanded that she thank her Queen for her pleasure.

Drifting on endorphins and bliss, it took Vaquel a full kilosecond to realize the alien had rolled off her body.

“That was incredible,” the alien said.

Vaquel could barely move. The warmth within her was gone and replaced with the force of a dozen afterglows. Her pussy felt numb. She should drop this alien back on their planet and submit herself to a full medical scan to see if her thighs will ever work again.

The alien pressed themselves against Vaquel’s side. A hand returned to Vaquel’s tit. Four fingers clenched as heat flowed into Vaquel’s tender flesh.

“Can we fuck again?” the alien asked.

“Yes,” Vaquel whispered and prayed she would survive.

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