Jul 082022

I have successfully moved into my new house. Technically this happened back on the 25th of last month but there was still a lot of shit to do. My old apartment had a two page list of what they expected to be cleaned and I spent the rest of June making sure that happened. Then the first week of July was spent doing fun things like putting together my IKEA desk of the past 13 years, realizing the leg is in the wrong place, dissembling the whole damn thing and then putting it back together. Fun times.

Oh, and did you know that after packing all your shit into boxes, you then have to take all that shit back out after you move? That is fucked up. There has to be a better way.

On the positive side, this I did my first smut writing in about a month. My next CYOA book is in it’s second draft and Vincent Price willing, I might actually get it published next month. This weekend I return to my Vaquel stories and get that series rolling again. My goal is to produce ten Vaquel stories this year and to get back to one-story-a-month schedule for 2023.

Thank you for your patience during these busy times. If you ever had your eye on a book of mine, I gently ask you to consider buying it now. My sales have taken a hit without me being on Twitter promoting my stuff. I’m sure they will return to normal soon but in the meantime, I’ve got to buy some shelves to put my boxes and boxes of books on.

Regular blog posting will resume with posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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