Dec 032021
Vera the Gorgon is so cruel and ambitious which means she is instantly my waifu.

Monster Prom is a dating simulator for one to four people. The players are monsters at a high school for monsters, yet everyone is over the age of nineteen, and in some cases, are a couple of centuries old. Everyone is safely on the side of age of consent.

As you can imagine, there is a prom coming up and your goal is to get a date to the prom. There are six eligible students to woo, and some characters who are hidden. You spend your days and nights either at the auditorium, hanging in the gym, attending a rave outside, scamming money in the library, lurking in the bathroom or even going to classes. At lunch, you get to pick from different tables to socialize with students, teachers and occasional heroes.

It is a funny and silly game. The humor is interesting to me as it discusses sex a lot, but only in a vague way. This not a game about titillation, even when trying to research an obscure sex position to impress a ghost. In fact, it reminds me a lot of being young and knowing I wanted sex, but not terribly sure about the details of what they entailed.

I should also add that every character is effectively bisexual and one of the first things the game asks for is your pronouns. Yay!

What really sets this game apart is that you can play it with friends on the same computer or on a network. Players can compete for the same date, or stay out of each other’s way and maybe help each other. In multiplayer mode, the game gives you little mini games that are mostly prompts for social humor. It is the first video game in a long time that recreates the comradely you get from a tabletop game.

Speaking of which, this game is surprisingly deep. Each possible dating companion has multiple possible story lines. There is also a lot of random events not to mention a store that sells items that open other quests. The replay value is incredible and I think I will be playing for quite a long time. That is even before you get the DLC which opens up even more stories.

So yeah, if you want a casual slightly racy dating game with a lot of monster humor and satire of popular media, then Monster Prom is for you.

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