Jul 302021
Looking forward to Hot Shay Fall, Winter and Spring.

Hot Shay Summer is an anthology of sexy stories written by Shay Sands. These stories originated as tweet threads as the author shared her fantasies. This book takes those twitter threads, edits them and reformats them for traditional prose so you don’t have to read 140 character paragraphs. Thank the Goddess for that.

This is a really fun nasty book. Most of the stories are about a submissive female with occasional appearances of mind control. There are a few science fiction apps mentioned in the stories that I wished I had thought of. Almost all of the stories are male/female with one or two female/female stories. There is a mean side to some of the stories that make them delightfully wicked.

I read this book on an airplane trip and in hindsight, that was a mistake. It would have been best to read these stories somewhere private, as well as stretch them out as each story deserves its own time to digest and enjoy.

This is an author I plan to keep an eye on.

  2 Responses to “Have You Read Hot Shay Summer?”

  1. She is truly an incredible talent. She crosses so many genres, presents so many differentdifferent sexual scenarios (all of them ibsanely hot) tells interesting good stories with real world characters that it’s mind boggling. I only know her from Twitter and her work but I ‘ve been following her for about 18 months and I’ve read everything of hers I can get my hands on. That said she seems to be as good or better a human being as she is an author. That is truly a beautiful thing.

    • I just discovered her work via Twitter and I was deeply impressed by her ability. Her stories on Twitter are pretty darn good too.

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