Mar 282022
I bet people will be mass-producing versions of this badge.

Right as the pandemic gets in full swing, Jamie Grey is fired from his job at a startup under shitty circumstances. Desperation forces him to deliver meals to make ends meet. fortunately for him, a chance encounter gets him a job that requires him to “lift things” but it pays a hell of a lot more.

That is the premise for the novel, Kaiju Preservation Society, by John Scalzi. Part “Oh dear God, the Pandemic sucked” and part “fuck it, let’s nerd out on the science behind giant monsters and the struggles it would involve to study them.” This book is a fun exercise of world-building as well as easy going banter between Jamie and his coworkers. It reminds of the glory days of role-playing games when you would hang out with your best friends and solve ridiculous problems together.

The actual monsters exist on an alternate reality, which means we get an entire biosphere to explore and speculate on, especially when it comes to the cube-square law that makes most giant monster impossible. Having another world to play with means we can have monsters the size of mountains flying the skies and crashing into each other without worrying about entire cities being destroyed. It is Jurassic Park without the horrific causalities.

I don’t want to give the wrong impression that it is all fun and games in this book. There is danger and some people die and yes, we even get a nasty villain. Every good adventure needs a bit of darkness and this book delivers. What I do want to get across is this book felt like a summer popcorn movie and almost a vacation from the troubles of the real world. For that reason alone, I highly reccomend it.

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