Sep 222021

Fucktoy sat in the corner. She was naked except for the hood around her face and the red ball gag in her mouth. Drool dripped onto her naked breasts. She sat with her back to the corner and her hands on her knees. Both legs were open wide to expose her hairy bush.

Master was having a party. Fucktoy wasn’t sure what kind of a party because of the earplugs she wore under the hood. Muffled and blinded, she only had her sensitive body to tell her what was going on. She knew that it was a large party because there always seem to be a hand on her naked body at all times.

The hands wore gloves, pulled from some box that Master had set somewhere nearby. Latex fingers pinched Fucktoy’s nipples. Gloved hands ran down her smooth legs. Hands of all sizes, male and female, groped her breasts. Brave fingers pushed through the bush of her hair to stroke sensitive pussy lips.

Fucktoy took it all. She offered no resistance. In fact, she often clasped her hands around her head to allow someone better access. If someone hurt her, she just bit down harder on her gag.

She wondered who the people were. Master had so many friends. Fucktoy has fucked quite a few of them for her Master’s pleasure. She wondered if some of the ones she had fucked were here now, touching her body as they reminisced.

The floor became wet under Fucktoy. Most of it was from her juices. A little came from the drool escaping her lips. One tiny drop came from someone who spat on her bush.

Time passed. Something hard and thick was placed against her right hand. Fucktoy closed her fingers and recognized the object. It was her favorite dildo.

Fucktoy moaned, her first real sound of the night. The dildo only had one purpose. She slid down the corner until her back was on the floor. The damp spot soaked her spine. She brought her knees up and spread her legs. Without a moment’s hesitation, she slid her dildo into herself.

It was a perfect fit. Fucktoy almost came. She plunged the dildo in and out of her cunt, not caring who saw. That isif anyone was even here anymore. For all she knew, the party was over and Master had given her the toy as a reward for being a good conversation piece.

Fucktoy preferred a different scenario. In her mind, the party was still going and everyone had gathered to watch the slut fuck herself. People snickered and laughed as she slammed the thick dildo in and out of her slick cunt. Some became aroused and asked her Master if they could use her. Perhaps her Master was getting his cock sucked by some wannabe toy right this very moment and he was watching Fucktoy’s performance.

She climaxed hard and bit down on her gag. Tremors ran through her body. Knees threatened to close but she kept them open for an audience that may or may not be there.

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  1. Unf. That’s a very hot scenario!

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