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Twin Moon Pictures Presents is a series of articles designed to give you things to use in horror games based in the 1970’s. Although the articles will be written for They Came From Beyond the Grave RPG, the articles should be system neutral enough for your own 1970’s era games or stories.

Camp Sunshine was a former nudist camp now turned summer camp for children. The kids are due to appear on Monday and the camp counselors need to spend the weekend getting ready. Victor Burrow is their boss, a guy barely older than the counselors but the threat of financial failure has aged the guy. Weird things have happened at the camp, like people stripping off their clothes and not even noticing it as well as strange sightings of naked people who soon disappear. Something is not quite right.

Things are about to escalate in a hurry because there is a terrible killer about to massacre Victor and the counselors.

Back in 1956, Jimmy Nemeth was a young adult who came into some money when his creepy uncle died. The creepy uncle left him a creepier mansion with even creepier books. A lot of those books were of the occult but the ones Jimmy liked had dirty pictures in them. Jimmy brought one of them, the Malleus Hedonismus, with him.

Jimmy came to the nudist camp because he thought it was a non-stop orgy party. He wasn’t prepared for regular monogamous folks who just liked being naked. He thought if he got the nudists to preform one of the decadent rituals from his book, then maybe people would loosen up and an orgy would break out. It was easy to convince Bill Burrow of the plan as Bill was pretty orgy-obsessed as well. Bill made the ritual a camp activity and the nudists performed it one late night.

Sadly, Jimmy sucked as an occultist. He thought the ritual was to Bring Forth the Liberator of Restraint, a kind of mood-enhancing angel who made people overlook their marriage vows and experiment with three ways. What he brought forth instead was a metaphysical monstrosity that thought skin, bones, and muscles were the ultimate prison.

The ‘angel’ appeared as a white mist of blades and saws. Within seconds, the mist turned red as the angel flayed, deboned, and eviscerated the nudists. Jimmy watched it all in horror and was the last to die

No one was around to banish the angel so the angel lingered. It gathered the body parts of the people it killed and formed itself a hideous upright form of too many arms, legs and bleeding muscles. There is no skin and the monstrosity stills bleeds due to arcane reasons. The creature sank into the lake, and has remained there in a fugue state ever since.

That was until Victor Burrow showed up with a construction crew. The monster rose from the lake and took a peek at the sweaty bodies hard at work. The ghosts got involved and some of the workers went naked, but the brief flashes of exhibitionism was not enough to stir the angel to murder. It lurked in the woods, waiting to be agitated by wanton pleasures of the flesh.

Which is exactly what is going to happen when a bunch of young adult camp counselors move. The counselors are technically here to get things ready and prepare the camp but they brought their alcohol, their nubile bodies, their hormones and their rock music. The counselors are spending more time flirting than working and the flirting is starting to escalate to more physical activities. It is just a matter of time before the angel is angered enough to use its meat suit of body parts to liberate some more flesh.

The angel has spent too much time on the earthly plane and no longer possesses the ability to form a mist of edged destruction. It is limited to the ever-fresh corpse body it is animating. It will attack using its many arms to rip people apart. It is not above using local tools like machetes, axes or fishing knives to separate the flesh.

More disturbing is that the angel will happily stick new body parts onto its body. It might not even bother to skin them. Counselors are sure to be traumatized when the creature hits them with an arm that has a tattoo they recognize.

To get rid of the angel, the campers could consult the Malleus Hedonismus and perform the banishing ritual. The book is around here somewhere. It could be in the storage shed or it might even be in Victor’s house, being used to prop up an uneven chair leg. Surely one of the counselors knows Latin? The spell requires eight people but if there are not enough counselors, Ellen and other nudist ghosts will join in.

The campers could destroy the angel’s body. It is a collection of still-bleeding muscles stuck onto random bones and powered by pure malice. The angel’s power has been steadily weakening and maybe a few energetic young adults could tear it apart with some oars, tennis rackets and spare axes. Heck, even a Final Girl could do it if sufficiently clever.

Finally, although the angel is drawn by its hatred of pleasure, it also cannot exist near a concentration of pleasure. A bunch of young people dancing, making out and enjoying substances all at the same time might cancel out the angel’s grip on reality and send it back to the outer planes that it came from. It might be tricky to get in the mood with all this blood everywhere but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Ironically, that orgy Jimmy and Bill wanted might have been able to save the nudists back in 1956.

However the angel is defeated, it will have a positive effect on the ghosts. The ghosts will manifest and then ascend upwards to a bright white light. The survivors might even spot some of their fellow slain counselors among the rising ghosts. Feel free to play “Carry On, Wayward Son” as they do.

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