Jan 142022
I love these jerks so much.

This is a safe place, right? I have to admit that I am not a big fan of anime in general. There are some shows that I loved when I was younger but for the most part, I find anime to be formulaic and the art a little boring. I don’t hate anime like other people my age, but I am less inclined to watch it. Also, a lot of the series are way too long and I am a commitment-phobe sometimes.

Which means I have only ever seen one episode of the anime Cowboy Bebop and that was last month. I liked it! My wife less so. In a compromise, we watched the Netflix live action version which she was more interested in. We tore through the series over the holiday break.

It’s good! It features two partners, Jet Black and Spike Speigel, two bounty hunters with different pasts flying around the solar system taking on weird bad guys in weird places. Things really pick up when Faye Valentine joins the group and things slow down when we have the inevitable long scenes where the bad guys are bad to each other. Science fiction stuff happens and at one point they pick up a dog. Most of the villains look like they were created by the designers of the 1966 Batman TV series.

What I can’t convey with mere words is how stylish this series is. Every location is over the top with great colors like a Luc Besson movie. The music is fantastic jazz and keeps everything moving. The technology is futuristic but also mass-produced clunky and beat-up. The total effect is a wonderful vibe that saturates the series with fun and energy. I want to live in this world and stay awhile.

Sadly, you can’t stay because the series is cancelled. The upside is that the story is resolved by the last episode and although the main characters aren’t talking to one another, you can easily imagine getting the band back together in a hypothetical next season. So don’t let the cancellation put you off. This is a great series that we won’t see the likes again for a very long time. You got to treasure what we got.

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