Feb 062023

All of Vaquel Di’s stories from 2022 have been collected into one volume and is available for sale on Amazon. These eleven stories cover Vaquel’s encounters with the empty planets of a dead species, as well as the celibate Glister that exterminated the previous race. Vaquel spends a lot of time alone in this one with only her robot companion, chairbot, for company. She makes up for lost time when she encounters the Glister and gives them crash courses in sexual practices. This novel also resolves a dangling loose end form a few years ago that I am quite proud of.

More importantly, this volume collects the stories of 2022 without including the six month break I had to take between stories. Future readers of this book will have no idea I had to stop to move into a house or that writing about dead worlds right at the start of the Ukraine war was a bit too much for me to handle. Time erases most wounds, including anxious delays.

You can buy a copy here.

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