Apr 112022

Friend of the blog, Serena Silverlake, has written another installment of her Fantastical filth fantasy series. In La Petite Mort, the adventurers of Pigeon Pie are looking to join an exclusive tournament but need the sponsorship of an important noble to get included. They take on a job from a Necromancer lady to recover her daughter that has been kidnapped by cultists. The problem is that the almost everything about their job is a lie.

Since this is a Silverlake story, that means that there is a lot of sex. Soooo much sex. OMG, is there is a lot of delicious filthy over-the-top sex. It has so much smut that I felt the need to take frequent showers while reading it. Alexa Mountspear might be my favorite fictional sex character and I fucking write sex characters. It is something I could easily get jealous about.

Even more envy worthy is that this book is funny. It reminds me a lot of Terry Pratchett, if Terry Pratchett wrote about minotaurs gangbanging a human woman as part of an attraction at a porn store. It is criminal how equally funny and sexy this book is.

Look, I sometimes feel like I promote Silverlake more than I do my own works and that is because Silverlake writes the books that I crave to read. And I prefer science-fiction to fantasy! The Filth series is the pinnacle of sexy and funny as far as I am concerned. If you enjoy my humorous works, then you will love hers. Go read it.

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