Jun 242021

Hot Vaxx Summer is going great! Ever since being fully vaccinated for COVID, I have found myself in a much happier frame of mind. This resulted in a shitload of writing for my next project and perhaps a little much playing of Evil Genius 2. The paradox of increased book-writing is that I often have little time or energy left over for blog writing. Maybe that will change once the novelty of going outside without the fear of death wears off.

In other news, Year Eight of Vaquel Di stories have been collected and are available for sale on Amazon. It is a nice collection of what I call Weird Space stories. It occurred to me while editing this one that for the past three years, Vaquel has been traveling through distinct civilizations. I miss the days of dead planets and remote strangeness. I think I will return to that kind of space next year.

That is all for now from me. Stay safe and be kind to yourself.

  One Response to “Alive and Well in the Valley of the Foxes”

  1. I only just learned of “Call Girl of Cthulhu.” Passing that movie title along in case you haven’t. I haven’t watched it yet, but Imma gonna.

    Glad to hear that y’all are well. I’m still not going out much. At least Fulton county has broken through the 40% vaccinated level. sigh.

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