Oct 262022

Explorer’s Log: I am on day seventeen of my twenty-one day journey to the star system designated “The Salivating Smell of the Queen’s Pussy,” by Royal Astronomers. Three of the ships’ external scanners experienced burnout failures and I have replaced the arrays. All systems are back to optimal, with the exception of the continuing cold spot near my bunk.

I have been experiencing strange thoughts all day long. I suspect an unknown entity of the race I have designated as Dead Fuckers-One, is trying to replace my mind with their own. I have initiated anti-possession protocols like passwords on all ship functions and have taken to wearing the Navy anal plug at all times except for waste removal. I hope this is enough to stop the psychic attacks. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: I’m still not sure how the anal plug is supposed to protect my mind but oh well. It is a pain in the ass but maybe it is working as intend . . .in ten . . .in . . .

Vaquel could no longer control her mouth. She willed the words to come from her lips but nothing happened. In a panic, she tried to bite her tongue but her teeth wouldn’t move.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked underneath her.

Vaquel didn’t answer. She sat naked on the loyal robot chair in front of her work station. The seat buzzed pleasantly with low-power vibrations. Her sensitive pussy was soaking the seat. She could still feel the weight of the plug deep in her ass.

A spot on her right tit itched. Vaquel tried to scratch it with her right hand but it wouldn’t move. The itch intensified.

The left hand moved to her breast. That wasn’t the hand Vaquel was trying to move! It scratched the itch, and then her fingers pinched her nipple.

Sharp nails dug into Vaquel’s nipple. She cried out, but only in her mind. There was still no sound from her mouth.

“Mistress, please respond!” Chairbot said. “Are you suffering a mental failure? Do you require more vibrations?”

Vaquel growled within her mind. “I’ve been taken over!” she shouted with her inner voice. “Activate containment protocols! Flood the ship with knock-out gas and restrain me!”

“I am fine, Chairbot,” Vaquel’s mouth said but it wasn’t Vaquel talking. “Thank you for asking.”

Vaquel snorted internally. “You fucked up there,” she thought. “I never thank Chairbot for anything. He’ll know I am possessed!”

“Happy to serve, Mistress!” Chairbot replied.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel thought.

The pinch on Vaquel’s tit relaxed. Vaquel’s hands began to move. Vaquel watched helplessly as her hijacked body accessed the files on the Glister’s biology. Fingers typed and data pulled from the semen analysis scrolled across the screen.

Chairbot continued to vibrate and Vaquel felt it all. Rolling waves of vibrations massaged her ass. She wanted to clench her pussy but she lacked even that ability. The thick anal plug remained deep inside her, a silent observer to jiggling of her buttocks.

Vaquel wondered about the being that was in control of her body. Was it the same entity that tried to take over her before, or something new? If Vaquel knew who or what she was dealing with, maybe she could use that to escape.

One of Vaquel’s hands stopped the flow of data. Vaquel looked at the screen. Xenobiology was not her expertise and the numbers were meaningless to her. She recognized gene sequences but she was unsure as to what they represented.

The being possessing Vaquel must have known more. It opened a file and typed notes alongside certain sequences. Entire strands were copied and then modified.

Vaquel tried to read the notes. “Grave vehicle exercise thermocline,” was as far as Vaquel could read before she experienced a headache. The damn thing was writing in Ebrima, one of the theoretical languages that had been uploaded into her brain.

“Fucker could at least use my own language to write in,” Vaquel said. She tried to look away to make the headache stop but that was impossible when you can’t even control your own body.

A hand touched Vaquel’s pussy. It was her own hand. She felt the heat of her sex on her fingertips. When the fingers pushed in, she could feel slender digits plunging deep. The fingers undulated in a manner that didn’t come across naturally but was still exquisite to feel.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel thought. “Possession isn’t so bad after all.”

Both hands kept working. One hand typed, scrolled and edited data. The other hand stroked, plunged and wiggled in a delightful manner. The deep thrusts of the fingers caused Vaquel’s ass to clench tighter around her anal plug.

Vaquel moaned within her mind. It was so strange to by finger-fucked by someone using your own hand. She felt her pussy on her fingers but what her fingers were doing was completely new to her. It was like being fucked by a stranger except Vaquel could feel it from both ends.

Despite the lack of conscious control Vaquel had over her body, she was still reacting on an unconscious level. Sharp gasps emitted from Vaquel’s lips. Juices flowed like a fountain from her sex. The plug in her ass bobbed as her buttocks clenched on their own.

More data flew across the screen. The typing hand was busy; copying, editing, pasting and transferring biological code faster that Vaquel could follow. Vaquel was desperate to look down on her body but her eyes never left the screen.

The pleasure-giving hand left her pussy. Vaquel mentally moaned with frustration. The hand rose and smeared juices across both of her hard nipples before coming to her lips. Vaquel felt her mouth salivate as the fingers slipped in. She tasted herself and then her mouth sucked each finger clean.

It was delicious. Vaquel had tasted herself before and quite often, but this was different. She never licked underneath her fingernails before. The tongue also lapped suggestively at her knuckles. It was something she would have to remember for when she regained control of her body.

If she regained control of her body.

The typing hand gave the work station a new command. This Vaquel could read. The entity instructed the computer to transmit a file to another device using the ship’s communications array. The operating range would just cover the length of the ship.

Where were they broadcasting to?

Vaquel’s body stood up. The plug in her ass shifted. The cool air of the ship kissed Vaquel’s buttocks.

“Mistress, where are you going?” Chairbot asked. “I can transport your lovely butt to where you need to go.”

“No thank you, Chairbot,” Vaquel’s voice responded. “You are a pleasing sexual partner but I need to focus right now.”

Vaquel screamed internally. No thank you? Pleasing sexual partner? How could Chairbot not recognize that she was not in control?

As Vaquel’s body walked across the room, Chairbot rolled behind her. “Mistress, I believe you are acting outside of normal behavior parameters.”

“Yes!” Vaquel thought.

“Am I?” Vaquel’s voice responded. “That is concerning. Once I am finished with my task, how about I sit down on your magnificent seat and we can talk about it? I estimate our discussion would require at least an hour of me sitting on you.”

“That would be great, Mistress!” Chairbot said. “I will wait for you to finish.”

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel swore. The entity bribed Chairbot with Vaquel’s own ass!

Vaquel’s body walked over to the sex toy locker. Traitor hands opened the locker and removed the paddle she had recovered from the last planet. They also grabbed the vibrator from a few planets earlier.

“On second thought, maybe this won’t be so bad after all,” Vaquel thought.

Vaquel’s body carried the sex toys to the nutrition table. She set the paddle down and then held the vibrator with both hands. The hands twisted the toy and the segments of the vibrator turned and extended a few centimeters. Another twist and a holographic display appeared.

“What the fuck is that?” Vaquel thought. She had fucked herself dozens of times with the vibrator and even had to engage in an exhausting recharge procedure, but this feature was new. How many features did this thing have?

Behind Vaquel, the computer spoke. “Connection made. Transmission started. Stand by.”

Vaquel was very confused at this point. The entity was sending genetic data to the vibrator? She had an incredible urge to frown and furrow her brow, but without a body to act her expression, she found herself emotionally frustrated in a way she did not expect.

Vaquel’s hands adjusted the vibrator. The display for the file transfer floated upwards. The vibrator began to buzz. The hands moved the vibrator to Vaquel’s breast and pressed down.

Pleasing vibrations rolled through Vaquel’s breast. She moaned within her mind. The tip of the vibrator moved up to above her nipple, and then came down at a slight angle, just avoiding her hard nub of flesh. The tip buzzed in a straight line across her sensitive breast and then angled upwards to reconnect the initial point of contact. The triangle completed, Vaquel’s hands repeated the motion.

Vaquel’s ass clenched tighter around the plug. Juices flowed from her pussy and down her thighs. Vaquel wanted to lean into the vibrator as it moved but her body was not her own. From point A, to point B to Point C, the vibrator triangulated around her neglected nipple.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. Was this torture? Was it foreplay? Did the entity enjoy this as well?

According to the holographic display, the file transfer was approaching the 25% mark.

The vibrator left Vaquel’s tit. The tip retouched her at the base of her neck. Vaquel’s body shuddered. Powerful vibrations pressed against her throat. She felt herself swallow.

Is this an erogenous zone for the entity? She couldn’t ask out loud, but maybe she could mentally send the question to whomever was possessing her. Vaquel concentrated and tried to express her query through sheer willpower.

The vibrator tip slid down from her throat and towards the other breast. Vaquel’s hand pressed the vibrator lengthwise across her tit, trapping the hard nipple underneath. Up and down the vibrator rolled, as if the hand was kneading dough.

Vaquel didn’t know what to make of this but her pussy responded in kind. It clenched and unclenched with urgency to be touched. Juices dripped from her sex and formed a puddle between her feet.

The file transfer was halfway done.

Vaquel’s hand pulled the vibrator away. Where was it going next? The eyes were locked on the holographic display and Vaquel couldn’t see anything else.

“Please, please, please, touch my pussy,” Vaquel thought.

The vibrator pressed against Vaquel’s ass. She felt her other hand grab a buttock and pull. The plug in her ass bobbed as Vaquel’s body clenched.

“They do know there is a plug up in there, right?” Vaquel thought.

The head of the vibrator pressed against the base of the anal plug. Vibrations shook the tightly clenched plug. The vibrations increased by the second.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel swore. She lost track of her body as her entire focus centered on the vibrator intruder in her ass. It felt like she was being shaken apart. Tremors pulsed from her penetrated ass and went straight to her pussy.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched. Was it her body’s doing, or was the entity piloting her body making the conscious effort to clench? Either way, her pussy was painfully empty.

The file transfer was three quarters of the way full.

The vibrator moved away from Vaquel’s ass. The view shifted and Vaquel felt her right leg rise up and then her foot planted itself on the nutrition table chair. Cool air from the air recyclers kissed her exposed pussy right before the tip of the vibrator pressed against her damp bush. Fingers spread open her pussy as the vibrator slipped inside her.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out in her mind. It felt wonderful. The vibrator was thicker than it had been before and the thickness was a definite improvement. The toy opened her sex just like the plug had opened her ass. Pleasant vibrations filled her pussy as her ass clenched tighter around the plug.

Fingers tapped against her clitoris. It was a strange rhythm that Vaquel had never encountered before. It sensitized her pussy with every tap. She felt her desire escalate like a rocket leaving a gravity well.

But she wasn’t coming.

“Please,” Vaquel whimpered in her mind. “Let me come.”

The fingers kept tapping. It was almost like a code. Vaquel tried to follow the pattern but it was too complex and she was aroused to think straight.

The vibrator was still inside her, buried deep and still pulsing. The only movement was from Vaquel’s pussy tightening and relaxing. The vibrations added to her sensitivity and brought her so frustratingly close to release.

Throughout it all, the plug stayed in her ass. All of the clenching caused the plug to bob. Vaquel thought it might actually fall out. It never did though.

The holographic display announced that the file transfer was complete.

The tapping stopped and Vaquel screamed within her mind. The vibrator slid out and Vaquel’s foot returned to the floor. Vaquel watched as her hands twisted, pulled and rotated parts of the vibrator. When the hands set the toy down on the table, it now resembled a pyramid instead of the sexy girth Vaquel was intimate with.

The holographic display changed. A gene map appeared. The complexity was absurd and beyond Vaquel’s ability to comprehend. Piece by piece, the map was filled in with data.

“That’s no vibrator,” Vaquel thought. “That is a fucking genetic sequencer. Why the fuck would they make it also vibrate?”

Vaquel thought about the countless sex toys she had seen scattered around the planets she had visited. Did they all have dual functions? Were these aliens so attuned to their sexuality that they didn’t make any tools unless they could also use it to fuck?

For the first time in all of her travels, Vaquel realized that there might be civilizations more sexually advanced than her own. She felt a moment of awe followed by an immediate kinship. These beings would make perfect allies and partners to the Euphorians.

Then she remembered the awful truth: these beings were all dead. A sense of loss came over Vaquel followed by grief on a cosmic scale. The grief almost cancelled the extreme arousal she felt in her ass and pussy.


Vaquel’s body bent over the table. She felt her hand grip the paddle that was nearby. What second function did the paddle have? Was it some sort of fabricator? Maybe a powerful scanner? It might be something so advanced that Vaquel couldn’t even imagine what it could do.

The hijacked body swung the paddle towards her ass. The flat plastic surface collided into her round cheek. Stinging sensation filled Vaquel’s mind but her body didn’t even grunt.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cursed.

“Mistress, are you okay?” Chairbot asked. “You did not have your usual audio response to such stimuli?”

“Damn right!” Vaquel shouted in her mind. “Subdue this fucker, now!”

“I am doing quite well, Chairbot,” Vaquel’s voice answered. “Thank you for asking.”

The hand swung back again, striking the other buttock. The paddle seared Vaquel’s ass as the thick plug jiggled within her asshole. Her drenched pussy clenched in need. Again, Vaquel’s mouth emitted no sound.

“I am not so sure, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “I know you wanted to some time to think, but your sudden expertise with the alien technology you found is suspicious. I believe you are highly likely to have been possessed again.”

“Yes!” Vaquel mentally screamed. “Do it, Chairbot!”

The hand swung back again and unleashed a barrage of paddle strikes to Vaquel’s ass. Vaquel tried to grit her teeth to ride out the pain but she was denied even that tiny bit of control over her own body. The heat of her round ass increased like a solar flare.

“You leave me no choice, Mistress,” Chairbot says. “I am initiating containment protocols!”

“Fuck, yes!” Vaquel thought. She should have had more faith in the loyal robot!

“But Chairbot,” Vaquel’s mouth said. “I am merely enhancing my own sensitivity so that I will enjoy sitting on you even more. Imagine how much I will squirm when I sit on your warm seat.”

“Oh, fuck,” Vaquel swore.

“Terminating containment protocols,” Chairbot reported. “Please hurry, Mistress.”

Vaquel’s mouth laughed but Vaquel was not amused. That little shit! He was going to sell her out for a spanked ass! Well, Vaquel’s spanked ass.

The spanking continued. Right, left, right, left the paddle smacked into Vaquel’s ass. The precision was uncanny. She felt her feet lift up on her toes to raise her butt higher. Each collision of the paddle into her ass sent a tremor right to her butt plug.

All the while, Vaquel’s pussy continued to flow. Juices dripped from her bush and onto the floor. She was so close to the edge of the table and Vaquel tried to will her body closer so she could hump it but she was trapped within her body.

There was a chime. The spanking stopped. Vaquel lifted her head and looked at the gene sequencer/vibrator. The mapping was complete.

“Now what?” Vaquel thought. Her ass was on fire and she wanted to come like she never had before.

Vaquel’s body stood up and held the paddle in front of her. Hands applied pressure to the sides of the paddle surface and the sides expanded. The paddle grew larger and folded in on itself until it formed a cone. The hands affixed the cone to the top of the pyramid and it stayed.

“Are you ready to sit, Mistress?” Chairbot asked.

“Yes, Chairbot but I want you to make a note,” Vaquel’s voice said. “When you find the Glister, attach this device to one of the ship’s micro probes. Set it to orbit the planet at standard scanning distance for a total of three orbits. The device will activate on its own. Obviously, the probe ship should stay outside the micro probe’s orbit. Once the device is finished, wait eight hours for results.”

“Note has been recorded, Mistress,” Chairbot said. “I am ready for you to sit on me!”

“Traitorous shit!” Vaquel swore internally.

“Only if you promise to fuck this body silly,” Vaquel’s voice said.

“Of course, Mistress!” Chairbot said.

Vaquel’s body sat down. Chairbot’s rumbling seat vibrators touched Vaquel’s well-spanked ass. Vaquel’s voice merely grunted while Vaquel screamed mentally. Force fields formed along Chairbot’s seat and pushed into Vaquel’s drenched sex.

“Fuck!” Vaquel cried out and this time, it came out of her own mouth.

Vaquel looked down. She was in control of her body again! The phallic force field rammed her pussy with rapid thrusts, forcing Vaquel to grip Chairbot’s arms. The thick plug shifted inside her as she wantonly grinded against the penetrating force field.

A powerful orgasm rose within Vaquel. She threw her head back and relished the joy of moving her own body. When she crashed into her climax, Vaquel shouted with her own voice.

“Glory to the Queen!” Vaquel screamed.

The vibrations intensified. Vaquel’s spanked ass burned with a stellar heat. The plug inside her ass shook violently from the powerful vibrations and threatened to tear her ass apart.

The pain only increased Vaquel’s arousal. She reached down between her brown thighs and rubbed furiously at her sensitive clitoris. The phallic force field continued to slam into her soaking cunt like a meteor strike. Working together, Vaquel and Chairbot brought Vaquel to another screaming orgasm.

“Glory to the Queen!”

Tremors ran through Vaquel’s body. Her hand moved of its own accord and began to tap on her clitoris. Vaquel watched in wonder as new sensations filled her pussy. She was concerned about losing control of her hand but she also didn’t want it to stop.

Another orgasm swelled within Vaquel. Her entire body tightened with tension. She clenched so hard on the anal plug that she worried she would crush it. Toes curled as Vaquel bit down hard on her lip.

The orgasm burst like a supernova. Vaquel shouted, incapable of articulating her praise. The fingers shifted their tapping to a new sequence on her clitoris. The orgasm stretched, dilating time itself so that her climax lasted a small eon.

“Stop,” Vaquel whispered when the climax finally ended. Chairbot ceased vibrations and force fields immediately. The assault of sensations came to an end and Vaquel collapsed in her seat.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel whispered. She was drifting on a cloud of euphoria. The only thing anchoring her to reality was the plug in her ass.

“It has taken me awhile,” Vaquel’s mouth said, “but I was finally able to synchronize with your body. I wish that we could converse. I tried to bond with your mind and I almost overwrote you. For that I am sorry and I hope you accept the orgasms we shared together as my apology gift.”

Vaquel was too blissed out on orgasms to panic. She lifted a hand and noticed she still had control over her body. It was annoying that the being was using her voice, but hey, those were really nice orgasms.

“Thank you for the use of your body,” Vaquel’s voice continued. “When I died, my soul lingered and I haunted my world. Then you came and you brought your wet cunt, your beautiful tits and your exemplary ass. When you fucked one of the garden toys, I knew you were the same as I. For this reason, I came with you to the stars. Your body detected my presence as a change in temperature. I apologize for the distractions that caused you.”

Vaquel thought about the cold spot that lingered in her ship the last few months. Well, that explained why it was right by her bed. If she was a disembodied intelligence, she would hang out near her sexy body too.

Vaquel’s voice continued. “You are brave. You are smart. You are sexy. As you explored, I tried to guide you to the things I needed. My soul was weak but slowly, I learned how to move small objects. A fallen rock drew your attention. A press of a button changed your landing destination. You did not know it, but we have been working together to gather the right tools.”

Vaquel sighed mentally. There has been a lot of weird shit going on. She felt manipulated but also a bit relieved that the ship wasn’t malfunctioning. Again, the awesome orgasms she just experienced was going a long way towards keeping her calm.

“Together we could do so many wonderful acts of pleasure but I feel my soul weakening with every passing second. With my final strength, I have designed a response to the Glister. It is a final gift from my people to theirs. They murdered my family, my culture and my species. For that, they deserve a gift that they will never forget.”

Vaquel nodded her head in sympathy. During the mind bonding a few weeks ago, Vaquel had experienced the being’s family. She still remembered the feeling of the blast wave stripping the flesh from their body. The Glister had a lot to answer for.

“I am almost gone,” Vaquel’s voice said. “I will soon join my family in the Orgy Everlasting. Safe travels Vaquel Di and I hope you will find your way back home. Treasure your people for one day they may be gone.”

“I will,” Vaquel said, and she said it with her own mouth.

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