Sep 212022

Fucktoy sat naked in her chair, waiting to be used. The blindfold covered her eyes. One hand toyed pulled at a nipple while the other hand was at her cunt. Two fingers slid in and out of her wet sex.

The television turned off. Fucktoy let herself moan now that Master’s show was over. She hoped he was going to play with her, although that was never a guarantee. That was okay. At least Fucktoy could get herself off as long as she was on display.

The floorboards creaked. Master was moving towards her. Fucktoy gave her nipple one last pinch before moving her hand to rest on her thigh. Master always wanted unimpeded access to her breasts.

It was quiet. Where did Master go? Had he left her?

Fucktoy whimpered and stroked harder. It was his right to ignore her. The cruel indifference stabbed her heart with ice and flooded her cunt with lust.

The floorboards creaked again. Master was coming back!

A hand grabbed her hair. Fucktoy relaxed and prepared for her head to be savagely pulled. Instead, something tugged the ends of her hair.

It was a brush. This was new. What did it mean?

Master brushed her hair. He started at the ends and slowly moved up. The bristles gently touched her scalp.

Fucktoy’s pussy clenched. She plunged her fingers deeper.

Master continued to brush her hair. Was this a new interest of his? Would he style her hair into something different? Was this a prelude to something severe like cutting her hair?

Oh God, would he shave her head? While the blindfold was on and she was a Fucktoy, it would be his right. He could shave her bald and there wouldn’t be a damn thing she could about it.

Tremors gripped Fucktoy’s thighs. She almost came.

The brushing continued. The bristles of the brush massaged her scalp. The last time Master had used the brush it had been to spank her. The spanking been hard but this slow sense play was somehow more intense.

Fucktoy moaned. She was close to coming.

The brush moved away and two strong hands grabbed Fucktoy’s hair. Powerful fingers clenched and mussed her carefully tended hair. Unyielding arms pulled her forward and Fucktoy cried out as she fell from the chair. Cruel hands held her in place as she struggled to her knees.

Something hard pressed urgently against Fucktoy’s lips. She opened her lips and her Master’s cock claimed her mouth once more. Balls rested against her chin for only a moment before he fucked her face.

Fucktoy came seconds later on her frantic fingers.

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