Aug 172022

My latest interactive smut book, Escape the Office Building is available for purchase from Amazon. This is the first book in the Nymphopocalypse series and this kicks off the weird sexy apocalypse story I have been kicking around in my head for too long.

What is the Nymphopocalypse? Well, it is a bitch to spell, I’ll tell you that. It is also a mysterious event where people turn into mindless sex freaks with incredible strength, endurance and a terrible urge to indulge their sexual desires. If one of them fucks you, then you become one of them. They are like zombies except A) alive because necrophillia would be icky and B) they act on their desires according to individual preferences, which is how you get some nymphos who are content to just jack off and watch.

In this book, you play Cory, a cook who works at a restaurant on the top floor of an office building. The Nymphopocalypse breaks out and he knows of a safe place to hide down the street. Getting out of the restaurant and then out of the office building as well as down the street is going to be tricky. Lucky for him, he has a knife and YOU to guide him on his way. Succeed and you get laid at the safe house along with anyone you rescue along the way. Fail and well, you still get laid but as a mindless Nympho.

I hope you enjoy this mix of horror and survivalist erotica.

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