Feb 232022

Chloe was on a roll. She had collected eighteen mushrooms from her virtual garden and used them to upgrade her bird feeder. Now she had eagles coming to her cottage which meant she could collect stray eagle feathers every three hours. The first batch of flowers allowed her to buy a fountain, which was the first step to adding a hedge maze to her virtual property.

Natural Pleasures was Chloe’s favorite app on her phone. It had beautiful graphics, a complex farm economy and new surprises every day. Weirdly, it was free to play and didn’t have any options for in-game purchases. Chloe had been playing for a month and hadn’t seen a single advertisement. She wondered how the makers of the game stayed in business.

Chloe was excited about the hedge maze. It would unlock other farming bonuses as well as allowing her to expand the kitchen in her cottage. She knew the fountain was required, but she wasn’t sure what other resources it would take to build. Hopefully she would have what she needed already but if not, she was more than willing to grind for it.

She tapped the hedge maze button. An information screen popped up on her phone. “Eight topless photos are required to unlock the hedge maze.”

Chloe blinked. It required topless photos? Maybe it was a bad translation and topless meant something else in other cultures. She didn’t know there was an in-game camera, unless it was something she needed to unlock.

The screen on her phone shifted. The Natural Pleasures logo and frame was still there, but the rest of the screen was Chloe’s face. The app had accessed her phone camera.

Chloe’s eyes widened on the screen. The game wanted her to take a picture of her herself!

“I don’t think so,” Chloe muttered. She went to close the screen but hesitated. The hedge maze was a goal she had been working to for three days now.

“Maybe I misread the topless part,” she said. Chloe held the camera out until her face and sweatshirt-covered chest were in the frame.


A message box appeared. “Clothes detected. Picture not accepted.”

“Fuck,” Chloe whispered.

The hedge maze also counted towards the required number of improvements needed to unlock a green house.

“Goddamn it,” Chloe whispered again. She set the phone down and whipped off her sweatshirt. It was a Sunday morning so she wasn’t wearing a bra. She picked the phone up and aimed the camera so that only her dark breasts were in the frame.


Another message box appeared. “No face detected. Picture not accepted.”

“Goddamn fuck!” Chloe snapped. The game wanted her face? Where were these pictures going? Is this how the game company made their money? This was asking a fucking lot!

Chloe stared at the message box. Did she really need a hedge maze? She had seen screen shots of other players’ gardens and their hedge mazes had so much variety. Chloe had been looking forward to adding her own personal touches to her maze. She even knew what she wanted as a center piece.

Wait a minute. Those other players must have submitted topless photos to unlock their gardens. It wasn’t fair that they got a hedge maze and she didn’t.

“Goddamn fucking shit,” Chloe whispered. She aimed her camera at her chest and her face. The camera auto-adjusted to get her face and nipples in focus.

Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click! Click!

A message box appeared. “Photos accepted! Enjoy your hedge maze!”

A warm feeling flowed through Chloe. That wasn’t so bad. There was a flutter in her stomach and a new heat between her legs. It occurred to her that future upgrades might require more photos. Hell, that might require audio or video. How far was she willing to go for her little slice of virtual cottage heaven?

Chloe pushed the thought away. She would worry about that latter. For now, she had a hedge maze to build.

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