Feb 012021

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee shortage.
Location: Feel This! Sensorium, B-Deck.
Species Required: Human female or Banime female.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Minimum Psychic Receptiveness of Level Two.
Duration of Assignment: Three hours.
Payment: Eighty credits per hour plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees).

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Dazanna was on her back. The smart bed formed a soft hill under her head for neck support. She had one hand on her breast, squeezing and pulling on the flesh. The other hand was between her legs, idly running her fingernails up and down the bare lips of her vussy. Out of habit, she lifted one leg up into the air and then to the side to allow a better view of her crotch.

It was unnecessary. The eight sentient beings in front of her had their eyes closed. Well, those that had eyes. She wasn’t sure if the floating pink gas inside the containment sphere had sensory organs other than its mind. Either way, there was no need to put on a visual show.

Dazanna continued to knead her breast. The plump flesh was tender from so much squeezing. What appealed more to the minds feeling her body? Was it the weight of her soft breast or was it the growing sensitivity from so much groping? It was hard to tell with telepaths. They rarely gave you any sort of feedback.

Bing. A gentle bell announced that a tip had been paid. A hologram displayed the requested action above Dazanna. Eighty credits for finger penetration.

“Finally,” Dazanna moaned. She had spent thirty minutes touching the outside of her sex. Part of her worried that the psychic voyeurs were only interested in her soft skin and plump breasts. That was fine for her bank account as they tipped her plenty for the breast play but Dazanna was dying for some fingering.

Dazanna pushed one finger inside her vussy. Slick heat gripped her finger. Four of the psychics gasped. The pink gas bubbled inside his containment sphere. The face tentacles on the Igias vibrated.

“Like that?” Dazanna asked out loud. None of them answered. Their minds were on her body. They felt her finger sliding around the wet walls of her sex. Those without vussies marveled at the sensitivity. Those who possessed similar organs were fascinated by the differences. One being, his first time linking with a human, climaxed inside his pants.

Bing. More tips came in. There was a request for faster thrusts. Two tips asked for more fingers. A very large tip requested the use of one of the thick dildos that sat by the bed.

“Of course,” Dazanna said. “I will be happy to do each and every one of your requests.”

Eight psychics eagerly waited for the next sensation.

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