Mar 212022

Over on Earth-Alpha, daring hero Dragonflyman and his trusty teen sidekick, Stinger, are trying to stop the devious super-narcissist, Number One, from replacing all of the portraits in a museum with his own. Using his special gadgets, Dragonflyman stops the dastardly villain’s evil plans but not before Number One escapes by running through a strange mirror. Dragonflyman, fearless and true, chases after him.

Meanwhile, over on Earth-Omega, grim vigilante The Dragonfly, is hunting down serial killer Number One. The Dragonfly dispatches a bunch of goons with horrific violence but the psychotic Number One escapes by running through a strange mirror. Obsessed with extracting violent justice, The Dragonfly follows him.

That is the premise of The Wrong Earth, written by Tom Peyer and Paul Constant . Both the heroes and their villains find themselves trapped in each other’s world. Honest and pure Dragonflyman suddenly has to deal with corrupt cops, terribly nasty villains and a world that doesn’t trust him. Dark and brooding The Dragonfly finds himself in a world where the bad guys are obsessed with niche-themes and an honest though helpless mayor and police force. The story is both hilarious and shocking, often at the same time.

In other words, what if Adam West’s Batman and Frank Miller’s Batman swapped places.

What makes the Wrong Earth truly great is that both heroes end up thriving. The Dragonfly’s no-nonsense approach to crime is a harsh reality check for the goody villains of that world. The kind Dragonflyman brings a much needed dose of nobility and heroism to the nasty folks in the other world. It is a series that loves both the campy goofball comics of the 60’s as well as a the grimdark nastiness of the 90’s in equal measures.

There is also some other subplots that I don’t want to spoil for you. The Wrong Earth is a six part series that has been collected into a trade. A sequel, Night and Day is also out. The whole series takes place in a brand new comic universe that doesn’t require knowing sixty years of lore to enjoy.

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