Feb 022022

Explorer’s Log: I am on day thirty-one of my forty-five day journey to the star system designated “The Precision of the Queen’s Slap,” by Royal Astronomers. I continue to detect no star ships or signs of star ship travel. Interplanetary communications are quiet. This area of space is quiet and deserted. It is almost unsettling.

I have been on the lookout for wormholes and portals since witnessing their presence on the last planet. None have been detected. Perhaps the unknown creators of said portals are only interested in using the technology to bombard planets. Either way, I am staying on high alert and monitoring the constant scans. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: Chairbot has volunteered for scanning duty. He insisted on it. Sometimes when he is scanning, I hear him moan and witness him shaking. It is as if the alien robot derives some sort of pleasure from interfacing with my machines, which is a ridiculous thought.

Vaquel Di awoke in her bunk. A sheen of sweat covered her body. That must be why her blanket was thrown off and on the floor. The humidity was higher than usual.

The ship lights were still dimmed to sleep mode. The steady hum of the ship told her that everything was functioning properly. The vent in her bunk shuddered as cool air was pushed out. It felt wonderful as it blew over Vaquel’s bare ass and back.

There was a wet spot under Vaquel. The hairs of her pink pubic bush were almost glued to her mattress. Half-remembered wet dreams almost came into focus but slipped away before Vaquel could recall what they were.

Something about a tongue?

Vaquel rolled over onto her back. She pressed a button on the overhead panel and the smart mattress absorbed the wet spot. The cool air from the vent kissed Vaquel’s nipples. Both of them were already hard.

An image flashed in her mind. She had dreamed about something thrusting into her. What was it? She couldn’t quite remember.

A moan echoed through the ship. Vaquel recognized it was Chairbot. The loyal robot really enjoyed his scanning.

Vaquel resisted the urge to look at the time. If she knew how much of her sleep cycle was left, she would start obsessing about whether she should go ahead and get up. It was better to lay here in ignorance and catch as much sleep as she can.

Another memory surfaced. It was a tongue that had pushed inside her. Thick, wet and damn long.

Vaquel sighed. Her pussy was still damp. She wasn’t getting back to sleep until she had pleasured herself.

Should she call Chairbot and let his vibrating seat fuck her? That would involve rolling out of bed. Vaquel didn’t have that much energy. It would also involve talking to the submissive robot and as much as Vaquel loved dominating the pliant chair, she didn’t have the energy for that either. No, this she would take care of herself.

Vaquel spread her legs in the darkness. One hand went between her legs while the other cupped a large breast. She rolled the hard nipple between her fingers and then pinched. As the pain flared, Vaquel sunk two fingers into her pussy.

“Oh!” Vaquel gasped. Her pussy was more sensitive than she thought. The fingers slipped into wet heat and were clenched by slick walls. It felt like someone had already done the work of preparing her sex.

Another image bubbled up through Vaquel’s memory. A hot breath on her pussy. A kind of snorting sound as someone breathed her in. A tentative lick and then . . .

Vaquel couldn’t remember. Fuck it. She didn’t need a dream. Her fingers knew what to do. She slid her fingers in and out of her pussy at a quick pace while she continued to pinch her nipple. The pain was a lovely contrast to the building pleasure within her cunt.

The cool air ceased to blow from the vent. The sweaty heat returned and Vaquel felt it on every inch of her body. She slipped her sticky fingers out of her pussy and adjusted the controls on her overhead panel. The cool air returned, almost blasting her body.

“This is taking too long,” Vaquel whispered. She turned on the monitor on her overhead panel and quickly pulled up the video she recorded from her last planet visit. A few more adjustments skipped to right where she wanted.

An image appeared on the monitor. It was the face of a red humanoid that was part of a bush. The planet thing had a nice cock and rudimentary fucking motions. The video was recorded from Vaquel’s helmet so the view was limited to what was right in front of her. Right now, that meant the plant man’s face and open mouth.

It was enough. Vaquel brought her knees up and returned her fingers to her pussy. As she penetrated herself, she moved her other hand to her mouth. She sucked on her fingers as a substitute cock.

The video rocked back and forth as the plant man fucked. Vaquel timed her thrusts to coincide with the movement. As she fucked her pussy, she also fucked her mouth with her other hand.

This was much better. Vaquel remembered how the pseudo-man fucked her. Her fingers became his cock in her mind. Deeper and deeper she pushed as she edged closer to orgasm.

Behind the plant man, someone stepped into view.

Vaquel stopped in mid-thrust. She spat out her fingers and reached up for the monitor. A quick tap paused the screen.

There was a shape in the corner. It had the outline of a man. How had she missed it before?

Vaquel’s pussy clenched around her fingers. She ignored her hungry sex for the moment. Her other hand tapped the monitor and expanded the corner of the screen.

There were too many shadows. Vaquel couldn’t make out many features. There was a bare shoulder of a deep blue color. Was that white line a show of teeth? Vaquel couldn’t make out any eyes.

Was this a person, or some trick of light and shadow?

Again, Vaquel’s pussy clenched. She could feel her hard-earned orgasm slipping away.

Vaquel touched her sex with her other hand. Sharp nails pinched her pussy lips. The pain caused her to clench and she began to stroke once more.

All the while, Vaquel looked up at the screen. If it was a person, they died when the garden was bombarded with missiles from the wormholes. Vaquel felt an irrational urge to turn the probe ship around and check to see if they survived. That was strictly against Royal Navy Probe rules but the temptation was intense. Who was this person and why didn’t they come forward when she was there?

The answer was obvious. They didn’t come forward because they were afraid. The entire planet was dead. This last survivor might have thought Vaquel was there to finish them off.

Vaquel sighed and pushed deeper into her cunt. There were so many questions that Vaquel wanted to ask. What was their people like? Who had attacked them? Did they have other places are sexy as that garden of fuck plants?

Instead of a plant, she could have been fucking another sapient. Although, Vaquel had to admit that the plant was pretty good fucker, especially once it got wet. But still, it was always more fun to fuck something intelligent.

This line of thought wasn’t helping Vaquel’s pussy. She hit a button and the video resumed. The view bounced as the plant man fucked Vaquel.

The shadow in the corner was gone. It was just an optical illusion. No one had been there.

Vaquel fucked herself harder. She used her other hand to pull on her pussy lip. The pain so close to her sex made her more sensitive. The elusive orgasm would be here in no time.

Something moved in another corner of the screen. It was moving sideways across a beam of light. The object was only on screen for less than a second.

Vaquel growled and let go of her pussy lip. Fingers still buried in her pussy, she touched the control panel to rewind and enlarge the suspect area. She played it back at one-sixth normal speed.

There. A humanoid shape walked from left to right behind some bushes. Light illuminated a blue body that was definitely male, though the face was still blurry. What was in perfect definition was the long cock hanging between the male’s legs.

“Damn,” Vaquel whispered. It was an impressive cock. For some reason, the video recorder captured it perfectly even though the rest of the humanoid was still ill-defined. The cock was thick, and had a head that was flared, almost pyramid shaped. Long ridges ran along the phallus in twisting patterns.

Vaquel’s pussy clenched around her fingers. What would a cock like that feel like? Vaquel attempted to imitate the shape by spreading her fingers inside her pussy. It took a few tries before she came close to the shape. Too bad there was no way to duplicate the veins.

She noticed she was sweating again, despite the cool air still blasting from the vent. Well, that was to be expected. The sight of a cock like thought could make anyone sweat.

Vaquel slid her stretched fingers in and out. It was not an easy shape to hold. The act of replicating the cock was distracting her from enjoying it.

“Queen’s tit,” Vaquel said. She removed her fingers from her pussy and placed them in her mouth. The sweet juices tasted wonderful. Her tongue lapped, wishing it was a cock she was licking.

As she sucked, she typed in a quick search function for the video. A result popped up on the screen. It was much later in the video, when the sprinklers had activated. There, back in the left corner of the screen, the computer had found an occurrence of the blue humanoid standing in the background.

The face was still covered in shadows but Vaquel wasn’t looking at the face. He was facing the camera and this time he had a hand on his cock. A large sack hung below the balls suggesting a fountain of seed that might come forth.

Vaquel touched a button and the video resumed. The blue humanoid stroked himself. The cock and hand were perfectly vivid, even if the rest of the man was still blurry. The man stroked from head to base, and his wrist rotated as he moved, allowing him to completely encircle his cock twice with every pump.

It was delicious to watch. Vaquel’s fingers left her mouth and returned to her pussy. She slid in like an old lover and filled her sex. There was no way to reproduce the male’s wrist motion, but Vaquel timed her strokes to his.

Wet heat embraced Vaquel. Sweat ran down her face. She wondered briefly if the environmental controls were malfunctioning but lost the thought as the humanoid’s began to buck.

“Fuck,” Vaquel moaned. The man humped his hand. His hips moved from side to side in an almost serpentine manner. Vaquel’s own hips tried to match it but she failed. It was something she would have to feel in order to get right.

In the meantime, watching it was almost as good. Vaquel stroked harder as the man’s hips increased in speed. She cupped a breast and squeezed hard. It was a shame his eyes were hidden as Vaquel was eager to see what part of her body he was staring at.

There was a moan to Vaquel’s right. Huh, Chairbot must be moving around the ship. That was fine with Vaquel as long as he didn’t interrupt her.

The view on the screen shifted upwards to the ceiling. That must have been when Vaquel threw her head back in the garden. When the view returned to normal, the figure in the corner was gone.

“Fuck!” Vaquel whispered. She let go of her tit and tapped in another search function. A moment later, the panel reported there was no other sightings.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Vaquel whispered. She tapped a few commands and gripped her tit again. This time she trapped her nipple between her fingers as she squeezed.

The video returned to the start of the blue male masturbating. Vaquel laid back and stroked herself as she watched it again. The male’s strange wrist was just as enticing the second time around. Vaquel yearned to taste the big blue cock in front of her. When his hips moved, Vaquel tried again to match his swirling movements.

A memory pulled at Vaquel’s attention. She remembered something from her dream. There was a tongue on her pussy and it had swirled counter-clockwise. It was almost the same pattern as those hips.

Vaquel laughed. Perhaps she had seen the male masturbating on a subconscious level. It would explain why she had dreamed something similar and maybe why she was so horny. Vaquel made a mental note to discuss it in her next log entry.

The video shifted and started over. Vaquel didn’t stop masturbating. It was disappointing that she didn’t have video of the humanoid ejaculating but there was no sense crying over unspilled seed. She was more than happy with the sight of the pulsing blue cock.

Heat flushed through Vaquel’s body. She was close. The bunk creaked as her hip movements became wilder. She plunged deeper into her pussy. The grip on her breast became painful. The tension in her body surged as her orgasm came closer.

A tremor shook Vaquel. She turned her head to side and clenched her eyes and lips. When she opened her eyes, there was someone standing beside her bunk.

“Shit!” Vaquel yelled. She let go of her body and scrambled to the back wall of the bed bunk. Her hand slapped a panel button and lights flooded the interior of the ship.

There was nothing there.

“Mistress, are you awake?” Chairbot said. He rolled down the interior from the left. “Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you need to sit on me until you fall asleep?”

“Run a full scan of the ship,” Vaquel said, still cowering in the back of the bunk. “We have an intruder.”

Chairbot paused. “Scan complete, Mistress. No intruders or anomalies detected. Would you like to relax in my seat?”

“Scan again,” Vaquel said.

Another pause, a bit longer this time. “A level six scan shows no intruders, manifestations or anomalies, Mistress. We are alone. If you wish, you could fall asleep on me and I will maintain a watch.”

Vaquel relaxed. The brief spike of adrenaline was already fading and she felt exhausted. She also felt a little foolish.

“No, Chairbot. Go back to your duties,” Vaquel said. “That was a readiness test and you passed.”

“Yay!” Chairbot said. “I am happy to have pleased you, Mistress! I will go back to what I was doing.”

Chairbot rolled away before Vaquel could ask what it was exactly he was doing. Whatever. Vaquel was feeling more tired by the second. She turned the lights off and the ship plunged once more than darkness.

The video was still playing on the bunk ceiling. Vaquel turned it off. That is what she gets for watching mysterious videos in the middle of the night. But still, she did need to get off.

Vaquel rolled over onto her stomach and settled into her bunk. It was still hot so Vaquel didn’t bother with the covers. She brought up on leg up and reached between her thighs. The slick grip of her pussy greeted her fingers.

“Let’s finish this,” Vaquel whispered in her pillow. No more videos with their hidden figures. No more giant blue cocks and strange moving hips. No more distractions. Vaquel was going to fuck her pussy and finally come.

The cool air blew over her butt but she still felt hot. Vaquel fingered herself with quick thrusts. The squelches of her slick pussy grew louder and louder.

“Take it, you greedy little slut,” Vaquel whispered. “There is no alien cock for you. Get off on just your fingers.”

A tremor ran through Vaquel. She reveled in her self-inflicted humiliation. Juices coated her thrusting fingers.

The bunk creaked as she writhed. Vaquel’s toes dug into the mattress to keep her in place. The round buttocks of her ass rose and fell as she grinded into her fingers.

A moan echoed through the ship. It was probably Chairbot. Vaquel ignored it.

A bead of sweat flowed down the arch of her back. It was just barely on the edge of her awareness. Vaquel was tempted to wipe it but she didn’t want to even acknowledge the distraction.

Vaquel’s fingers dug deep inside her pussy. Another tremor went through her body and she bit down on the pillow. A brief desire to bite down on tit, dick or ass flashed through her mind.

Once more, she was close to climaxing. A brief panic rose as Vaquel wondered what would distract her this time. She squashed the feeling and fucked herself with a defiant fury.

A memory from the dream surfaced. She remembered a detail about the long tongue had been inside her pussy. It had swirled counter-clockwise, once, twice and a third time before thrusting deep like a cock inside her, then pulled back to repeat the swirling again. What an odd pattern to dream about.

Something pushed down on Vaquel’s head. A hand grabbed her ass and squeezed as she continued to stroke. The wet heat in the bunk intensified like a sauna.

Before Vaquel could question what was happening, a powerful orgasm exploded within her. She cried out into the pillow that someone was forcing her face into. The hand on her ass held on as she quivered. The slick walls of Vaquel’s pussy spasmed around her fingers as the dam of tension that had kept her awake finally broke into orgasmic bliss.

The climax stretched into a small eternity. All of the anxiety and fear Vaquel had been experienced melted away. Every nerve in her body came to life and floated on a cloud of pleasure.

Another tremor shook Vaquel and the pressure on her head was gone. No one was touching her ass. The cool air blew across her backside and sent chills up her spine.

Vaquel rolled over onto her side. There was no one in the darkness. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and groaned at their absence. As she sucked her fingers clean, she rolled over onto her back and pressed a button on the overhead panel.

“Scan complete,” the monitor read. “No intruders detected.”

Vaquel chuckled. Clearly, she had been delirious with sexual frustration. Her head wasn’t pushed into the pillow; she had done that to herself with her writhing. The touch on her ass was just wishful thinking. Now that she had come, everything was clearer now and she had nothing to worry about.

It was cold now, though. Vaquel leaned out of the bunk and recovered her blanket from the floor. The soft fabric felt wonderful as she pulled it over her body. The blanket trapped her heat and cocooned her as she rolled over on her side.

It was weird how she didn’t feel the warm humidity any more. Vaquel resolved to check the environmental controls tomorrow. If she remembered.

Exhaustion pulled Vaquel’s eyelids down. She felt her thoughts ramble and drift. The bliss of her orgasm pooled within her body.

Behind Vaquel, somewhere close to her bunk, there was the sound of a cock being stroked. Vaquel wondered briefly what ship function was making that noise. She was asleep before she could think of one.

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