Feb 142022

I used to stress about Valentine’s Day for reasons too depressing to get into. Now I am pretty chill about it and suggest you be chill too! If you are in a relationship, I recommend that you lovebomb your special someone today. If you are single, lovebomb the hell out of yourself. You deserve it!

If you are in the mood for some romantic smut, may I suggest a few of my works?

My latest ebook, Hot Husband, is about an unconventional open marriage but there is a ton of love.

Some say that Cell Phone Slave is their favorite romance, which is quite the feat considering their relationship develops over the phone.

For a different kind of romance, involved guns, violence and sex zombies, there is the B-movie style story of Pusse’ and Cox.

However you spend your day, rest assure I love you, beloved reader.

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