Oct 152021

If you read the description for the 2021 movie, Seance, you might think you have seen this film before. A group of young ladies at a boarding school perform a seance. Most of the girls think it is just a prank to scare another girl but when that girl dies, they start wondering if they really called something up that they shouldn’t. I wouldn’t be surprised if I could find three movies that have the same plot right at this very moment on Netflix.

But Seance has a secret weapon and that secret is the writer, Simon Barrett. He wrote You’re Next, a typical movie about strangers trying to murder a family in the house, except they don’t realize one of the people in the house had a psycho dad who trained her to survive anything and she goes Rambo on the killer’s poor asses.

Simon also wrote The Guest, about a creepy guy who visits a family and claims he served overseas with their dead family member. Just when you think the guest is going to murder everyone, you find out he is part of some super-soldier program and is actually there to protect them from others.

Which brings us back to the Seance. Yes, it starts just like a lot of horror movies do but then it goes differently. Because of the nature of the movie, telling you how would be spoilers but I will say this, it was a lot of fun watching it play out. If you like ghosts, a mostly all-girl cast, an ever shrinking cast and twists that stand up to scrutiny afterwards, then this is the movie for you.

Besides, you are going to watch at least one of these “Calling the dead is a bad idea” movies this Halloween. Watch the good one, Seance.

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