Oct 052022

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Queen’s Unearthly Ass that Haunts the Dreams of All Who See It,” by Royal Astronomers. There are four planets and all four show signs of previous habitation. I say previous because all four have also been irradiated by repeated missile strikes. Scans indicate that these planets were once inhabited by the species I have designated Dead Fuckers-One.

The second planet from the sun is different. Multiple wormholes are active on the surface and appear to be draining radiation from the planet. I am also detecting scattered lifeforms. Could members of Dead Fuckers-One still be alive? It is impossible to verify due to the wormholes’ interference with the scans so I will need to land to verify. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Queen’s tit, it has been a long time since I fucked something organic and sentient. I hope these survivors aren’t too traumatized to fuck my brains out.

Vaquel Di picked her way through the ruins of a large city. Dark clouds covered the world in a dull haze. To stand out, the explorer was wearing a bright pink spacesuit that matched the color of her short pink hair. The suit clung tightly to her curves and the excitement of the day meant both nipples stretched against the thin material. A clear glassteel helmet encased her head and broadcasted a halo of light all around her.

A green wormhole hovered in the sky, as large as the city itself. Streams of condensation flowed into the wormhole. The streams sparkled with radioactive dust. The science of how it was draining the radiation was beyond Vaquel but it was sure was pretty to look at.

The scanner on her Vaquel’s wrist beeped. There were life signs nearby, but it was unclear where. The wormhole up above was giving off so many anomalous energies that Vaquel was surprised her scanner was working at all.

A cracking sound echoed through the ruins. Vaquel thought it came from the right. She walked in that direction at a hurried pace.

Ruins always demanded caution but Vaquel’s eagerness propelled her forward. She craved the excitement of meeting a new species. Her nipples were hard and her pussy was flowing. Everything she had seen of the culture of Dead Fuckers-One indicated that they were a highly advanced sensual species and she was ready to experience some of those advancements personally.

There was another cracking sound, followed by the sound of falling debris. Vaquel’s safety training kicked in and she froze in place. Moving much more cautiously, she peeked around the corner of shattered wall to investigate.

Nearby were four white shapes. They were vaguely humanoid but it was hard to tell. Their bodies warped and shifted as they moved and there was very little definition. Vaquel could make out two arms and maybe two legs, as well as a head but no sensory organs. Each of them had a numeral on their fronts and backs that seem to float. The numerals were written a variation of Sim Sun.

More importantly, each being carried some form of rifle. One of the beings aimed their weapon at a nearby sculpture of two humanoids mating. There was a cracking sound as the weapon fired and then statue exploded.

“Oh fuck,” Vaquel whispered. These weren’t Dead Fuckers-One survivors, these were someone else. Maybe their destroyers!

Vaquel dropped down low and watched. The four beings moved, their bodies shifting in vague ways. When one of them stepped on a piece of rubble, their leg extended for a moment to cover the rock.

“Holograms,” Vaquel said to herself. The aliens were wearing hologram emitters to conceal their bodies. But for what purpose? They were invaders in a dead planet. Did they fear being recognized?

The aliens walked side by side down the street away from Vaquel. They fired their weapons at murals and statues. Vaquel wasn’t sure why they were wasting ammo. The murals depicted naked members of Dead Fuckers-One and the statues were all phallic or yonic in nature. None of the objects posed a threat.

Vaquel slowly trailed the aliens as they demolished stationary objects. She needed more information. These aliens were an unknown quantity and she was duty bound by her service to the Queen to assess and understand them. They clearly possessed the ability to destroy entire planets so caution and diplomacy was the recommended course of action.

A simmering anger clouded Vaquel’s thoughts. She barely knew anything about Dead Fuckers-One but they came across as beings who liked to fuck. Their art and attention to nude detail stirred Vaquel’s pussy and eyes. The only thing she knew about these new aliens was that were slowly destroying any remnants of Dead Fuckers-One’s pornography.

Maybe caution should be skipped for a battle field dissection and interrogation? Vaquel unholstered her laser pistol and set the beam for rapid-fire. Her other hand went to her belt and pulled a marble-sized plasma grenade from a pouch.

The beings stopped at a clearing. They set their weapons down and reached into their holographic forms to pull out small bags. Each of them opened their bag and brought it to their heads. The white shapes prevented Vaquel from seeing if they were eating, drinking or merely sniffing the bags.

This was a perfect time to attack. Vaquel hesitated. If she killed this team, then it is highly likely that future encounters will be hostile. Maybe she should push her prejudice away and try talking to these assholes.

One of the beings dropped his bag. Green noodles flopped on the ground. They pointed in Vaquel’s direction and screamed.

“Animal!” It is was spoken in perfect Sim Sun.

Oh well. Maybe now that a sneak attack was impossible, Vaquel switched to diplomacy. She holstered her pistol and palmed the grenade in her other hand.

“Greetings!” Vaquel said, stepping out from cover.

All four beings dropped their bags and reached for their rifles. They moved deceptively fast, although it might have been the holograms concealing their actual movement. As soon as they recovered their weapons, they assumed a firing stance and attacked. It took barely a second.

As fast as they were, Vaquel was faster. She drew, aimed and fired her laser pistol at the alien that first spotted her. The alien’s hologram rippled as three laser beams passed through it. The white shape collapsed to the ground.

The other three fired. The wall behind Vaquel exploded. The other shots went wide as Vaquel dived backwards. She tossed her plasma grenade underhand as she fell.

The grenade exploded in a ball of orange light. The crackle of plasma was joined by the explosion of one of rifles. Two screams were cut short but a third scream lingered in the air.

Vaquel stood up. There was a smoking crater filled with green paste and pieces of metal. Vaquel assumed the paste were the remains of some of the aliens. Their weapons were highly unstable to explode as easily as they did.

Beside the crater were two bodies. Vaquel had shot the one to the right earlier and the hologram had shifted to a dull gray. The alien to the left was clutching their leg. The leg was pointing in a direction that did not seem natural, but since Vaquel couldn’t see their actual body, who knew?

Oh wait, it was clutching their leg with one arm. The other arm was missing, or at least the holographic representation of their arm was missing. Wait, there it is. About a meter away was a gray shape that could have been its arm. Interesting, even in separation the limb retained their hologram.

“Indecent animal!” the white hologram shouted. “You will submit for this!”

“I don’t think so,” Vaquel said. She walked towards the shouted, her laser pistol pointed at what she thought was its chest.

“My name is Vaquel Di, of the Royal Navy of Euphoria,” she announced. “Identify yourself and your species.”

The hologram rocked back and forth, clutching their leg.

“What is Euphoria?” the alien asked. “You are not one of the Animals who lived on this planet. Are you one of their creations? One final beast that needs to be put down?”

“I’m not from around here,” Vaquel said. “I come from a star system about oh, let’s say a hundred stars from here.”

“Impossible!” the alien said. “That is far beyond any wormhole’s reach! There is no way you could have come here from that far away!”

Vaquel squatted down in front of the alien. The holograms shifted as the alien lurched back. Was it afraid? It was hard to tell with a white block for a face.

“I came in a starship,” Vaquel said. “A vehicle that uses solar power and other principles to convey me across the vast reaches of space. Do you not have anything like that?”

“By the Laws, then it is true,” the alien whispered. “The more depraved an Animal is, the greater their ability to pervert nature.”

“What makes me so depraved?” Vaquel asked.

The alien pointed with its arm at Vaquel’s chest. “The Animals who lived here walked around naked and flaunted their bodies but you are even worse. Your body covering conceals your skin but reveals every depraved curve and I can see your pointy things right there. Even your genital slit is visible through that barbaric material!”

Vaquel looked down. Yep, it was visible. She spread her legs wider in her squat to make sure.

“Disgusting!” the alien snarled.

“Let’s see what you look like under there,” Vaquel said. She moved forward and placed a hand on the alien’s leg. She felt something hard and almost plastic-like.

“Get back, Animal!” the alien snapped. It swung its remaining arm at Vaquel and slapped the side of her helmet.

Vaquel stood up and pointed her pistol at the alien. “Hey, remember who the prisoner is!”

The alien made a disgusted noise. “You’re forcing me to look right at your genitals!”

Vaquel snorted. “You act like you have never seen any before.”

“I haven’t!” the alien said. “We are implanted with eight subcutaneous projectors at birth! They are always covering us and preventing visual activation of our animal lusts.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. “You mean that you have never seen a naked body? Not even your own cock?”

The alien said nothing. If he was expressing disgust or shame, the hologram wasn’t conveying it.

“Alright you pervert,” Vaquel said. “Enough messing around. I got questions and you need to provide them.”

“I refuse to help you in any way that will delay your cleansing!” the alien said. “You might as well kill me now.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Vaquel said. “It is tempting. I know you and your friends are not the only beings alive on this planet. Another squad might come by to check on you or maybe you are supposed to call in at a certain time. Am I right?”

The alien gave no response. The white shape was blank.

“But you are the first living being I have met in a while and it would be nice to chat,” Vaquel. “And maybe do other things.”

“What other things?” the alien asked.

Vaquel pressed a button on her belt. A seam appeared in the pink spacesuit around her neck. The seam moved down, slowly parting to expose the brown flesh of her chest.

“Codes protect me,” the alien whimpered.

“Tell me, have you ever seen a tit this nice?” Vaquel asked. She grabbed the side of the seam. “Actually, have you ever seen a tit?”

“Stop!” the alien shouted. “Don’t do it!”

Vaquel pulled ever so slightly on the seam. The swelling curve of her breast was exposed. The alien whimpered as she pulled.

“Then tell me about your species,” Vaquel said. “Who are they and where is your planets?”

“Stop and I’ll tell you!” the alien said.

Vaquel kept her hand where it was, exposing the side of her tit.

“Our people call ourselves the Glister,” the alien said. “We were Animals once but we ascended thanks to the Codes that our Code Givers created. We gave up our Animal ways and adopted the Armor of Denial and Discipline. Unlike the Animals here, we only have one planet.”

“One planet?” Vaquel said. “But you have wormhole technology. Why haven’t you seeded other planets?”

“Because we are not Animals!” the alien said. “We control our population with zero sum growth.”

“Then why create wormholes in the first place?” Vaquel asked.

The alien was quiet. Perhaps he had interrogatee’s regret. Vaquel knew how to fix that.

“Hey, answer the question,” Vaquel said as she pulled harder on the seam until her hard brown nipple was exposed.

The alien cried out. He held his arm out to shield his face. Before Vaquel could threaten him, his arm lowered a smidge.

“Your exposed gland is repulsive, but yet I still want to put it in my mouth?” he whispered.

“Try it and you might like it,” Vaquel said. “Tell me about your wormholes. Or do you want me to start squeezing my tits?”

“No, no, no!” the alien said. “We didn’t create the wormholes, the Animals did! The appeared on our world and brought their horrible inventions with them! They had their filthy plants that they copulated with! They had strange machines they put in their bodies purely for pleasure! They even brought the machines that created wormholes so they can go back to their filthy kind.”

“You stole their tech,” Vaquel said. She pulled her suit seam all the way to the side so that her entire breast was exposed. The alien groaned but Vaquel ignored him. Her fingers idly pinched a nipple as she thought out loud.

“The Animals, or Dead Fuckers-One,” Vaquel said, “came to your world through their own wormholes. Were they here to conquer? Nah, I have yet to see any weapons. They probably came to your planet to say hello and ask if you wanted to fuck. Queen’s tit, they brought their own sex toys. I knew I liked these beings.”

Vaquel’s eyes narrowed as she stared at the alien. “And what did your people do when they arrived?”

“Please, stop doing that to your point,” the alien said, pointing their arm at Vaquel’s nipple.

“This?” Vaquel said. She pulled hard on her nipple. The rest of her breast stretched outwards.

“So vile,” the alien said. The other leg shifted.

“Tell me what you did to the beings who came to your planet,” Vaquel said.

“We cleansed the Animals,” the alien said. “By Bullet, by Knife and by Atomic Fire. We destroyed their creations but our Code Givers forbade us from destroying the machines that created wormholes. Those we kept and our Code Givers studied them.”

“What did the beings you murdered do then?” Vaquel asked.

“Please, stop doing that,” the alien begged.

Vaquel released her nipple. This time the white holographic shapes shuddered.

“How did they respond to your attack?” Vaquel said.

“They did nothing,” the alien said. “The Animals never came back. Our Code Givers predicted that they were preparing their response. We turned all of our production to creating weapons and wormhole generators so that we may strike them first. Some communities devoted themselves to searching the skies, looking for signs of their wormholes so we could track down all the places they lived. My community was tasked with creating tactics and training to root out any survivors on their worlds and finish them off.”

“As well as destroy any statues,” Vaquel quipped.

“All traces of the Animal must be removed,” the alien snarled.

Vaquel didn’t respond. Her people, the Euphorians, engaged in conquest all the time. They were a greedy hedonistic people who quite frankly, liked to fuck people up. What they didn’t do was this wholesale destruction of another species and their culture. It was a kind of evil that Vaquel had a hard time comprehending.

The holograms around the alien’s waist shifted. It moved their hand to between their legs. The holographic white blocks made it impossible to see what was happening, but Vaquel had a good guess.

“You’re aroused,” Vaquel said. “Probably staring at my tit right now. I have always had a sixth sense for when beings are staring at my tits.”

“The horror of your body is infecting me with Animal urges,” the alien admitted.

“Never had my tits called horrible before,” Vaquel said. She brought her wrist scanner close to the alien’s body. The readings were still a mess. The interference from the wormhole was just too great.

“This is your lucky day,” Vaquel said. “I need a sample of your genetics and my scanner is malfunctioning. I am going to have to get a physical sample for analysis later.”

“Code protect me,” the alien said. “Are you going to remove a limb? Can you take the arm that was already blown off?”

“Nothing so bloody,” Vaquel said. She reached down towards the alien’s crotch. Her hand passed through the holographic white shape and felt something stiff. It was just the alien’s pants. She ran her fingers along the contours but the crotch was remarkably shapeless.

“Pull your genitals out,” Vaquel ordered.

The alien was quiet. Vaquel could almost feel the alien staring at her exposed tit. A second passed and then he shifted. There was a hissing sound from his crotch, followed by eight distinct clicks. Vaquel felt a piece of the pants come loose and she pulled. A panel swung down and she reached in.

There was something long and slender behind the panel. It was hot to the touch. She wrapped her fingers around it and discovered it was as thin as a laser barrel. The head was a little wider but not by much. There was an interesting arrangement of bumps down the length.

The alien groaned but said nothing.

“You are not protesting,” Vaquel said. She gave the slender phallus a tug. “I was expecting more of a struggle.”

“Your Animal nature has infected me,” the alien said.

“Oh, is that what you are telling yourself?” Vaquel says.

The alien said nothing.

Vaquel slid her hand up and down the alien’s unseen phallus. The white holographic block grew larger to conceal the movement of her hand. Though she couldn’t see it, she could feel the phallus pulse in her hand. The small bumps inflated and shrunk in a curious rhythm.

“Have you ever done this to yourself?” Vaquel asked.

“Genital touching is only allowed for urine dispersal,” the alien said in a whisper.

“Poor bastards,” Vaquel said. “Wait, what about intercourse?”

“Only Animals copulate,” the alien said. They groaned as Vaquel added a twist to her wrist motion.

“How the fuck do you reproduce?” Vaquel asked.

“I will not tell you the secrets of my people!” the alien said. “Wait, why did you stop?”

Vaquel removed her hand from the alien’s crotch. “I don’t give handjobs to non-cooperative prisoners.”

The alien reached for their crotch and stopped themselves. “But you have already begun the process of arousal! My depositor feels strange, like it might burst. You must relieve the pressure!”

“Nope,” Vaquel said. She went back to fondling her exposed breast. Her fingers pulled on her nipple until it slipped from her fingertips.

The alien reached for his crotch again but stopped himself. The white holograms prevented Vaquel from seeing the alien’s face but she knew their eyes were glued to her chest. A pitiful whimper came from the alien.

“When a Glister dies, they are brought to the Womb Tanks,” the alien said. “Their bodies are broken down and their genes combined with other genes to form spawn. The Glister child has their hologram emitters injected and as well as a full copy of the Code in their brains.”

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. “You sexless assholes are clones. Why they fuck do they even let you have genitals?”

“Mastery of our urges is what makes us better than Animals!” the alien said.

“Crazy non-fuckers,” Vaquel said. She stopped playing with her tit and spat onto her hand. The alien didn’t even notice that her other hand holstered her laser pistol.

“Why did you do that?” the alien asked.

“You’ll see,” Vaquel said as she wrapped her spit-covered fingers around the alien’s hidden cock.

“Ohhh!” the alien cried.

Vaquel stroked the alien hard and fast. It was a bit rough for an alien’s first time but she was too disgusted to care. An entire civilization that repressed their sexual desires? It was something Euphorian philosophers speculate about but never thought was possible. When Vaquel brought back proof of this planet, her planet might consider it the most horrible thing ever discovered. The Queen might not thank her for this discovery.

The alien didn’t seem to mind the rough treatment, though with the holograms covering his face and body, who could tell? There were some subtle hints. The uninjured leg kept digging its foot into the dirt. The good arm slapped against the alien’s chest. The hologram around the head didn’t move but Vaquel could hear rapid breathing.

“Code protect me, I am going to die!” the alien shouted.

Vaquel ducked her head down. The white hologram blinded her but she was going by touch. Her lips wrapped around the head of the phallus as her hand continued to pump.

Hot liquid splashed on her tongue. It was a geyser. Vaquel’s mouth quickly filled with the alien’s spunk. She pulled her head up and let go of the phallus. Pulling out a sample pouch from her belt, Vaquel spat the alien’s seed into the sterile bag.

The alien cried out. Yellow liquid shoot into the air from their crotch. The hologram tried to extend itself to cover the emission but the ejaculate soon flew out of the hologram’s range. The pumping continued for a few seconds and then stopped.

“That felt amazing!” the alien said. “I feel like I just cleansed a hundred Animals!”

Vaquel stood up and pressed a button on her belt. The seam in her suit joined together and covered her exposed breast. She sealed the sample pouch and tucked it back into her belt.

The alien made a high-pitched noise that might have bene giggling. The arm went to their crotch and paused, and then touched itself. There was the sound of clicks as their pants panel locked down.

“I feel so strange,” the alien said. “I feel good and yet also tired. I am also hungry. Is this normal? Am I dying?”

“Not yet,” Vaquel said. She drew and fired her laser pistol. Three beams went through the alien’s head. The hologram flickered and then turned a dull grey color.

She stared down on the probably dead alien. She had to kill it because it would have reported back to the Glisters that a new kind of Animal was flying between stars. That would complicate her mission. It was a necessary kill.

For some reason, Vaquel was feeling regret. That was unusual. Was she becoming weak?

She looked at the ruins around her. Shattered buildings were littered with the remains of Dead Fuckers-One. Anything of beauty had been demolished.

Now the regret made sense to Vaquel. She regretted that she didn’t have more genocidal non-fuckers to shoot.

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