Jan 032022
Look at all that treasure!

Let’s start the new year right by talking about one of the best books from last year. The Titillating Travels of Abellla the Elf is an interactive book from Serena Silverlake. Abella is an elf who manages the finances of an Elven kingdom. She is really good at her job but she hasn’t had sex in two months, which is pretty much blasphemous to the highly sexual elves. A friend convinces her to take some time off and go on a traveling vacation to visit a friend in a human kingdom.

I love this idea so much. This might be the first interactive fantasy erotica book where the reader is tasked with having a nice vacation. There is no evil wizard to defeat, no monsters to hunt down or grand evil plots that must be thwarted. This is a road trip book, (well, mostly river and ocean tripping), where you get fuck almost everyone along the way. There are some monsters who appear because this is a fantasy book and dangerous shit is everywhere, but this is not a book about fighting your way through hordes of monsters.

The sex in this book is scorching hot and readily available. I was pleasantly surprised by how often you can guide Abella to fuck around. I was also intrigued by how you could get through the entire book without having sex at all. Every encounter is your choice and no sex scene is essential. The ability to not fuck is almost a novel idea in the interactive genre and something I am going to have to think about.

This book only covers part of the journey for Abella as it ends when you reach a major city. I am already salivating at the thoughts of what debauchery Abella will get into in the next book.

Finally, I just want to say that this book has all of Serena Silverlake’s trademark humor and playfulness. I was laughing out loud at the incessant sexual innuendo and puns. Abella is a charming character and really stands out on her own. She is quickly becoming a crush object.

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