Nov 022022

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee shortage.
Location: Quality Engine Ratings!
Species Required: Human female, Wuat Female, Banime Female.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Level Two Roleplay Rating. Level One Engineering Rating
Duration of Assignment: Four Hours
Payment: Sixty credits per hour plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees).

Click Here to Accept Assignment.

The light above the monitor blinked. Dazanna checked to make sure her plump tits were still inside her overalls. Normally, the engineers who wore these overalls had a shirt, bra and probably some sort of smart-fabric underneath, but all Dazanna had was her naked skin. Two thin straps came down over the shoulders to hold a small panel of cloth that barely covered the bottom half of her large breasts. Every time she moved, one or both tits would pop out and flash her nipples. She preferred to keep them in reserve until needed.

Once she was sure everything was mostly secure, she reached to accept the call but stopped herself.

“Fuck, almost forgot,” Dazanna whispered. She pulled back her long blue hair and then slipped a yellow hard hat over her head. There, perfect. She accepted the call.

A bearded humanoid appeared on the screen. He was a meter and a half tall and nearly a meter wide. Powerful muscles along his shoulders. Cybernetic eyes zoomed to look back at her. A metal implant in his forehead scanned constantly for plasma leaks. The black beard was braided with an assortment of metal washers.

That was a Wuat all right. At some point in humanity’s exploration of the stars, Wuat ancestors decided to alter their genes for optimal asteroid mining and minimal volume requirements. Thousands of years later, the Wuats are some of the hardest working and sturdiest spinoffs from the human genome. They also loved their machines and took pride in their engineering skills.

“Hey there, Big Beard,” Dazanna said. It was always good to compliment a Wuat on his beard. “Good machining to you.”

“Good machining to you, couplet,” the Wuat said.

Dazanna blushed. Couplet was a very vulgar, but complimentary, term in Wuat speak. She took it as an indication that the Wuat was eager to play.

“I have to be honest with you,” Dazanna lied. “It has been a very dull day. All I have had to look at is a malfunctioning chemical propulsion system and some leaking coolant pipes. It has barely lubricated my vussy. I hope you have something impressive to show me.”

The black beard shifted and teeth flashed from a smiling mouth. “How does a class three FTL drive sound?”

“Oooh!” Dazanna said. She leaned forward and right on cue, her right breast popped from her overalls. “Show me, please!”

The Wuat picked up his transmitter. Dazanna got a flash of a naked skin that was probably his crotch. A moment later, the interior of an engineering bay filled the view screen. The screen panned slowly over a FTL engine.

Dazanna purred like a Jeline in heat. “That is one nice looking FTL drive. By the Lords of Space, is that a tachyon convertor?”

“Yeah!” the Wuat said, his surprise at Dazanna’s recognition was clearly audible. “I installed it myself. It has cut particle turbulence down twenty percent.”

“Incredible,” Dazanna said in a husky voice. “That kind of reduction is so rare. My vussy is getting so wet just looking at it.”

“Thank you,” the Wuat grunted. Dazanna could tell that he was stroking his member. She reached between her legs and rubbed at her own crotch. The cheap coveralls were wet to the touch. Dazanna rubbed herself as hard as she could, her motions causing her tits to jiggle out of her top.

“Can you get closer to the filter chamber?” she asked. “I have never seen one that clean.”

“I scrub it myself,” the Wuat grunted. He was breathing harder. Dazanna could just imagine his strong hand pumping his undoubtedly thick dock. Was he stroking off while looking at her or was he reacting to her engineering compliments? She would like to think it was both, but it was more likely from the compliments.

“Your attention to preventive maintenance is exemplary,” Dazanna as sincerely as she could.

The Wuat moaned. It was a deep guttural sound like an asteroid cracking open.

“What about the regulator?” he asked.

Dazana’s eyes darted around. What was the regulator? Dazanna bit her lip dramatically to stall for time.

Wait, it was that red thing next to the dial! It looked fine. She struggled to think of something nice to say about it.

It was time to break out the compliment of last resort.

“It looks like it was installed by a master craftsman,” she said.

The Wuat cried out as he climaxed. The load was almost as big as the tip he left for Dazanna.

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