Oct 242022

Those two smutty megapowers, Alexis Flower and Serena Silverlake, have combined their talents to create this extremely slutty story, Sunnie and the Astral Slut Test. Sunnie is an intern on a space station. She has a bunch of tasks to complete but also needs to find time to study for her Astral Slug test. Unfortunately for her, the station is infested with horny tentacles. These tentacles ambush her constantly as she goes about her tasks.

Science fiction erotica is at its best when super-science plays a part in every little thing, and this book did not dissappoint. Skimpy uniforms are printed out for every task, biometric scanners read nipples and exercise bikes have very special attachments. Between the tentacles, aliens, robots and more, the book reads like a peek into a very different world.

It is also filthy as hell, which is something I come to expect from Flower and Silverlake, but am always still amazed to see. These two are titans of slut fiction and I am delighted to see them writing sci-fi.

Sunnie and the Astral Slug Test is available to purchase on Gumroad.

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