Jan 192022

Commander, sentries report that all is quiet. The enemy is too cowardly to attack and are content to hide in their bunkers. Our forces are refueling and will be ready to attack again in six hours.

Now that we have this brief rest period, there is an issue I would like to bring to your attention. As your executive officer, I have noticed that you are showing signs of fatigue, irritability and a lack of focus. My professional opinion is that you are working too hard and have not made use of the recreational time afforded to yourself. It is my recommendation that you relive your tension by engaging in immediate sexual activity.

Yes, Commander, I am well aware of your reluctance to make use of the regular whores that have been assigned to our forces. Your tastes are too refined to use such common women and quite frankly, the women currently serving are a fatigued themselves. You deserve superior attention.

My recommendation, Commander, is that you allow me to serve your sexual needs. I am a loyal officer and it would be a privilege to perform this duty for my superior officer. Do you accept my service?

Excellent. I am happy to be able to assist, Commander. May I suggest that I remove my uniform and expose my breasts? I have noticed that you often admire my cleavage during briefings. Nature has blessed me with large natural breasts and sensitive large nipples. If you wish, I could lubricate your organ and then press my breasts around it until you achieve release.

Ah, I understand if you wish to simply grope them for the time being, Commander. Feel free to squeeze as hard as you wish. They are yours to do with as you please.

In the meantime, might I also recommend the use of my mouth, Commander? I have very little gag reflex and medical officers have assessed that I produce a large amount of saliva. It is my opinion that I could easily take your entire organ into my mouth with no difficulty. If you wish, I could swallow your seed upon ejaculation. If you wish to instead deposit it on my face, or somewhere else of your choosing, feel free to command it.

My cunt is also at your service, Commander. As you can see, I have kept the pubic bush neatly trimmed for your inspection. Lubrication will not be a problem as I have long found your strict sense of duty to be quite arousing. Previous lovers have commented that the grip of my cunt is tighter than a man’s hand and I would be pleased to demonstrate this for you.

Finally, I would like to offer you the use of my ass, Commander. I admit that I have little experience in this area but I am ready to serve under your direction. No doubt, an organ of your magnitude will inflict great pain upon my unprepared opening, but it is a pain I am willing to endure.

Have you made your decision, Commander? Oh, you wish to use my mouth, my cunt and my ass?

I see. Very well.

Let’s begin.

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  1. I love it. A happy force is a powerful force. And having a personal relaxation officer would be just the ticket.

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