Jun 052022

We close on the new house on June 15th. The actual move is on the 25th. After the move, we have until the 30th to clean the apartment and get our deposit back. In other words, June is a busy month.

Somehow I managed to get some writing done this week. I decided that my 131,000 word story wasn’t long enough and added a sex scene. That is in addition to the bad ending I wrote where you and a friend become sex maniacs. I can thank Amanda Clover’s books for teaching me that even bad endings should be their own sex scenes and reward in itself.

My current obsession is cookbooks. I have been browsing the food section of Amazon and compulsively adding cookbooks left and right to my wish list. More entertaining are the reviews for cookbooks where people take the time and energy to write a nasty review because the recipes didn’t take into account this one weird problem that the review author has. I don’t know why, but those petty narcissistic reviews make me cackle.

For the past seven years I have been in a small apartment kitchen. There is enough counter space for one cutting board and not a big one. The house will have a kitchen island in addition to the counters. I can’t wait to get in there and make something that might require TWO cutting boards.

Just twenty more days.

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