Apr 192021
She’s not filthy now, but give her a page.

Filthy Fetch Quest is another sex novella from Serena Silverlake set in a fantasy world. It tells the story of Alexandra, an impatient adventurer who made a really big mistake and was gangbanged by horny goblins. They stole her money, her sword, her armor and left her a sticky mess. Alexandra is greatly annoyed by the loss of equipment and money, but was happy to have the sex. She is that kind of an slut.

What follows is how Alexandra recovers from such a setback. Did I mention that is a slut? Because she does most of her recovery bent over, on her knees and stuffed full of cock. finally, she takes on a quest for a wizard, the filthy fetch quest in the title. It involves more cock.

This book was a delight to read. Equal parts filthy and funny, I was constantly smiling. Alexandra was raised in a brothel and has a very sex-positive attitude to everything. She is not a dumb bimbo, but she is impatient and that gets her into trouble.

You know, it is a tricky thing to write a slutty character who keeps messing up. In the hands of a lesser writer, Alexandra would come across as stupid, or worse, a bad stereotype of a clueless slut. This story does a great job of portraying Alexandra as that friend you have that doesn’t quite work things out before hand, but still manages to come out on top. her healthy attitude towards sex gives her a leg up (or legs open) advantage that other characters in the world don’t have. It results in stories where the character engages in hot transactional sex, but as an aggressor instead of a victim.

This is the second of Serena’s books that I have read and I am turning into a fan.

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