Nov 072022

Twin Moon Pictures Presents is a series of articles designed to give you things to use in horror games based in the 1970’s. Although the articles will be written for They Came From Beyond the Grave RPG, the articles should be system neutral enough for your own 1970’s era games or stories.

Camp Sunshine was originally a nudist colony in the early 50’s. Owned by Bill and Ellen Burrow, the camp was founded as a place for people to shed their clothes and enjoy nature in a pure way. Ellen firmly believed that people needed a place to relax and release themselves from the pressures of society while Bill just really liked naked butts.

The camp was located on the eastern side of Lake Sunshine. There were twelve cabins meant to accommodate guests while the Burrows lived in a large two-story house in the center. There was a mess hall for when it rained, but mostly people ate at the many picnic tables and barbecue stations. Outdoor activities dot the campsite, including a volleyball net, cornhole lanes and of course, horseshoes.

Since the camp was based in Wisconsin, they really only operated during the summer. Miles away from the nearest town, nobody really cared what a bunch of naked people got up to in the woods. Lake Sunshine itself was always notorious for terrible fishing, so they have to worry about fishermen.

In 1954, a nudist movie was filmed here. Called, “Blonde Prefer Nature,” it featured attractive people doing camp activities. Ellen serves as the host and narrator while Bill is often spotted in the background.

In the summer of 1956, every person at Camp Sunshine vanished. Their cars, clothes and personal items had been left behind. Authorities were clueless as to what had happened. A newspaper speculated that drugs were involved and the nudists might have gone out in the woods to be eaten by bears. National papers ran with the idea and Camp Sunshine became another warning about drugs and sex.

The property went to Bill’s brother, Charles, who tried to sell the property to anyone that wanted it. No one did. Charles’ son, Victor, begged to take over the property and Charles reluctantly gave it to him.

Victor Burrow has reopened Camp Sunshine as a summer camp for kids. Camps are all the rage right now and he is hoping this camp will soon turn into a gold mine. Victor has sunk what was supposed to be his college fund into this project and it desperate for it to work.

He has run into a few problems. One, people keep forgetting their clothes. The workers he hired to clean the place up would sometimes strip down to nothing and then carry on doing their job, seemingly unaware of their nakedness unless someone points it out. At first Victor thought this was some sort of weird prank, but now that the camp counselors are here, some of them have had the same trouble.

Victor tore down eight of the cabins and replaced them with four large bunkhouses for kids. Weirdly, people keep spotting those demolished cabins. Same counselors have even reported old timey 50’s music coming from these cabins. Victor thinks its nonsense, but he wonders why he keeps coming across things like 50’s cigarettes and old magazines in the weirdest spots.

Lastly, two of the counselors swear there is something large and red lurking in those woods. Victor thought it was your typical Sasquatch nonsense, except the counselors say the thing has no fur and is in fact somehow skinless and bleeding all over the place. The camp cook swears the creature has more arms and legs than is natural.

Either way, Camp Sunshine opens this weekend. Victor has his counselors hired and the first busload of kids are coming on Monday. Hopefully he can get everything straightened out in the next two days.

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