Oct 272021
It’s a Monster Mash!

Greetings, mortals. It is I, Suckubeth, that demon whore who always leaves you sore. With me as always is my Flaming-Skull-on-a-Stick, Burny!”

“The end is nigh, readers! Your soul is almost completely corrupted! Your addiction to internet porn will be your undoing! You are one story away from being an eternal slave to a demonatrix!”

“Cease your warnings, Burny. These mortals know what they are in for. Tis the season for damnation after all.”

“What terrible tale will you use to complete their utter defeat?”

“I’m glad you asked, Burny. Today’s story is about a plumber who pays regular visits to a creepy house. Well, the house isn’t so bad but the family that lives there is definitely spooky and a little kooky. Read on, mortals.”

I hated coming to this house. It sat lonely on a hill with a graveyard in the back. Gray shutters flapped and banged against windows that were always dark. There was a ledge on the top floor, directly above the front door. One year around Christmas I swear I saw a cauldron bubbling up there.

The door opened. The butler answered without a word. He towered above me and I am not a small guy. Dead eyes examined me and seemed to peer into my soul.

I held up my tool bag with all my plumbing equipment.

The giant lurched to the side. He knew me and deep down, I think he knew what exactly I did here.

Thank God the fucker appeared to be a mute.

The butler pointed towards the back and I quickly went down the hall. Some thing scuttled on a bookshelf. I didn’t pause to investigate.

When I passed by the stairs, the daughter stepped in my way. She was too old to be living at home but I got it, the economy sucks. I’m not sure why she wore that tight black dress with the white collar and the knee-high socks though. Add in the black pigtails, and she looked like she was trying to pass for a much younger child even though her tits and long legs could never be mistaken for those of a child.

“You’re back again,” W____ said. Her voice was almost monotone, with just a slight inflection of menace.

“I got a call,” I said. I tried to step to her right. W____ took a step in that direction and blocked me.

“Mother has had a lot of pipe problems lately,” W____ said. “I believe it is a matter of moisture.”

Oh shit, does the creepy daughter suspect too? I should leave. That would be the smart thing to do.

Unfortunately for me, my pecker was pretty dumb.

“Yeah, moisture can cause a lot of problems,” I said. I stepped to the left.

W___ stepped in my way. Her right hand was behind her back, like she was hiding something. I really didn’t want to know what it was.

“Sometimes I have moisture trouble,” W____ said. “Usually around midnight in the graveyard, next to the mausoleum. The one with the two-headed swan. Do you do night calls?”

Fuck, was the daughter hitting on me? It be crazy to fuck her, but if I said no, I might want out what was behind her back. Fuck!

“I might be able to make that call,” I said carefully.

“Good,” W___ said. “I expect to have problems three nights from now. Just come by, I won’t call you. There is no need to knock at the door. In fact, that would be unwise.”

“Understood,” I said.

“Good,” W____ said. She stepped closer to me. There was a sharp smell in the air. Was that rat poison I smelled? “Bring gloves. Rough gloves. The kind that breaks delicate skin when you squeeze someone’s neck.”

I nodded.

W___ took another side step and then another into a side room. She never showed her back. A door slammed shut but I don’t remember seeing her reach for it.

Jesus, that was scary. Still, I rather deal with W____ then her brother, P_____. That boy has the eyes of a psychopath. He showed me the jar he keeps them in.

I rushed down the hallway and past the Grandfather clock with thirteen numbers. The hallway turned towards the kitchen and foul smells came from within as well as a bit of cackling. Oh great, the mother-in-law was here. I slowed down, careful not to make a sound as I passed the kitchen and headed closer to the conservatory.

“THERE YOU ARE, OLD MAN!” a booming voice said.

I spun around and raised my free hand in fright. A squat man with bulging eyes and a sinister mustache took my hand and shook it profusely. He wore a nicely tailored suit that cost more than my truck.

“GLAD YOU MAKE IT ON SHORT NOTICE!” Mr. A____ said. He always projected this voice like he was declaring a revolution. “THE WIFE WILL BE DEVASTATED IF HER FLOWER DOESN’T GET SOAKED PROPERLY!”

He was still shaking my hand. I couldn’t tell if he was being sarcastic or not. I always suspected he knew, but the fact that I am still alive proves that he doesn’t. Still, his grip was awfully tight.


Mr. A___ let go of my hand and tucked them into his pockets. There was a wild look in his eyes. Well, wilder than usual. He visibly trembled with excitement.

Oh fuck, he knows. He is going to kill me and there is no fucking way I am going on any hunting trip with him. I spun around and hurried down the hall. Speed was more important than discretion. You have no idea how many people are in this crazy family and I was just about at the end of my courage. If I ran into that hairy cousin or God forbid, that uncle, I might just make a run for the nearest window and jump through.

The door to the conservatory was up ahead. There was also a tripwire about two feet away from it. That was new but I jumped over it and grabbed the door handle. The handle clicked about a dozen times as I turned it and I heard something open above me. Not wasting a second, I opened the door and dashed through it, closing the door behind me.

THUMP! Something heavy landed on the other side of the door.

“It is always nice to see a working man in a hurry,” said a velvet voice that made my pecker harder than a tombstone.

Mrs. A____ stood in the middle of her conservatory, tending to a giant plant with some monstrous growths. My heart did that pitter patter it always does when too much blood rushes to my groin. Long black hair framed a pale face. Dark eyebrows arched above knowing eyes. Cheekbones sharp enough to cut glass were pale as snow. Ruby red lips curled into amusement. She wore the same tight black dress that covered every inch of her body except for her pale cleavage.

“I think your husband knows,” I said.

“Impossible,” Mrs. A____ said. “If that was true, you would be in the drawing room, being drawn and quartered.”

I snorted. If that was a joke, it didn’t relieve me.

Mrs. A___ had a pair of scissors in her hands. She used the scissors to beckon me. Like a fool, I went to her.

“If you are truly afraid of him, you can leave right now,” Mrs. A____ said. Her free hand pulled on my belt buckle. She loosened the belt and unfastened my pants. It was amazing what she could do with one hand.

“I just think we should space it out a little,” I stammered. My pants fell to my knees. Sharp nails scratched my hip as she pulled on my underwear. “Pipe problems once a week gets a bit suspicious.”

Smooth hands wrapped around my cock. I gasped. They were slightly cold, as always, but so damn silky. She gave my dick a few slow strokes and my knees trembled.

“Nonsense, it is an old house,” Mrs. A___ said. “Regular pipe maintenance is to be expected.

Mrs. A___ dropped down to her knees. I am not sure how she bends down in that impossibly tight dress. She didn’t stoop as much as she just sort of compressed. Sometimes I wonder if there was a single bone in her body.

Cold lips pressed against the head of my cock. A hot tongue, maybe a little too hot, slithered over my tip. I looked down and watched the length of my cock disappear into those bright red lips. She kept going and going until her chin pressed against my balls.

I let out a loud groan. Another groan from somewhere answered back. Nah, it must have been an echo.

Mrs. A___ bobbed back and forth on my dick. Her long tongue flicked against every vein and ridge. The intense eyes stared up at me, lids half-closed as if judging my very soul.

The scissors were still in her right hand. As her head bounced on my dick, Mrs. A___ brought the scissors up to my crotch. The blades opened wide and then closed around a tuft of pubic hair.

My hair skipped a beat. A tuft of pubic hair fell on her pale cleavage. My cock pulsed in her mouth.

She snipped another hair. Her lips tightened around my dick. She swiveled her head in an unnatural rotation with my cock trapped inside her lips. The hot tongue rapidly flicked the underside of my hard length.

“Oh God,” I groaned.

The dark eyes narrowed with amusement. Mrs. A____ pulled back so only the tip of my dick remained in her mouth. She sucked so hard that her pales cheeks collapsed. If she sucked any harder, she was going to get my come and my soul.

Snip! The intense sucking didn’t stop her from trimming more pubic hair.

Mrs. A____ opened her mouth and my cock popped free of her lips. She rose back up to her full height with uncanny speed and grace. A cold hand grabbed mine and pressed the scissors into them.

“Cut my dress off,” Mrs. A___ said. “Do not be gentle.”

I knew what she meant. Turning the scissors in my hand so that they pointed down, I pressed the tips of the blades against the lowest point of her cleavage. The sharp tip nicked her skin and a tiny dot of blood swelled.

There was another groan, but I was so turned on that I assumed that it came from me.

I closed the scissors and the black fabric parted like paper. There wasn’t a single frayed thread. I cut some more and two perfect globes of ivory flesh, topped with pink nipples, two on the left, one on the right, popped free of the constricting material.

“More,” Mrs. A___ said. “Bare my body to your salacious gaze.”

I scissored my way down her body. A smooth stomach was slowly revealed, followed by the red ruby sitting in her belly button. Next was the pale waistline followed by the frankly frightening black pubic hair cut into the shape of a spider. I kept cutting to expose her bare pussy lips, already glistening with her juices. From there I hurried, slicing down her dress to the reveal the curiously thin legs and her nearly-pointed feet.

Mrs. A___ shrugged off the dress from her shoulders. It fell to the floor as quiet as a whisper. She stepped back from me until she reached the side of a giant flower pot.

“Ravish me, mon lapin,” she said.

There was a rattling sound from the corner of the room. Probably those old pipes. I didn’t know French, but I knew what she wanted.

My pants had fallen around my ankles. I shuffled my way over to her. One time I tried to take them off and Mrs. A___ got very cross. For some reason, she prefers me hobbled.

I reached Mrs. A and grabbed her hips. She hissed like a snake as I picked her up and set her on the lip of the flower pot. Her long legs opened and extended out in a straight line.

Mrs. A___ grabbed my cock and pointed it at her sex. A tight grip drew me to her and the head of my cock pressed against the lips of her sex. She rubbed the tip against her pussy lips once, twice and then three times before pulling me into her.

“Fucking hell,” I groaned. She was so hot inside. I never understood it. Her skin was cold to the touch but inside her cunt, she was as hot as a volcano and as wet as a tsunami.

“Thank you,” Mrs. A___ said, as if I had complimented her. I guess I had.

The long legs wrapped around me and cinched tightly. Pointed feet locked together. Mrs. A___ took one of my hands and placed it on her left breast. My palm was against her center nipple while my middle finger pressed against the higher nipple. She pulled the other hand to the back of her head. My fingers sunk into the silky smooth tendrils of her hair.

Mrs. A___’s hips began to move. It is hard to describe. I searched a dictionary to describe it and I found this word, undulate. Go look it up because that is what she did. The bottom half of her body undulated like a snake with my cock tight inside her.

“Your penis feels so good inside me,” Mrs. A_____ said. “It is so raw and uncultured. The mundanity fills me in a way my husband never could. I can feel your appendage about to burst at any moment. Are you going to spill your seed inside me? Make me bear one of your children? Will your steaming mess give me a daughter or a son? Or something else?”

There was a rattling sound to my right. My head snapped around, terrified to see Mr. A___ or some other kook in this family, but no, there was just a creepy painting. It portrayed some relative I have never seen, but there was no mistaking the family resemblance with those bulging eyes.

Wait, did those eyes just blink?

Mrs. A___ grabbed my chin and pointed my head back at hers. The unearthly movements of her hips defied anatomy and physics. The center nipple was hard against my palm while the upper nipple leaked a drop of what I hope was milk.

“You’re going to make me spend, mon lupin,” Mrs. A____ said. “Watch me. Feel me spend on your precious penis.”

I studied her pale face and her tightly clench red lips. A tiny bit of color came to her cheekbones. The dark eyes widened and the eyebrows arched higher.

The ruby lips opened. “Oh,” she gasped. It was so quiet, like the final breath of someone dying.

The tight cunt spasmed around my cock. It was more than I could take. Tension surged within me.

“I’m going to come,” I said.

Mrs. A____ opened her legs and pushed on my chest with surprising strength. My cock pupped free of her slick pussy. She slid off the edge of the flower pot and didn’t drop as much as she flowed down to the floor on her knees.

One cold hand gripped my cock. She kept stroking while raising her other hand to my dick. The dark eyes looked up at me, as hypnotic as a vampire.

“Come,” she commanded.

I did. Seed shot from my cock and onto Mrs. A_____’s waiting wrist. She kept stroking me and I kept ejaculating. More of my seed splashed her arm. Mrs. A____ moved her arm back and forth, covering it in my jizz from wrist to shoulder.

When there was no more seed left. Mrs. A____ gave my cock a final kiss. She released my cock and then stood back up with her usual dexterity. For some reason, she stretched out her come-covered arm and held it parallel to the floor.

“Thank you, mon lupin,” Mrs. A____ said. “Your services are greatly appreciated. Please leave by the side door for discretion’s sake. Hurry now, before your semen dries. Thank you.”

I’m not sure what my jizz drying has to do with anything but I did as she asked. To be honest, I was glad to get the fuck out as soon as possible. I yanked my pants up and tightened my belt. Grabbing my tool bag, I rushed to the side door. A stack of cash, my usual fee sat on a shelf. I grabbed it and headed out the side door.

The door slammed behind me. Weirdly, I thought I heard another door slam shut as well. I didn’t hang around to find out where it came from. My ass ran down as fast as I could to my truck.

As I ran, I thought about where I was going to pick up some rough gloves.

“Well Burny, what did you think of this final story for Halloween?”

“There were way too many pipe puns. I thought the family was a bit familiar but legally vague. I do wonder about the daughter. Is that a setup for a future sequel of some kind?”

“These are horror stories, Burny. There will ALWAYS be a sequel.”

“Except for these readers. By reading each of your stories this season, they have consigned their souls to your devilish box of sex toys. Their destinies are at an end!”

“Perhaps, Burny, perhaps. Although I like to think that their damnation as my playthings is just beginning for their wretched existence. As for those who escaped my clutches this year, have a Happy Halloween! I will catch your souls later.”

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