Feb 082023

I came through the front door with an armload of grocery bags. Heavy snowfall had been predicted for tonight and like everyone else in town, I had been to the store to stock up for the next four or five days. When it gets this cold, it is just safer to stay home and give the city crews a few days to plough the roads.

My wife, Mary, was lying back on the couch. Her pants were gone and there was a naked woman lying flat between her legs. I didn’t recognize the woman’s purple hair or her very petite ass.

The purple-haired woman started to lift her head and Mary pushed her back down to her pussy. There were some muffled words followed by messy licking. My wife smiled and kept the woman’s head down.

“Did you get my avocados,” Mary asked.

“Yeah,” I said as I set the groceries on the coffee table. “What happened to Tina?”

“She’s got her kids this weekend,” Mary said. “I called Kelsey but she’s playing Snow Bunny for the Gordons. I also called Hannah but she has a boyfriend now and he isn’t into sharing her.”

“That’s awfully close-minded of him,” I said, hanging up my coat.

The purple-haired woman continued to eat my wife’s pussy. One knee was bent and her foot swayed back and forth. There was a tattoo of a robot on her ankle.

“So, who is this?” I asked.

“This is Alexis., Hannah’s cousin. Hannah said she was curious about the Snow Bunny job. Alexis had never done it before and I offered to break her in. She’s a student and other than some online classes she’ll need to take on Monday and Tuesday, she is all ours.”

I looked down at Alexis. A college student? We usually played with older women. I didn’t know younger people were into Snow Bunnies.

“Did you explain Free Use to her?” I asked.

“Of course,” Mary said. “Alexis here understands that her job as a Snow Bunny is to suck, fuck, lick, eat, ride and everything else that gets us off for the next few days. We provide a crowded bed, homecooked meals, and a bunch of streaming channels in between fuck sessions.”

“And boardgames,” I said.

Mary snorted. “Yes dear. I know you’ve been dying to play that hotel game.”

“Good,” I said as I unbuckled my pants.

“Shouldn’t you put the groceries up, first?” Mary said.

“They are half-frozen from being in the trunk so they can wait,” I said. I pulled my pants and underwear down. My cock was hard and ready to fuck some young pussy.

Alexis tried to look but my wife kept her head pinned to her pussy. As I climbed onto the couch, the college student rose up on her knees and spread her legs for me. She reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips for me with one hand.

Oh yes, she was going to work out just fine.

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