Jul 292020

Dazanna entered the shower. The monitor told her to remain still. Multiple yellow beams struck her naked body and scanned her skin. The beams lingered over her right breast plastered in semen. Scanners cataloged the immense amount of come in her long blue hair. The beams traced the vussy juice that stained her thighs. Finally, sensors calculated the amount of sweat, spit and lube sticking to her skin.

A neutral computer voice spoke. “Your status is FILTHY. This earns you a thirty percent discount. Do you accept these new terms? Yes/No?”

Dazanna smirked. Filthy was one way to put it. She had just serviced a married couple celebrating a recent trade deal. They were lovely gentlemen but both of those fuckers had genetically enhanced gonads resulting in bucket loads of come. Fortunately, they tipped her a generous bonus and she decided to spend some of that money here.

“Yes,” she said.

“Thank you for using ‘Wash-Your-Ass’. Please wait as we find someone to wash you. Person found. Please grip the safety handles. If at any time you wish to stop your shower, let go of the handles.”

Two handles lowered from the ceiling. They stopped on either side of Dazanna’s head. She closed her hands around them and the lights brightened.

“Shower beginning in three, two, one.”

Hot water fell from the ceiling. Dazanna moaned. It had been too long since she showered in water. The sonic shower in her habitation cube was thorough, but there was no beating the feeling of warm water cascading over your body. It was a luxury that only the richest on Pleasure Station Sigma could enjoy on a regular basis. For everyone else, they had to use commercial showers like Wash-Your-Ass.

A panel opened in front of Dazanna. Two synthetic hands extended on flexible arms. Somewhere on the station, someone had logged into the Wash-Your-Ass system and paid a higher fee than Dazanna had to operate these hands. They would be wearing tele-sensory gloves that would simulate how would it feel like to touch Dazanna.

Dazanna wondered if they were male or female.

The hands went straight to her large tits.

“It’s a guy,” Dazanna said.

The synthetic hands squeezed her breasts. Dazanna relaxed into the groping. Protocols programmed into the hands prevented the user from doing any harm. The hands glided over her wet tits and any squeezing was gentle and free of pinching.

Tiny nozzles emerged from the walls and sprayed a white liquid onto Dazanna’s body. The liquid reacted with the water and turned into foam. There was a slight tingling sensation as the foam broke down inorganic molecules.

Dazanna moaned again. The foam felt nice. It was an essential part of the process. The foam did most of the cleaning, allowing the operator of the hands to focus on what they wanted to.

The synthetic hands moved down to Dazanna’s hips. The soft texture of the pseudo-digits gently scrubbed her skin as they moved their way down to her thighs. The hands encased her left thigh and rubbed up and down.

Dazanna was surprised. The hands skipped her vussy. She would have thought they would go straight to her genitals. Did this person have restraint? Nah, they were probably just a leg person.

The force of the water increased. Dazanna moaned as the foam was washed away from her body. When the water pressure subsided, more gel was sprayed onto her body and turned into foam.

The hands on Dazanna’s thighs moved to her ass. Soft fingers cupped her buttocks and squeezed. Two thumbs came close to her asshole but didn’t attempt to penetrate.

Dazanna smiled. That was the safety protocols kicking in. Still, the synthetic fingers did touch her anus and did a thorough job of scrubbing.

Another nozzle emerged from the ceiling. It sprayed a green gel onto Dazanna’s wet blue hair. A second pair of synthetic hands emerged from the ceiling and tenderly stroked the gel through her hair.

“Fuck yes,” Dazanna whispered. This was the best part. She had paid extra to have the system clean her hair automatically. These hands were controlled by an artificial intelligence that was more concerned with hygiene then hair play.

The hands on Dazanna’s ass let go of her soapy buttocks. One hand returned to her right breast. Fortunately, that was one the one plastered in semen, so it could do with a little extra scrubbing. The hand moved in a circular manner, rubbing the tingling foam into her skin as it manipulated her heavy tit.

The other hand went to Dazanna’s sex.

“Finally,” Dazanna said. She had been well-fucked today, but she always welcomed a little attention on her vussy.

The synthetic hand cupped her sex. Protocols prevented it from entering her but it couldn’t stop it from grinding. The soft fingers ran up and down the lips of her foaming vussy.

Dazanna’s hips responded in kind. She humped the gentle fingers as they played with her vussy. Sometimes a finger would slip a few centimeters inside her before pulling back out.

Meanwhile, the hands above her continued to wash her hair. The fingers alternated between massaging her scalp and stroking shampoo through the length of her wet hair. Targeted water jets washed away any excess shampoo.

Dazanna was lost in sensations. The expert washing of her hair released the tension in the upper half of her body. The fondling of her vussy thrilled and stimulated her bottom half. She couldn’t decide which was better.

The hand on Dazanna’s breast rose to her face. Soft fingers stroked her cheek. A thumb slid playfully over her lips. She kissed the thumb and hoped the user to could feel it.

The water pressure increased once more. Foam slid from her body and into the drain. The hands in her hair wrung the last of the shampoo from her hair.

More gel sprayed onto her body. A third and final layer of foam was generated.

The hands in Dazanna’s hair moved to her shoulders. It scrubbed her arms with the same precision it used for her hair. These hands would clean what the hand operator had neglected. In this case, that was everything except Dazanna’s tits, ass and vussy.

The operator knew that time was running out. The hand on her sex moved up and down her vussy lips. The other hand went to her right breast and squeezed with urgent pulses.

Dazanna was close. If the hand on her sex just moved slightly quicker, she could get off. There was no clear way to tell the operator. The audio sensors garbled any attempt at verbal communication to prevent operators from stalking customers. It would be easiest just to show him how to touch her, but if she let go of the safety handles, then the shower would stop. Dazanna was helpless.

It was a pleasant dilemma.

The automated hands scrubbed her back. They rubbed at her sore muscles with tender care. Foam flowed down her back and down between the crack of her ass.

Dazanna realized she was going about this wrong. She didn’t need the hand on her vussy to go faster; she needed him to just keep his hand where it was. Her body would do the rest.

She rolled her hips and grinded against the hand. Her mouth opened and she let out a loud moan. She looked directly at the camera with her best fake orgasm face.

The synthetic hand froze. The operator thought he had made her come.

Dazanna continued her performance. She bit her lip. She shuddered. She rolled her eyes. Most of all, she grinded faster against those soft synthetic fingers.

The automatic hands moved down to Dazanna’s ass. They cupped the outside of her buttocks. Circular motions jiggled her ass.

Dazanna came, for real this time. She screamed her pleasure and her victory. Foam flew as her body quivered.

When she was done shaking, the synthetic hand left her vussy. It gave her tit a final squeeze before retracting into the wall. A moment later, the automatic hand scrubbed the vussy juice from her tit.

Dazanna laughed. She had came just in time. The shower was almost over.

A final surge of hot water cleaned the last of the foam from Dazanna. The automatic hands retracted and the water ceased. Blasts of hot air struck Dazanna from different angles, aiming to remove every drop of the precious water from her body.

The door opened. Dazanna reluctantly let go of the safety handles. The showers were always over too soon. It was a shame, but there was no denying how clean she felt. It was money well spent.

Of course, there was nothing stopping Dazanna from getting dirty again and coming back tonight.

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