Nov 032021

Explorer’s Log: I have reached the star system designated “The Way The Queen Stands on the Crotches of her Haters,” by Royal Astronomers. There are two planets here. The furthest one out is a frozen rock that has a Tycoon Zone. This is where the Entitled create supplies and services for the other Entitled.

The planet closer to the sun is a former Tycoon Zone that has been repurposed to a Hunting zone. The Entitled can pay a fee to send a small number of cloned slaves to scavenge the former industrial sites. I understand that administrators of this world regularly restock the planet with wrecks or treasures to make it worth exploring.

Other Entitled pay a fee to hunt the clones that are here scavenging. The clones are strictly regulated on what kind of weapons they can bring, which seems unfair for the clones but hey, they don’t get a choice in the matter.

As for me, some of the pipes for the air system on the probe ship have sprung some leaks. I can keep making repairs and hope they hold out, or I can go down to this trap of a planet and bring back the parts I need. End Explorer’s Log.

Explorer’s Personal Log: This seems like a bad idea but after plugging seven leaks in the last twelve hours, it might be worth getting fucked over by a hunter if I can get some decent pipes. Besides, all of my weapons are strictly non-regulated.

Vaquel Di walked among the aisles of an abandoned factory. The dark green spacesuit she wore was the same color as the rampant algae that clung to the walls. The short pink hair on her head was the brightest color in the dim factory. Sunlight poked through ragged holes in the ceiling.

“Too big, too big, too big, too small,” Vaquel muttered. All around her were several bins of pipes, all of them still wrapped in their protective wax.

Beside Vaquel floated a large box of pipes she had scavenged so far. The box was almost full. It had been a successful trip so far, but Vaquel was looking for one last pipe for her collection.

Truth be told, Vaquel didn’t need the last pipe for the air system. The superb construction on these metal shafts had given Vaquel naughty ideas About an hour ago, she decided to convert one of the pipes into a dildo. Now she just needed to find one of the right girth and length.

There was a creak behind Vaquel. She spun around and pointed the laser weapon mounted on her wrist. The red dot of the targeting laser glided over the irregular shapes of the old machinery but she saw no one.

“Hmm,” Vaquel said quietly. It might have just been the shifting of decaying machines but Vaquel wasn’t sure. Her pussy clenched with nervous energy. It felt like she was being watched.

Vaquel lowered her arm and went back to work. There were only a few more bins to check. The sooner she completed her search, the quicker she can leave.

Somewhere to Vaquel’s right, something metallic bumped against a bin.

The space explorer jumped on top of a table and pointed her wrist laser in the direction of the sound. A slight breeze blew through a broken wall and the metallic sound repeated itself. It was caused by a dead robotic arm tapping against a machine.

“Was there a breeze earlier?” Vaquel whispered. She couldn’t remember. It was hard to feel wind inside her skintight spacesuit unless it blew against her exposed face.

Vaquel hadn’t seen a single Entitled all day. For that matter, she hadn’t seen any clone slaves either. At first, she was happy at the lack of threats to deal with but as the day wore, she started to wonder if maybe she was missing something.

“Once I finish these last four bins, I’m out of here,” Vaquel promised herself. She climbed down from the table and pushed the floating box she was using for storage. Vaquel and her box slowly moved to the nearest bin. As she did so, she turned frequently and swept her eyes over the empty factory.

The bin was half-empty. Vaquel leaned in and removed a sheet of padding. Inside was a row of thick pipes of the right girth, but tragically they were half the length she needed.

Somewhere behind Vaquel, a stool fell over and clanged loudly on the floor.

“Fuck it!” Vaquel yelled. She grabbed the floating storage box and pushed it towards the nearest exit. As the box moved, she hunched down and ran behind it.

Something dark green dropped down from the ceiling and onto Vaquel. The heavy weight pushed Vaquel onto the muddy floor. A hand, wet and soggy, grabbed her hair and pulled her head back.

Vaquel cried out as she pulled up. Her assailant was standing on her ass and the pulling on her head was forcing her back to bend. She saw her floating box keep going towards the exit. At least the pipes were safe.

“You’re big for a clone,” a voice rumbled. The attacker stepped off of her butt. A moment later, a large hand grabbed her ass and squeezed.

Vaquel pointed her wrist laser behind her and fired. There was a HISS sound followed by both hands letting go of her hair and ass.

“That is not a legal weapon!” the voice rumbled.

Vaquel spun around onto her back and pointed her laser. A large green shape stood in front of her. It was vaguely humanoid but made of transparent green goo. There was a burn mark on the shoulder from where her laser had scorched it. Inside the green goo floated a pale white cock, throbbing with rage. Written across the chest of the goo construct was the word, “SlubbieSlammer-388”.

Fuck, it was an Entitled. The sentient cock alien was wearing a gel suit. She had seen a few of those recently. The suit was filled with programmable gel that allowed for multiple configurations while also providing a comfortable environment for the intelligent phallus inside.

“Just back off and no one has to get hurt,” Vaquel warned. She slowly stood up.

Green gel moved within the suit. One hand turned into a spiked club. The other hand turned into a long blade. A third arm sprouted from the chest and looked like a tentacle.

“Oh, someone’s getting hurt,” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. “And then they’re getting face-fucked and their whorser hole pumped!”

“I’d like to see you try,” Vaquel said. Her free hand reached down to her belt where she kept her other weapons.

“This conflict is terminated,” a new voice said.

Metal pincers grabbed bother of Vaquel’s hands from behind. As her arms were pointed to the sky, other metal pincers grabbed each of her ankles. She cried out as she was then lifted into the air.

“Fuck, I know these hands!” Vaquel yelled, but she couldn’t place them.

“Who the slutch are you?” SlubbieSlammer-388 said to the person behind Vaquel.

The metal arms shifted Vaquel’s arms and legs so that she hung in her air staring up at the ragged ceiling of the factory. The arms allowed just enough slack so that her ass drooped to the floor in an arc. Vaquel tilted her head back to look at her captor upside-down.

A tall humanoid in skintight black cloth stood with his arms crossed. Four additional arms made of metal extended from a pack on his back. Two of the arms extended over his shoulders to hold her legs while the other two arms extended from under his arms to hold her wrists. A red helmet, completely smooth and devoid of features, covered his head.

“You!” Vaquel hissed.

“My designated callsign is Obtanius Vergin Purfim Vorq,” her captor said. “The Prober Supreme has commanded to bring back this specimen for his evaluation. Stand aside.”

“No!” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. “I caught her fairly and it is my right to fuck her holes! You can fuck her after I have had her first!”

“I have no wish to fuck this specimen,” Obtanius said.

“That’s not what I remember,” Vaquel said. “Last time you got me, you took my mouth and my pussy.”

“Yes, and then you tricked me into detonating a toxic explosive at point-blank range,” Obtanius said. “I am fortunate that the Prober Supreme equipped me with superior organs that allowed me to survive. My dermis regenerated but it was extremely painful.”

“Wait, you have already fucked two of her holes?” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. The green goo boiled within his suit.

“Did you not hear the part about how she nearly killed me?” Obtanius said. “This sexual degenerate is very hazardous!”

“He’s just saying that,” Vaquel said. “Clearly he wants to take me away and fuck me again because I am just that good. Too bad you will never know, Slob-Hammer.”

“That’s SlubieSlammer-338!” the goo suit snapped. “I demand you let me fuck her first!”

“I refuse to release custody of my target specimen!” Obtanius said.

The Entitled’s gel suit’s inflated in size. Obtanius drew two hand weapons from his belt. Vaquel still hung between the two in a very helpless position.

“Wait, I have a solution!” Vaquel said. “Why don’t both of you fuck me together?”

“Uh, I don’t wish to fuck you,” Obtanius said.

“Ha, you’re lying!” SlubieSlammer-338 said. “I can already see your cockpit bulging!”

Vaquel tilted her head furth back. Yep, the Entitled was right. The black cloth around Obtanius’ crotch was straining from the bulge underneath.

“Yeah, you’re clearly lying,” Vaquel said to Obtanius. “All Entitled want to fuck and if you don’t want to, why that must mean you are some sort of alien from another system.”

“Is that true?” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. “I’ve never fucked a non-clone before.” A fourth arm emerged from the goo body, this one with a lot of spikes on it.

Obtanius growled. The domed helmet looked down at Vaquel’s face. She saw her smug smile reflected in the smooth metal.

“Of course, I am an Entitled,” Obtanius said. “And I love to slam my, uh, body, into squirming clones. We shall fuck this specimen together and then I will take her exhausted body with me. Deal?”

“Agreed, but let’s get rid of this,” Slubbieslammer-388 said. One of his arms extended and broke the laser from her wrist. The goo hand crushed the weapon into fragments.

“Hey fucker, that cost a lot!” Vaquel snapped.

“And we shall remove this,” Obtanius said. He used his normal arms to strip Vaquel’s belt from her waist and tossed it aside.

“Shit,” Vaquel swore. She was unarmed!

“I want her face first,” SlubbieSlammer-388 said. “Let go of her arms, I got them.”

The metal arms suddenly switched positions. The pincers holding Vaquel’s wrists pulled her body up and then over in an arc towards the Entitled. The metal hands released her arms but the other arms held onto her ankles. She crossed her arms in front of her face to protect herself from the rushing floor.

SlubieSlammer-338 reached out and broke her fall. Gooey hand pulled her arms away from her face. She watched as her hands were pulled into the gel body and submerged up to her wrists. When she tried to pull free, the gel hardened around her hands and kept her pinned.

“Let’s pop these free,” SlubieSlammer-338 said. Two smaller tentacles emerged from the hips of the gel suit and went straight to her chest. Hooks appeared in the ends of the tentacles and ripped into her skintight spacesuit. Fabric ripped and her brown tits popped free, hanging down towards the ground.

“Ow! You cut me!” Vaquel said. She tried to examine her hanging tits but it was hard without her hands.

The hooks melted back into the pseudopods. The smooth tentacles wrapped around Vaquel’s breasts. They were cold to the touch and turned her nipples instantly hard.

“Nice little crates you got there,” SlubieSlammer-338 said. The green tentacles squeezed and pulled on her hanging tits.

Meanwhile, Obtanius still had her ankles pinned with his metal arms. The other arms hooked around her waist to keep her torso parallel to the ground. Something sharp pressed against the crotch of her spacesuit and pushed in. The point of a blade pressed worryingly close to her pussy lips but then moved to cut a hole through her crotch.

Vaquel gritted her teeth. She didn’t like how easily these two were exposing her. The close brushes with sharp points were a bit concerning. Despite her fear, she couldn’t ignore the result it was having on her pussy. she was soaked and her sex was clenching for more.

The metal arms spread Vaquel’s legs. Obtanius stepped between her legs and reached underneath. A gloved hand grabbed a hold of her pink pussy hair and pulled.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel screamed. Pain lanced through her pussy.

“Despite the specimen’s protests, she is soaking my hand,” Obtanius said.

“Slubie is a real whorser,” SlubieSlammer-338 said.

The white phallic alien wiggled inside the gel suit. It moved down to the suit’s crotch. A new arm emerged from the chest of the suil and grabbed Vaquel by the hair. It pulled her head up as the Entitled’s length emerged from the suit. The base of the alien was still inside the suit.

“Get ready to get slammed, slubie!” SlubieSlammer-338 said.

The gel suit’s hips thrusted forward. Vaquel opened her mouth just in time for the thick alien to go between her lips. The phallic alien hit the back of her throat on the first thrust.

“That’s the good junk,” SlubieSlammer-338 said. Being deep in Vaquel’s mouth didn’t stop him from talking. The audio gel on the suit’s chest would make sure he was always heard.

SlubieSlammer-338 fucked Vaquel’s face. The phallic alien slammed in and out of her mouth. Spit fell from her open lips and splattered on the ground.

Vaquel pulled with her hands but it was no use; they were locked in tight by the gel. As her mouth was savagely used, the tentacles around her breasts continued to squeeze and pull. Both of her brown mountains were turned into cylinders of pain by the constant crushing.

The pain from her compressed breasts joined the pain of her stretched jaw and traveled straight to the agony of her pulled pubic hair. The different sensations collided together and manifested as more heat inside her sex. The overwhelming arousal caused her hips to jerk and her buttocks to clench tightly.

“Hedonistic masochist,” Obtanius grunted. “Even the humiliation of defeat only spurs your arousal!”

“You sure talk a lot,” SlubieSlammer-338 said. “Just fuck the slubie.”

Vaquel tried to shout her agreement but her mouth was full of alien cock.

“Yes, you are perhaps correct,” Obtanius said. He released Vaquel’s thick pubic bush and took his cock in hand.

Vaquel felt the firm organ press against her pussy lips. There was the cold touch of metal and she remembered that his cock was cybernetic but still very functional. She could barely control her excitement as the firm rod pushed deep inside her sex.

“Hydrogen death spark!” Obtanius cried. He gripped her thighs with his slick hands and fucked her. The ramming of his cock was the equal of the slamming of her throat.

Vaquel went limp between her two captors. Her mouth was fucked without mercy. The cock in her pussy was just as brutal. Metal hands, tight tentacles and cold gel held her in place. Two cocks pummeled her at both ends.

“Take it specimen!” Obtanius yelled. “Submit to your superior!”

“Choke it, slubie!” SlubieSlammer-388 said.

The grip on Vaquel’s hair tightened. Gloved fingers dug into her thick thighs. A cock filled her pussy while another cock battered her throat.

Vaquel climaxed. Bliss erupted within her body and shot through her limbs. She tried to shout her pleasure but it was impossible with a phallus ramming her mouth.

SlubieSlammer-388 was oblivious to her pleasure. “I want to switch holes! Do it! Switch!”

Obtanius grunted and pumped into Vaquel one more time before pulling out. Two metal arms reached over his shoulders to grab Vaquel around the neck. As he did that, SlubieSlammer-388 pulled out of Vaquel’s mouth and released her hands and tits.

Vaquel gasped as she was choked by metal hands around her throat. The hands pulled back as her feet were swung forward. Soft goo hands grabbed her ankles as the metal arms of Obtanius let go. Vaquel’s back continued to fall until metal hands grabbed her shoulders. She looked up to see Obtanius’ cyborg cock above her, still dripping with her juices.

“Yes, gaze upon my improved member!” Obtanius said.

Vaquel did just that. Her lips were still tingling from the beating SlubieSlammer-388 gave her but she could still feel her mouth water. The effect on her pussy was pretty much the same.

The metal hands around Vaquel’s neck released her throat. They quickly moved to cinch around her wrists. The metal arms stretched Vaquel’s arms to her side with locked in place.

Cold gel hands pushed Vaquel’s legs together and pointed them towards the ceiling. Soft tentacles wrapped around her legs and cinched tight. She felt SlubieSlammer-388 press against the lips of her sex and then push in with the same force that he used to fuck her mouth.

“Queen’s tit!” Vaquel cried out.

“Hmm,” Obtanius said. “Once more you prefer cries of pleasure to actual discourse. So be it!”

Obtanius pulled Vaquel’s hair and forced her head down. The metal arms lifted her body so that her mouth was on the same level of his cyborg cock. With perfect precision, he pushed his member into her waiting lips.

Vaquel choked but Obtanius didn’t care. It was an awkward angle as she was on her back being held in the air. She wanted to use her hands but the upper metal arms kept them stretched out. There was nothing she could do.

Obtanius used Vaquel’s mouth. The hard metal cock slid in and out of her mouth at will. The dark fabric of his pants pressed into her face.

SlubieSlammer-388 used Vaquel’s pussy. The hard phallic alien was a pumping piston inside her slick sex. The tentacles around her legs made sure she was as tight as possible for the ramming cock.

Gloved hands gripped Vaquel’s tits. Obtanius went straight to her nipples and pinched. Her breasts were still sensitive from the crushing she received from SlubieSlammer-388 and the pinching sent bolts of pain through her flesh.

Gel hands squeezed Vaquel’s buttocks. The flimsy spacesuit material was no protection from those groping hands. They gripped her ass with increasing strength.

Tears sprang to Vaquel’s eyes. The cyborg cock fucked her mouth raw. The sentient cock in her pussy pounded without mercy or respite. Hands squeezed and pulled on her buttocks and nipples. She was a vessel capable of only being fucked.

It was perfect. Vaquel climaxed. Her pussy quivered around the alien dick inside her. She choked on the cyborg cock down her throat. Her limbs twisted and writhed against the arms holding her.

“Incredible,” Obtanius said. “Even in bondage, your body soars with pleasure.” There was a trace of awe in his voice.

“Take it, slubie!” SlubieSlammer-388 yelled. If he had any appreciation for Vaquel’s body or sensuality, he made no comment on it.

The cyborg cock inside Vaquel’s mouth twitched. Seed pumped out of the member and down her throat. She tried to swallow it while upside down but it was impossible. There was too much and she was getting fucked to hard.

Obtanius pulled out. There was still more seed to pump. He tilted his cock at an angle and the seed arced through the air to land on Vaquel’s tender tits.

“Get ready for my slam juice!” SlubieSlammer-388 shouted through the gel body.

The alien cock inside Vaquel’s cunt puled. Hot seed flooded her pussy. The Entitled kept thrusting, filling her sex with so much seed that it started to squirt out her stuffed pussy.

Finally, the Entitled pulled out. He lowered her legs to the ground. Obtanius lowered her as well, though his metal hands kept a grip on Vaquel’s arms. She sat on the ground; her hands held behind her back. Seed spilled from her pussy while Obtanius seed dripped from her tits.

“Are you satisfied with our arrangement?” Obtanius said.

“I’ve had better,” SlubieSlammer-388 said. His phallic form had lost a bit of its rigidity. The gel suit absorbed the Entitled back into the chest of the suit.

“I doubt it,” Obtanius said. Vaquel quirked an eyebrow at that. Was her enemy defending her?

“Regardless, you should have no problem with me taking this specimen with me?” Obtanius said.

“Sure, do what you want,” SlubieSlammer-388 said. “I want to ask though, where did you get that custom body? It looks almost organic in parts.”

“That’s because it is,” Vaquel said. “You know that he’s not an Entitled, right?”

“Silence,” Obtanius said. His organic hand went to her throat. “Of course, I am an Entitled. I assault others at my leisure and brag about my superiority. What else could I be?”

“Then where is his name?” Vaquel said. “Entitled want everyone to know who they are so they put their names on all of their shit. This guy has no name on his body.”

The hand around Vaquel’s throat tightened. She gasped for air.

“Divert your attention from her misinformation,” Obtanius said. “My name uh, rubbed off.”

Vaquel spoke in a whisper as she was coked. “You said you have never fucked an alien before, right?”

“Rageshit,” SlubieSlammer-388 swore. “You’re a real alien?” The limp shape of the Entitled visibly hardened.

“With at least two holes,” Vaquel choked out.

Multiple arms extended from the gel body. One was a spiky club, one was some sort of ax blade, one was a long tentacle and the last arm was terminated in a large solid hammer head. The Entitled pulsed inside the gel.

“You evil pervert,” Obtanius whispered. He was speaking to Vaquel.

Despite the metal grip around her throat, Vaquel giggled.

SlubieSlammer-388 charged forward. The arm with the hammerhead smashed into the side of Obtanius’ helmet. The bounty hunter fell back and raised his arms to defend himself.

The metal grip around Vaquel’s throat vanished. Vaquel rolled to the side, gasping for air. Dirt and grime clung to her seed-soaked breasts and exposed pussy.

Obtanius and SlubieSlammer-388 were tangled together. Metal arms tried to puncture green gel. Limbs made of goo wrapped around cybernetic-enhanced arms. Together they fell into a rusting machine and sent parts falling to the floor.

Vaquel crawled away from the fight. She came across her equipment belt and slapped it around her waist. Clutching her sore tits, she stood up and stumbled towards the exit that she saw her storage box go through.

“Fuck you, Vaquel Di!” Obtanius yelled behind her. “I will get you!”

“Get ready to get slammed, slubie!” SlubieSlammer-388 yelled.

Vaquel grinned and kept walking.

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