Mar 302022

Fucktoy was bent over on the kitchen island. The counter was cold against her bare breasts. The corset around her waist held her in a tight hug. A black hood over her face shrouded her in darkness. The thigh-high leather boots arched her feet and presented her ass for Master.

If Master was even looking at her. It was Wings Day; that one day of the month that Master deep-fried chicken wings and French fries without a care for his diet. Master made all the preparations himself. He marinated the wings, prepared the oil and arranged the cooling racks according to his own system.

He didn’t need, nor want, Fucktoy’s help when it came to cooking. Fucktoy had other uses.

She waited in the kitchen. Her hands were bound behind her back with oven twine. The black gloves she wore kept the twine from cutting into her wrists but they were still tight. She kept her cheek pressed to the counter and resisted the urge to fidget.

It wasn’t easy. She knew what was coming. Her pussy was dripping in anticipation.

There was a loud crackling sound. Fucktoy’s buttocks clenched. It was the fries being dropped into a cast-iron pot boiling with hot canola out. The fries took the longest to cook.

Fucktoy moaned. It would be any moment now. She thought she heard the beep of a timer being started.

A moment later, something flat pressed against Fucktoy’s ass. She knew what it was. The flat object rubbed against her ass in lazy circles, sensitizing her for what was to come.

A whimper escaped Fucktoy’s tight lips.

WHAP! A The wooden spoon slapped against her ass. The hard wood stung like few toys did.

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Master spanked her ass with the spoon. He was in a good mood which meant he was especially cruel today. The spoon stung the sides of her ass and sometimes the top of her thighs. It was a fast barrage of stinging bites that avoided the rounder, more padded parts of her ass.

Fucktoy whimpered. Tears sprung to her eyes under the hood. She clenched her ass and fought the urge to stand.

The spanking stopped. Fucktoy almost didn’t notice. She winced from a hit that never came. The hot stings on her ass and thighs lingered.

Another crackling sound. That would be the wings going into another pot. The thunder of twin pots filled the kitchen.

A moment later, a hand touched Fucktoy’s hips. She stayed perfectly still as Master guided his cock between Fucktoy’s thighs and up into her wet cunt. Only when his full length slid into her did she squeeze her spanked ass in front of him.

Master grabbed Fucktoy’s ponytail. He wrapped her long hair around his hand and then pulled. Fucktoy’s head was jerked painfully back and she clenched harder around his cock.

The twin pots continued to boil furiously. Master began fucked her. Short, hard thrusts into her soaking wet pussy. He moved at a leisurely pace as he pounded his toy in the kitchen.

Fucktoy sunk into her body. She was aware of her heavy breasts grinding against the counter. The marks he made on her ass and thighs burned with their own heat. The tugging of her hair sent delicious sensations through her scalp.

Most of all, she aware of her Master’s dick filling her aching cunt.

Too soon, a beeper sounded. Master pulled out of Fucktoy without hesitation. Her head was released and she rested her hood-covered forehead on the counter.

The beeping stopped. Fucktoy knew what Master was doing. He was fishing out the wings and giving them a moment to rest. Soon, they would go back into the fryer for a second fry. How soon, was hard to tell.

Suddenly, there were hands on the back of Fucktoy’s thighs. Master spread her legs apart and then a mouth touched her sex. A hungry tongue parted her folds.

“Yes!” Fucktoy cried out. Electricity flowed through her pussy from her Master’s tongue. He had never done this before on Wing’s Day!

Master ate her pussy. The crackling of the fry pot drowned out the slurping sounds of Master’s mouth. Strong fingers dug into her thighs as a tongue lashed deep within her.

She was going to come. The shock of Master’s mouth was going to push her over the edge. All she needed was a few more licks.

And then Master was gone. There were no more hands on her thighs, no more hot breath on her pussy lips and no more tongue inside her. The sweet gift was over.

Loud crackling came from the stove. The wings were being returned to the pot. Another timer was being set.

Hands pressed against the outside of Fucktoy’s thighs. She brought her legs together, a little confused. The hands held her legs together as something hard and slippery pushed between them.

It was Master’s cock. It was slick with lube and a few inches below Fucktoy’s pussy. The hands slapped her outer thighs with a quick double -tap, Master’s signal for her to hold a pose.

Fucktoy obeyed. She kept her legs tight tighter around Master’s cock. He grabbed her ponytail once more and pulled her head back.

Master fucked her thighs. It was unbearably cruel. Fucktoy’s pussy was neglected and leaking desire.

Fucktoy bit her lip. She was allowed to beg. Master was very clear about that. What she wasn’t allowed to do was whine and that was a problem. Right now, Fucktoy wasn’t sure what sound would come from her mouth.

Master’s belly slapped against Fucktoy’s spanked ass. The angry welts on her skin stung with protest. She didn’t have the euphoria of her pussy being fucked to counter the pain.

He pulled harder on Fucktoy’s ponytail. The thrusts into her thighs picked up speed. A hand pressed down on the back of her corset.

Fucktoy knew what this meant. He was close. Master was going to come between her legs and deny her cunt his sweet come.

There was only one thing Fucktoy could do. She clenched her thighs together to make the bast damn sleeve that she could for her Master’s cock.

He came. Hot seed splattered against the kitchen island and onto Fucktoy’s thighs and boots. Master pulled harder on her ponytail and her back arched as much as the corset would allow.

The timer beeped. Master laughed and pulled out from between her thighs. He paused to wipe his cock on the crack of her ass before returning to the stove. It was time to pull the wings and fries out to let them cool before eating.

Fucktoy stayed on the counter, waiting for Master’s permission to begin cleaning the mess he made.

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