Jul 182022
So much filth behind this romantic cover.

I’m a big fan of Shay Sands. She writes the kind of insatiable sluts I love to read about. I am especially a big fan of her more outlandish stories, as they tend to stretch reality just enough to make it feel like some sort of alternate sluttier universe.

The Final Edge is a novel where Shay’s heroine is called upon to stop a supernatural race of monsters. The monsters give people their darkest fantasies and if the victims give in and climax, the monster consumes their ability to feel desire. Shay is taught how to deny herself so that her own powers can consume the monster instead. I am simplifying things but I am also holding off on any spoilers. There is also a romance that drives the story that I don’t want to give away.

What this creates is a character who keeps experiencing fantasies and holding out from going over the edge and coming. It is a delicious cycle of self-denial and edging. The plot also serves as a frame for a series of erotic vignettes for the heroine to endure/enjoy. The adventures range from straight sex and lesbians with segues into BDSM and surprise power dynamics.

It is a clever stunt. The book is almost an anthology of sexy adventures that don’t need the pressure of being connected to one another. Each fantasy would be a nice story in itself, but the main plot of edging adds friction to every story. It is very impressive.

I highly recommend this book for fans of kinky peril and denial-enthusiasts.

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