Oct 122022

Explorer’s Log: I am on day nine of my twenty-nine day journey to the star system designated “The Queen’ Unparalleled Vaginal Grip,” by Royal Astronomers. All systems are optimal with the exception of the cold spot beside my bunk. I have felt the cold spot elsewhere within the cabin, including by the algae dispenser and next to the navigational console. The ship computer doesn’t detect the change in temperature at all and I am worried there might be a deep level malfunction in the environmental controls.

The computer has finished analyzing the genetic sample I recovered from the Glister. The species is normally two meters tall with slender arms and legs. The face that was synthesized took me by surprise. It was very handsome with sharp cheekbones and pouty lips. That face was made for pussy-eating. No wonder these sick celibates hide their bodies under holograms. They are fucking sexy. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I am starting to regret killing the Glister I encountered. The fucker had to die but maybe I should have sat on his face first. Ick. I can’t believe I am fantasizing about fucking a disgusting celibate. I really need to get fucked by something living.

Vaquel Di opened the wall panel and examined the temperature sensors underneath. The space explorer was clothed from the waist down in a skintight white spacesuit. Her large brown breasts and broad back were exposed so that she could better feel any cold spots. Short pink hair topped her scalp while dark eyes focused on the sensors.

Everything was in order. Each sensor reported the same temperature with deviations well within operating standards. There were no damaged parts, and no dirt that could interfere with the readings. The power conduit connection was functioning perfectly.

So why was Vaquel feeling a slight chill on the small of her back? It was right above the belt, where a lover’s hand would go. When she closed her eyes, she could sense the cold spot moving up her back a few centimeters before moving back down again.

“Chairbot, anything?” Vaquel asked.

“Negative, Mistress!” the loyal robot said behind her. “All I am detecting is your magnificent buttocks constrained within your space suit! Maybe I could detect it if you sat down?”

“Shut up,” Vaquel said. The robot would be too busy feeling her ass on his chair to bother to scan. No, she needed to solve this problem before a simple cold spot became a complete environmental failure.

Vaquel left the panel open and turned towards the center of the habitation room. Maybe there was a problem with the data channel. She dropped to her knees and slid open a panel on the floor. The data channel sparkled in front of her. Vaquel tapped a button on her wrist and let her scanner get to work.

Something caught her eye. One of the cabinets under her bunk was open. It normally held emergency rations but there was something blue lodged in there.

Vaquel frowned and crawled over to it. Her heavy breasts swung from side to side as she crawled. Vaquel almost wished someone was here to see it. Feeling lonely and horny, she threw a little extra wiggle to her ass while she crawled.

The blue object was the alien vibrator she picked up two worlds ago. With some difficulty, Vaquel pulled it out of the cabinet. The thick toy had been wedged in tightly.

“How did you get here?” Vaquel asked. She almost expected an answer since the vibrator had a holographic recharge function. Sadly, the vibrator didn’t respond.

How did it get there? Vaquel treated her toys very well and no amount of post-orgasmic bliss would cause her to cram the toy into a rations cabinet. Could she have kicked it in somehow?

Wait, she knew someone who would. Vaquel stood up and pointed the vibrator at Chairbot. The always-envious robot had a grudge against anything that got her off.

“Hide my sex toys again and I’ll leave you on a planet where no one has asses!” Vaquel snapped.

“It wasn’t me, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

“Yeah, right,” Vaquel snorted. She walked over to the toy locker, which was the same height as her tits. Wait, how did the robot reach this high? Vaquel shrugged. The robot was clever, Vaquel had no doubt he could find a way.

She opened the locker and stared at the mess inside. Dildoes and nipple clamps laid in a heap at the bottom of the locker. The cap on a dispenser of lube was missing but thankfully the dispenser hadn’t tipped over . The blindfold, paddle and sensation glove had slipped from their hooks and laid on top of the pile.

“What the actual fuck?” Vaquel said. Had she encountered turbulence lately? She couldn’t recall, but something drastic had upset the locker. It looked like a small localized gravity inversion had occurred.

Vaquel frowned. Maybe this was more proof that the environmental controls were faulty. She needed to understand what was happening and lock it down now.

The space explorer closed the locker and walked down the length of her ship towards her work station. The monitor was already activated. A video clip of Vaquel crawling on all fours towards her bunk played on the screen. The screen focused on her tight ass shifting inside the blue material of her spacesuit.

Vaquel knew how the video was taken. It was a recording from one of the interior cameras that Vaquel was using to scan for cold spots, except this recording wasn’t set for heat sensitivity. She also didn’t direct the camera to upload a looping clip of her crawling.

“Chairbot, did you do this?” Vaquel asked.

“My own sensors are superior to the ship’s” Chairbot said. “I have my own memories of your wonderous ass.”

This was more than a malfunction. The way the camera tracked her ass proved intelligent intent. Vaquel went to the work station and pulled up a log of previous commands.

There, someone had typed in the orders. It wasn’t Vaquel and Chairbot was a shit, but he was a loyal shit. That just left one obvious answer.

Vaquel wasn’t alone.

“Chairbot, run a full sweep for life forms on board the ship,” Vaquel snapped. “We have an intruder!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “Who could it be?”

“Fuck if I know,” Vaquel said. She rushed to the weapons locker and opened it. Thankfully, everything was in order. She pulled out a shock baton and activated it.

The hum of the baton comforted Vaquel but her heart was still racing. Who could the intruder be? The only species she knew of was the Glister and those no-fuck fuckers didn’t have spaceship technology. They did have wormhole tech, but was it good enough to transport someone directly onto her ship?

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She had no idea.

“Sweep complete and except for you, no one is on board,” Chairbot said.

“Shit, they must have already left,” Vaquel said but she wasn’t so sure. Why would they come on board, watch her ass crawl across the floor and then leave? That didn’t make any sense.

Oh wait, the Glister were sex-phobic. They used holograms to cover their own bodies. One look at Vaquel’s round ass and free-swinging tits might have sent them into a panic.

“Hmm, fuck it,” Vaquel said. “Chairbot, do a micro-level diagnostic of the ship. I need to know if anything has been sabotaged or if there is extra mass on board.”

“Mistress, that will require ninety-three percent of my computation power!” Chairbot whined.

“Do it!” Vaquel snapped.

Chairbot wheeled himself into a corner. His lights dimmed as he devoted himself to his task. The flat seat dropped as he was unable to devote power to rigidity.

Vaquel looked around her ship. Where the fuck did the Glister hide? There wasn’t much room to move. The aliens had hologram technology but did that include stealth? It was a worrying thought.

Shit, could a Glister be here right now? Maybe she could flush it out.

“Is anyone here?” Vaquel asked.

There was no answer.

“Fine, you asked for this,” Vaquel said.

She cupped one of her tits. The warm flesh filled Vaquel’s hand. The last Glister she met almost cried when she fondled herself. This hidden Glister would feel the same way.

There was no response.

“Are you used to tits?” Vaquel asked. “What about this?”

Vaquel pulled her breast up as she dipped her head down. The hard nipple was centimeters from her lips. She opened her mouth and stretched her tongue out. The pink tongue flicked her hard brown nub.

There was a sigh in Vaquel’s ear.

Vaquel swung the shock baton behind her. The humming bar cut through the air. She took another swing and then another, all the while, still holding onto her tit with the other hand.

The room was still. There was no sound except for the humming of Vaquel’s shock baton.

A sigh was the last thing Vaquel had excepted. A whimper, yes. Cries of disgust, sure. A moan of pleasure? Not at all.

Maybe she imagined it. It had been a while since she had fucked. She wouldn’t be the first space explorer to hear imaginary moans.

“Fuck,” Vaquel said. Either there was a Glister on board and it just sighed in her ear, or she was imaging sex sounds. Neither possibility gave her much comfort.

“Well, if I wait a few minutes, Chairbot can tell me which it is,” she said out loud. “And if you are here, I am going to fuck your shit up.

There was no response.

Vaquel leaned against a wall. She held the shock baton in front of her and slowly swept it from side to side. As for her tit, she let go of it and moved her hand down to her crotch instead.

The thin material of the spacesuit covered her pussy but she could feel the heat beneath the surface. Of course, she was wet. Fear and anxiety weren’t going to stop her horniness.

Vaquel stroked the crotch of her suit. It would be easier if she opened her pants but she didn’t want easy. The nervous explorer wanted a distraction and the space suit frustrated her fingers just enough to keep it interesting.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel moaned. She was very sensitive. Her fingers could only reach a few centimeters inside her but it felt so good. Her hips rolled as she fucked her fingers.

“Maybe I should get one of the nipple clamps,” she said out loud.

Someone bit her ass.

Vaquel jumped up from the wall. She slammed the shock baton into the wall. There was a loud discharge of electricity and then the smell of ozone.

It didn’t make any sense. Vaquel was right up against the wall. There was no room for someone to get their mouth on her ass. Unless maybe she was never against the wall, but against something that felt like a wall?

Vaquel rubbed her butt. The sensation of being bitten was fading. Did she feel teeth? She couldn’t remember. It was so quick and sudden, almost like a nip.

That is if it really happened.

“Scan complete, Mistress!” Chairbot announced. “I detected a fault in the navigation array as well as one kilogram of blockage in the waste exhaust but no life signs or intruders.”

“Praise the Queen,” Vaquel said. There were no stowaways on board. That just meant Vaquel was hallucinating. It wasn’t ideal, but there was a cure to imaginary sexual stimulation.

“Chairbot, perform an intruder sweep every five minutes,” Vaquel ordered. “I am taking a shower.”

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. The blue material of her spacesuit slowly receded from her body to reveal long brown legs, topped with thick thighs and a thicker ass. She passed a finger through the bush of her pink pubic hair and shivered at her own touch. When all of the spacesuit had retracted, Vaquel unclasped her belt and set it beside the hygiene pod.

The door closed shut on Vaquel. Six nozzles spread around the pod activated and sprayed hot water onto Vaquel’s naked body. She cried out at the shock of water and then moaned as it cascaded over her body.

“Fuck, yes,” Vaquel moaned. The water felt fantastic. Years of tinkering with the settings resulted in the perfect temperature. Steam rose around Vaquel, transforming the pod from a closet into a warm cloud.

Vaquel tilted her head back and opened her lips. Water filled her mouth and then spilled onto her large breasts. She closed her mouth and swallowed, wishing it was some handsome alien’s come.

She pressed a button on the control panel. The nozzle at her back went into pulse mode. Rhythmic blasts of water splashed her back.

Vaquel dipped her head into a nozzle in front of her. The hot water plastered her short pink hair to her head and ran down her back and face. She braced her hands to either side of her and enjoyed the multiple streams of water.

“What to do?” Vaquel mused out loud. Her voice echoed inside the pod. “I should come first and wash later, but I plan to come so many times that I won’t feel like moving afterwards. If I wash first, then I am just going to get dirty again when I fuck myself silly.”

The streaming water didn’t have an answer.

“Fuck it, I’m too horny to decide,” Vaquel said. She pressed a button on the control panel.

A seventh nozzle activated on the floor. Using biometric targeting, it fired a pulsing stream of water directly at Vaquel’s pussy. As Vaquel moaned and humped the air, the stream tracker her sex and kept the water on her pussy lips.

“Fuck, yes,” Vaquel moaned. She spread her legs and braced her hands on the walls of the pod. Her hips gyrated as the nozzle tracked her pussy and maintained the pulsing stream onto her sex.

“Make me come, you dirty slut,” Vaquel shouted. “Make me come on your hard stream!”

The nozzle didn’t answer but it did exactly as Vaquel commanded.

Vaquel was close. The streaming water pushed right to the edge of climax. If she added a finger she would come instantly but Vaquel resisted. Inching her way to orgasm was almost as delicious as the actual climax.

That didn’t mean she still didn’t wish for more.

“Fuck, I wish there was a cock inside me!” Vaquel shouted.

The hygiene pod didn’t answer.

But something else did.

Thickness entered Vaquel’s pussy and lifted her from her feet. As she cried out, a hand grabbed the back of her head and pushed her face into the wall of the hygiene pod. Her nose pressed against the hard surface while a thick hard cock pummeled her sex.

In an instant, Vaquel surrendered to sensation. She climaxed hard around the unknown cock. Pleasure cascaded through her body like a surging flood.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel shouted!

The fucking continued. Fear and desire warred within Vaquel. How the fuck did someone get inside the pod with her? Why does their cock feel so perfect inside her? Where is Chairbot and his damn sensor sweep? How hard does Vaquel really want to fight this guy when he is fucking her so well?

Vaquel reached back with her hand. She felt nothing. That is not quite true. Her hand felt nothing but her pussy sure as fuck did. So did her nose as the strong hand continued to grind Vaquel’s face into the wall. Vaquel swung both hands around, trying feel who or what was fucking her so hard.

All she felt was hot water spraying from all directions.

That included her pussy. The floor nozzle was still tracking her sex. As the hard cock rammed her sex, the nozzle continued to blast the mound of her sex with water.

How was that possible? Was her fucker out of phase with reality or semi-solid? What exactly was fucking her pussy so superbly?

WHAP! A hand slapped her ass. There was no deny how solid that was! The stinging sensation lingered on her buttocks.

WHAP! WHAP! More slaps rained down on Vaquel’s ass. While her butt was under assault, the thick cock rammed her pussy. The hand on her head tightened its grip on Vaquel’s hair.

Vaquel planted her hands back on the wall in front of her. She didn’t care who or what was fucking and spanking her. After months of neglect, her body was finally being used by someone else.

The unknown being railed Vaquel’s pussy. Short, rapid thrusts reduced Vaquel to a limp body. The hard slaps to her ass kept Vaquel awake. Her face ached from being shoved into the wall but Vaquel welcomed the pain and clenched harder around the unknown cock.

The next orgasm arced and crashed into her body. “Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel cried.

The cock withdrew. The hard slaps stopped. Even the grip on Vaquel’s head released her hair.

Vaquel panted. Was it over? No! She wanted more.

Strong hands gripped Vaquel’s waist and pulled her back until her tender ass slammed into the wall behind her. A firm hand pushed down on her shoulders and Vaquel obediently bent over. The hand moved away and powerful fingers spread open her sore buttocks.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered.

A thick head pressed against the tight ring of her asshole.

“Oh fuck, yes!” Vaquel moaned.

A hard cock pushed against her asshole. It was too big. There was no way the thick head would fit. Her ass stretched and stretched and stretched but it was just too massive.

And then suddenly, it wasn’t. The cock shrunk ever so slightly and then it was inside her. It was still massive though. Centimeter after centimeter of thick cock pushed into her and filled her ass.

Vaquel groaned as she was pushed to her limit. How water showered down on her from all sides. The nozzle on the floor continued to pulse at her pussy. Muscles quivered and clenched all over her body.

The unknown entity began to fuck her ass. Slow, methodical thrusts penetrated her deepest core. The power of the thrusts sent her wet tits clapping together.

“Yes,” Vaquel groaned. Who was fucking her ass? The being could be a Glister, a half-phased entity, some new anomaly or even her own psychotic breakdown for all she knew. It didn’t matter because the cock was ravaging her asshole in all the right ways.

Utilizing a randomizer program for optimal pleasure, the nozzle on the floor switched to a higher pulse rate. Water blasted Vaquel’s sensitive pussy with increased intensity. For every five pulses of hot water, a sixth blast of slightly colder water struck her sex.

The variation sent Vaquel over the edge. “Glory to the Queen!” she shouted as she climaxed. Her ass clenched down as the hard cock continued to thrust inside her.

A rough hand grabbed Vaquel’s tit. She gasped as strong fingers clamped down on her plentiful mound. A shock of pain went from her crushed breast and went straight to her pussy.

Vaquel came again. She lacked the awareness to praise her Queen as endorphins filled her mind. Pain and pleasure boiled inside her and she ascended to a new level of bliss.

Someone moaned. It was a deep rumbling sound that was right beside her. No, it was inside her. She could feel the moan reverberating through her mind.

The cock in her ass paused in mid-thrust. The base of the cock swelled and her asshole stretched to accommodate it. Something thick passed through the being’s cock like a large marble through a thin straw. When it reached the tip, Vaquel cried out as the head of the cock dxpanded inside her.

And then there was a gush of hot liquid. Vaquel gasped as the liquid filled her ass. It was too much. She was going to burst from the amount of alien seed.

The cock suddenly vanished. So did the hand on Vaquel’s hip and tit. She nearly fell but managed to sink to her knees instead. The nozzle on the floor continued to pulse at her exhausted pussy.

“Fuck.” Vaquel whispered. She was having trouble thinking. Images filled her mind. Beautiful landscapes, voluptuous blue bodies and countless vibrators and unfamiliar mouths flashed before her.

Vaquel remembered jacking her large cock onto a blue woman’s face. She vividly recalled growing her first playmate out of a seed. There was a parade of alien tits, mouths, cocks and pussy cascading through her mind, each attached to a favorite memory.

“No, no,” Vaquel groaned. This wasn’t her. This was someone else’s history. She never had a cock. There was never a garden of plump women grown to be fucked and used. These thoughts didn’t belong to her.

Vaquel tried to remember her own pleasures but they were crowded out by these alien memories. Did she first suck on a nipple from a woman with green hair and blue lips? Was she once paddled by six men as the sun rose over a stadium shaped like a vulva? Was the memory of her three blue spouses real?

Memories multiplied inside Vaquel’s mind. She slumped forward in the hygiene pod on her knees until her head was on the floor. Her ass was up in the air and Vaquel barely noticed.

As Vaquel sunk deeper into a stupor, the nozzle on the floor switched to a new stimulation pattern. It projected two streams that fired alternating blasts of water. The dual streams moved up and down Vaquel’s sensitized pussy.

Vaquel could feel her identity slipping away but there was nothing she could do. The memory of being a genetic engineer was too strong. She knew her spouses’ birthdays. The terror of the atomic blast searing the flesh from her body was too strong to ignore. If she wasn’t Nondol Gnikal, then who could she possibly be?

Something wonderful pushed through her memories. It was two beautiful pulses of heat on her tender pussy lips. It felt like she was being licked by two tongues.

Pussy, not cock.

She, not he.

A greedy little slut who was alive, not a greedy little stud who was dead.

The nozzle brought Vaquel’s body to another climax. Pleasure filled Vaquel’s mind and pushed out the foreign thoughts. She cried out in pleasure and opened her eyes to look at her soaked, brown not blue body.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. The feel of her own body was a welcome sensation but the continuing stimulation on her over sensitized pussy was not. She covered her pussy to block the floor nozzle’s stream.

“End shower program,” she shouted.

The water ceased. Vaquel rose to a kneeling position. Water dripped from every part of her body. She reached for her asshole and felt around. There was no trace of alien ejaculate, at least not physically.

Vaquel stood up. The memories of the other being were already fading. By the time she grabbed a towel and dried her hair, she forgotten the names of the other’s spouses. By the time she dried her arms and tits, she had forgotten the being’s favorite positions. By the time she dried her pussy, ass and legs, she had almost forgotten what it was like to have a nice cock between her legs.

One memory lingered though. As clear as if it has happened just this morning, Vaquel remembered the sight of the blast wave coming to kill her.

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