Dec 022020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to fulfill Lube Technician Union Break Requirements.
Location: Lubricant Pump Station 92, Y-Deck.
Species Required: Banime, Human or Jeline.
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Minimum Orifice Endurance of Class Two. Multi-partner Certified.
Duration of Assignment: One hour.
Payment: Three hundred credits. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees). 1/100th Unit of Station Grade Lube

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Dazanna floated in the air, her body parallel to the ground. The gravity negator in the floor kept her afloat with none of the skin-tingling that you get from cheaper models. She was pleasantly surprised to see her large breasts and long blue hair hang down towards the ground. That meant the negator had a program that could pick and choose what parts of her body to levitate.

“This is a damn good negator,” Dazanna thought. “These beings must have an awesome union.”

The lube technician fucking Dazanna’s vussy grunted. His dock expelled a load of seed into her stuffed sex. The new seed joined the thick seed left by the last three technicians. He thrust a few more times to finish his ejaculation and then pulled out.

Dazanna moaned around the slender member that was in her mouth. The technician she was sucking shuddered. She looked up at him and moaned louder.

“Greedy whore,” the technician said with affection. “We have made a mess of your face and I am about to make another.”

Dazanna nodded her head like an eager puppy. Seed from previous technicians dripped down her face. Rough handling had smeared her makeup. She had spent extra money to purchase makeup that ran. Previous experience had taught her that technicians loved dirtying their union-required sluts.

Another technician stepped behind Dazanna. He spread apart her ass cheeks. Slippery lube, straight from the pipelines, rubbed against her asshole. A thick head pressed against her loose ring and pushed in. It jammed the seed that been left by previous technicians deeper into her ass.

The technician she was sucking cried out. He quickly pulled out and jacked his cock. Dazanna opened her mouth and stretched out her tongue. His dock exploded and shot a stream of come into her mouth.

As Dazanna swallowed the load, the technician turned her head so he could come on the side of her face. Some of the seed got into her blue hair. The technician made a point of ejaculating on a clean spot. It joined the other sticky clumps.

When he was done, the technician stepped away from Dazanna’s face. As the other technician fucked her ass, Dazanna took the chance to look around the break room. It was nice. There were two fresh food vending machines, a large video screen showing a slime fight and a row of isolation nooks for those who wanted some peace and quiet before going back out on the pipes. Technicians ate their lunches at smart tables that refilled their drinks.

Across from Dazanna was the other break slut. It was a Jeline male and he was pounding a woman technician while a male technician fucked his ass. The Jeline’s claws drew blood on the woman’s shoulders and his tail was wrapped around the man’s throat. Neither technician seemed to mind. Dazanna admired the Jeline’s golden fur and wondered if it had an easier or harder time getting out semen stains.

The technician fucking Dazanna’s ass grabbed her hair. He pulled back on her head as his hips picked up speed. His dock was a piston inside her slippery ass.

Dazanna whimpered submissively. The technicians liked to play rough. That wasn’t surprising; it was a rough job. They had to clear out blockages in the lube pipeline. Thieves were constantly trying to tap the line and technicians were personally responsible for stopping them. Floods were a possibility and accidental drownings were not uncommon. It took a certain type of person to work around these dangers, and that certain type of person made the most of their break time.

The slime fight ended on the videoscreen. About a dozen technicians rose from their chairs and looked towards Dazanna and the Jeline. Seams opened in their jumpsuits as they approached the break sluts.

Dazanna stretched her jaw and flexed her fingers. There was half an hour left in the break period. It was going to be a nice long gangbang before Dazanna could have her own break.

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