Jan 072022

The eleventh Deep Space Probe is available for purchase. Holy crap, it only took seven days since the end of the year to put this one out. This must be a record.

This book collects all of Vaquel’s adventures dealing with the phallic Entitled. I am not sure how I came up with the idea of a race that were just like the worse gamers you encounter in online games but once I did, I knew they had to be the main villains for an entire year. It was a truly awful idea and it was five minutes after conceiving them that I realized they had to be dick-shaped aliens. The name, Entitled, came later but it really solidified the concept in my mind.

HoleBuster-442, the captive alien that Vaquel carries around for most of the year was so close to becoming a permanent character. His arrogance and nastiness was a nice counter to Chairbot’s subservience, but in the end that I realized that if I kept HoleBuster-442 around long enough, he might become sympathetic. I rather keep him as he is, a big jerk.

The other not-so secret ingredient for this book as the hundreds of x-rated games out there that blend simple videogames with hentai art and stories. I used to play so many of them before I realized how much time they wasted, but I was intrigued by an entire genre that imposes ridiculous challenges on horny gamers with only the lure of seeing some tits as motivation. Finally, I was able to take my experience playing those games and get some practical use out of them for my stories.

The next year of Vaquel stories have been plotted and a course laid in. Thank you for coming along for eleven years. Only nine more to go!

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