Nov 282022

I had no idea that owning a house would be like playing Minecraft. You have to stay on your toes and constantly maintain the place while looking out for danger. Instead of exploding green monsters, I had a pipe break apart in my basement. Fortunately it was the pipe that feed the kitchen sink and dishwasher into the the swere line, and not one of the lines that feed the toilet into the sewer. That means there was only a little flooding, which absolutely soaked the basement carpet and smeared greasy water across the tiles. Our home warranty covers the damage and it looks like we will be paying very little out of pocket but in the meantime, we were unable to use our sink or the dishwasher until the plumber shows up. Which is next Tuesday.

This happened two weeks ago. My in-laws came up from Florida and I hosted/cooked Thanksgiving dinner with no dishwasher or kitchen sink. It all worked out because I am Prime House Husband material but holy shit, I have been busy.

As you can imagine, this put a wrench into my writing but fear not loyal readers! The penultimate Vaquel story of the year will be published this Wednesday. The final story will be published two weeks from then, It has been a rough ride, but by the Goddess, we will wrap up this year’s story line before the end of the year.

With a little luck, I might even start Vaquel’s next yearly cycle in January.

But what about my other work? Moving into the house was a massive distraction and I have struggled to get back into a writing schedule that works for me. Keeping a five bedroom house clean is a lot more work than cleaning a two bedroom apartment. There are days when I wonder if I even have it in me to keep writing.

That day is not today. I plan to start working on the next interactive smut book before the end of the year. This will be book two of the Nymphopocalypse, and will feature escaping a city of infected nymphos . This book takes place two months after the first, and the many of the nymphos have started to mutate into strange monsters. I plan for this book to be brisk and action-packed so hopefully it will go as fast to write.

Thank you for sticking with me. This year has been crazy and my output has not been what I wanted it to be. I appreciate your patience and support.

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