Aug 122022

I have been thinking about treasure.

I am currently doing the final edits to my next interactive book. At this point it is just rooting out typos and adding missing words. I no longer have to hold multiple timelines in my head or important facts like what color panties a character wears. As the editing continues, I feel my brain slowly let go of the old story and new ideas are creeping.

Weirdly, the new ideas are about what one finds when they poke around an ancient spaceship.

When I was a kid, my absolute favorite part of playing Dungeons and Dragons was rolling up random treasure. My group didn’t quite understand that the Dungeon Master should determine the treasure ahead of time so maybe the monsters could use them. No, our dumb asses thought that the players got to roll for treasure after the monster were defeated. It was an open social thing where we cheered and groaned as the dice determined that we had one potion of healing, one rope of climbing and four thousand gold pieces.

I don’t play role-playing games anymore but I have been thinking about those treasure tables. My tastes are certainly more adult now and I prefer science fiction to fantasy these days. I also care less for powerful weapons than I do for say, a pornographic miniature. Part of me is constructing the lost civilization that created these items while another part of me is wondering if it is more fun to find a part of a sex robot and it is to find an entire sex robot.

A small tiny part if me is screaming that there is no market for a document about lost sex toys from a hedonistic space-faring civilization but I got to tell you, that tiny part is a fun-ruiner and should not be listened to. Now that the idea if lodged in my head, I feel like I should at least give it a try.

My initial thoughts is that whatever I do produce will be system agnostic, so a reader could plug it into their own tabletop role-playing game. I also want the treasure to cover a range of tastes and not just be a cis-male wishlist. Cripes, do I dare take the plunge and get illustrations?

Either way, this should be a fun side project until I decide to get cracking on the sequel to the book I’m editing.

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