Aug 192020

Available Job:

Temporary Placement to Counter Employee Shortage
Location: Feed and Be Fed.
Species Required: Any with a physical mouth(s).
Other Requirements: Sex Labor Guild Certification. Oral Endurance of Class Two.
Duration of Assignment: Two Hours.
Payment: One free meal from the employee menu. Thirty credits per customer plus tips. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees)

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Dazanna waited impatiently inside her nook. A privacy field blocked anyone in the restaurant from seeing her, but the field also prevented her from seeing or hearing any of the customers. Were they busy? Was the place full or empty? She couldn’t tell.

The privacy field did nothing to block smells. The aroma of hot Banime noodles filled the small nook. She could almost taste the Vulthan spices in the air. She desperately wanted to stick something in her mouth.

“This is why the free meal is after the shift,” Dazanna said out lout. She liked talking out loud. It broke the silence of the privacy field.

The shift had started ten minutes ago but Dazanna hadn’t had a client yet. Maybe Dazanna should have used a different picture? Above her, on the table she couldn’t see, was a picture of her face. It showed her smiling, with her long blue hair coming down to her bare shoulders. Was that good enough? Should she have stuck her tongue out or maybe opened her mouth? When her shift was over, she would ask one of the other employees for next time. If there was a next time.

A yellow light flickered inside the nook. Someone was setting their tray down on the table above Dazanna. Instead of thinking about the client, she wondered what dish was in the tray. Was it Tousacon Beef Noodles? A Vigen Avian Wrap?

“Damn, I’m hungry,” Dazanna whispered.

Thin legs emerged from the privacy field and sat down. Shiny red pants covered the legs. An automated zipper opened along the curve of the crotch. Inside was pink cloth and a hidden shaft trying to poke free.

Dazanna leaned forward in the nook. She gently spread the client’s legs apart to get closer to his bulge. Expert fingers glided over the cloth and found a seam. She pulled the opening apart and reached inside.

A small dock pulsed against her hand. The size didn’t bother Dazanna. It would be easier to suck. She bent over and gave the tip of the dock a slow lick.

The member tasted like oranges and mint. Was she so hungry that she was becoming delusional? Dazanna took another lick, slowly circling the head of the organ.

Positive, that was orange and mint. The client had an enhanced dock!

Dazanna couldn’t resist. She parted her lips and took his dock into her mouth. Down she went until his nose and chin were in the client’s underwear. Her lips closed around him as she rapidly licked.

The client shuddered. The dock throbbed. Both legs closed together around Dazanna’s body.

Dazanna moved her head from side to side, letting the small organ roll around in her mouth. She licked as she moved, unable to get enough of the orange-mint flavored dock. It was tempting to bite down but she resisted the urge.

She wondered what the client was doing. Was he already eating or was he too distracted by her mouth? The lack of audio cues meant she was flying blind. Oh well, she would have to stick with the basics.

Dazanna reached into the client’s underwear and pulled out his gonad pouch. It was smooth and hairless. She took all of his dock back into her mouth until her lips were touching his sack. Her tongue slipped out of her lips and flicked his balls.

The dock throbbed in Dazanna’s mouth. The client nearly lifted from his seat. The small cock pushed into her mouth.

Dazanna giggled. He wanted to fuck her mouth? She could help with that. She tightened her lips around his dock and slid her head up. The tip of his dock popped free of her lips. A line of spit connected her lips to his dock. She plunged back down, swallowing his modest cock in a single gulp. As soon as her lips touched his sack, her tongue gave him a quick lick before she slid her mouth back up his short shaft.

A blue light turned on. A small camera emerged from the ceiling of the nook and pointed down on Dazanna. The client was paying extra to see her work.

Dazanna smiled. That was twenty extra credits, straight to her account. She looked at the camera and gave her best sexy wink.

Now that the client was watching, it was time to perform visually as well as orally. She added a twisted to her motion so her blue hair would bounce. Her lips opened so more spit could fall. She gripped his thighs and sunk her fingers into his pants like a desperate slut.

Sweet liquid gushed in her mouth. Was that chocolate? Lords of Space, the client’s seed had been enhanced to taste like chocolate!

Dazanna sealed her lips around him as the dock pumped. Load after load of chocolate-flavored seed filled her mouth. She swallowed it all and when he was done pumping, she meticulously licked every millimeter of his limp organ for more chocolate.

When there was no more delicious seed left, Dazanna let the member fall from her lips. A burp rose from her throat. She was immediately grateful for the privacy screen.
The blue light turned off. The client wasn’t interested in watching anymore. Their focus was on their meal, and the remaining time they had left to eat it.

Dazanna rested her head on the client’s lap. She doubted that he would recover in time to want more. For that matter, she wasn’t sure what the policy was for second orgasms at this establishment. The owners might not want her to provide another climax.

Fuck that. Dazanna stayed where she was. If that delicious orange-mint dock got hard again and wanted to spray some more chocolate, then Dazanna would be ready to make that happen.

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