Dec 102021
That laptop full of porn is a costar in this show.

Eve Fletcher, played by the wonderful Kathryn Hahn, is a 40-something divorced woman who’s douchebag son is going to college. She finds it hard to let go but the asshole kid is more than willing to leave her behind and not return her calls. By the end of the first episode, she is alone in an empty house and bored out of her mind. Lucky for her, there is a lot of porn on the internet and she dives right in.

That is the short version of the television show, Mrs. Fletcher. Running seven episodes, we follow Eve as she struggles with overwhelming sexual fantasies, her crush on a man her son used to bully in high school, and her incredible need to get fucked. There is a lot of masturbating. There are some other plots and characters, like her best friend who’s husband is unfaithful and the writing class she is taking but I’ll be honest, Eve’s surging sex drive is the reason to watch.

Unfortunately, the other half of the show concerns her truly detestable son. We watch as he goes to college, treats women like shit and refuses to grow as a person. I swear, every episode finds a new way to make me hate this kid. In the end, he gets called out on what he does and humiliated, but this piece of shit is so narcissistic, he just feels victimized and doesn’t learn a damn thing.

Now maybe that is the point. Maybe this show about a woman’s midlife sexual crisis is supposed to also teach young toxic men a thing or two about themselves. I can almost see that. It just wasn’t any fun to watch and humiliation without growth feels empty.

So yeah, talk about your flawed pieces of art. There is a lot to love in Mrs. Fletcher and I would love to read some erotica inspired by Eve’s adventures, but I cannot recommend literally one half of the show. I never say this because I am something of a completionist, but if you watch this show, feel free to fast-forward through the son’s parts.

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