Nov 092022

Twin Moon Pictures Presents is a series of articles designed to give you things to use in horror games based in the 1970’s. Although the articles will be written for They Came From Beyond the Grave RPG, the articles should be system neutral enough for your own 1970’s era games or stories.

Camp Sunshine is not your normal summer camp. It used to be a nudist camp back in the day until something terrible happened in the summer of 1956. Now it is re-opening as a summer camp for kids, but the ghosts of the missing nudists now haunt the camp.

One way the ghosts haunt the place is their urge to be naked. They will temporarily posses a living person and undress. The now-naked person will regain control of their bodies but will be unaware of their nakedness unless someone else points it out. The ghosts do this without malice and will never take over someone who is in a dangerous situation. That is small comfort to the person who finds themselves out in public in the buff.

Bill Burrow might be the first ghost campers meet. He appears as a very fit naked man in his late forties. He is always smoking a pipe and campers may smell the smoke before they see him. Bill used to own the camp with his wife and his primary reason for owning a nudist camp was to see some tits and ass. That remains his purpose as a ghost and he can often be found leering and ogling young attractive people. He prefers watching women but death has liberated him somewhat and he finds all genders attractive now.

When spotted, Bill will smile and maybe wave. If treated in a friendly way, he will linger and watch but will make no attempt at communication. He truly doesn’t care about anyone except in a voyeuristic manner. If shouted at, or threatened, he will vanish.

Ellen Burrow is another common ghost. She appears as a naked attractive woman with a blonde rolled updo. Unlike her husband, Ellen is constantly on the move, tidying up and putting things away. If she sees someone, she will smile and continue on her way.

If addressed, she will smile pleasantly and appear to be listening but after a few moments, she will wander off to do more chores. If asked a simple question like “Where are the bathrooms?”, she will point the way but otherwise she does not speak.

However, if someone is in danger and appears upset, Ellen will take notice of the person and may even answer questions about what happened back in 1956.

The last significant ghost is James Nemeth. He appears as a naked young man with a mop of brown hair. Deathly skinny and a bit pale, people might think he was some sort of monster. He stands out as looking very glum and unhappy. Campers might find him reading their books. If they find him holding his hands over his face, then beware, someone is about to be killed.

James is always present when someone dies.

Unlike the other ghosts, Jimmy will talk if approached in a friendly manner He feels responsible for what happened here and would love to unburden himself of his guilt. If he is threatened or bullied, the campers might not see him again until it is too late.

There are other nudist ghosts but their connection here is weaker and they often vanish after a few seconds. There is the gorgeous redhead who swims in the lake. Three older men play horseshoes where one of the bunkhouses stand now. Sometimes a crowd of naked women will play volleyball by the restrooms.

The ghosts leave artifacts behind that it remarkably real. Old soda bottles, 50’s magazines and suntan lotion are common. The most curious item is a film reel. A film projector can be found in the storage shed and if the reel is played, the campers will discover it is the nudist movie, “Blondes Prefer Nature.” Ellen can be easily recognized if they have seen her ghost, as well as Bill. No other ghosts are recognizable.

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