Nov 172021

The Goddess, blessed be her lovely body, chose Brother Blake to lay beneath her. We praised her decision with our voices while our jealous hearts cursed Brother Blake. He stripped off his robes and laid on the Altar Bed. His erection was tall and ready for the ritual.

The Goddess, blessed be her soft skin, mounted Brother Blake. He cried out in pleasure as her holy sex sheathed his cock. Rapture spread across his face.

The Goddess, blessed be her bright eyes, chose Brother Curtis and Brother Todd. The two climbed onto the Altar Bed to either side of the Goddess. Brother Todd leaned down to suck on her left nipple while Brother Curtis sucked on her right. The Goddess rested her hands on their bald heads and whispered secret wisdom to them.

The Goddess, blessed be her bountiful curves, chose me to brush her hair. I picked up the Sacred Brush and took my place on the Altar Bed behind her. The hair, white as platinum and twice as precious, was soft to the touch. My cock pulsed as I gathered it in my hand. With all of my care, I began to brush.

The Goddess, blessed be her sacred pussy, chose Brother Larry to feed her. Voices groaned in disappointment and the Goddess laughed with pity. Brother Larry climbed onto the Altar Bed, stood over Brother Blake and presented his member for the Goddess to consume. She opened her ruby lips and took him into her mouth.

The Goddess, blessed be her hungry lips, rode Brother Blake and sucked Brother Larry. Brother Curtis and Brother Todd held onto her breasts, sucking and moaning their pleasure. I continued to brush her hair, careful not to disturb her holy movement.

The Goddess, blessed be her grinding hips, snapped her fingers. The Brothers who had not been chosen reached into their robes. Faithful fingers stroked, pulled and tugged on loyal cocks. Some climaxed right away but their hands kept pumping. Only the unbeliever would stop before being commanded by the Goddess.

The Goddess, blessed be her loving discipline, shuddered with pleasure.

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