Jun 252020

Available Job:

Short Term Tension Release
Client: Brin Kits, Human.
Pleasure Station Security Rating – A Class
Location: B Deck, Tactical Legal Programs, Office 37K
Species Required: Human, Banime or Jeline
Other Requirements: Possession of Vussy or Vussy facsimile. Ceta class breasts or greater. Be dressed as a Tomey Maid.
Duration of Assignment: .5 Hours.
Assignment start Time: 1630 Hours
Payment: 45 Credits for Sex Labor Guild Certified. (Minus Sex Labor Guild Fees) 20 Credits for Non-Sex Labor Guild Certified.

Click Here to Accept Assignment.


The table shook as they fucked. Dazanna laid on her back with the client between her thighs. Each thrust caused the desk to shake and her tits to jiggle. The white vest she wore was open in the middle but sealed to her nipples with fabric adhesive. That meant that half of her tits were hanging out, but at least the vest covered most of the bite marks. The white turban she wore hung off the side of the desk along with most of her long blue hair.

The client grunted as he fucked. Cybernetic enhancements covered forty percent of his body. Three datajacks crowned his bald head. He had her ankles over each shoulder so her could run his hands up and down the white trousers she was wearing. The crotch had been ripped out earlier by the client about ten seconds after she arrived. He pounded away at her shaved sex with his rotating cybernetic dock.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Dazanna babbled in a low pitch voice that was a bad attempt at a Tomey accent. It seemed to work because the client groaned and fucked faster.


Dazanna stared at the ceiling. Computer servers hung from racks. Lights blinked on and off as legal processes were being run in virtual courts. She wondered what courtroom cases were being debated and settled right now by artificial lawyer intelligences.

“You like that, don’t you?” the client said.

“I do,” Dazanna moaned and it was true. The dock rotations were quite nice. The vibrations the synthetic phallus emitted were even better. She especially appreciated how the vibrations pulsed with varying intensities. It was a damn good dock. She was going to leave it a great review when she rated the client later.

The client moaned louder. He was going to come. His hands gripped her trousers and tears appeared. This is why she bought all her work clothes from Wear-It-Once Machines.

“Fill me up, my Lord,” Dazanna said. The Tomey had Lords, right?

“Poz!” the client yelled. He froze as his cyber organ increased vibrations. A thick load of seed entered Dazanna’s vussy.

Dazanna was on the edge. She took the liberty of reaching between her legs and stroking her sex as the client pumped another load into her. A quick rub of her fingers and she passed over her own event horizon and into orgasm.

“Ohhh, thank you, Lord!” Dazanna moaned.

The client said nothing. He breathed heavily as his dock vibrated inside her.

Dazanna waited. This is the second time he had climaxed with her. Was he done now?

The client looked at her. There was a greedy smile on her face. No, he wasn’t done.

He pulled out of her. “Stand up, Maid.”

“Yes, my Lord!” Dazanna said with a low voice. Her round ass was happy to get off the hard desk. She sat up and hopped off the table. Seed spilled from her well-fucked vussy.

The client reached for her thigh. Dazanna squealed in a very non-Tomey way as he pulled her leg up and grabbed her ankle. She tipped to the side and caught herself on the desk top. The client returned her ankle to his shoulder. Her legs were in a perfect split with one foot pointed towards the ceiling and other foot firmly on the ground.

“A little warning next time, my Lord!” Dazanna said. Her turban fell off her head and rolled off the desk.

“Sorry, I was supervising an appeal,” the client said. “The plaintiff uploaded a denial-of-evidence program and I needed to make sure the subpoena firewalls held.”

Dazanna had no idea what any of that meant. The client placed his dock back into her vussy and the thick cybernetic phallus filled Dazanna’s slick sex. The vibrations resumed and she forgot what she was mad about.

The client resumed fucking her. In and out, in and out, he fucked like a machine. Her inner thighs took the brunt of the thrusts as his hard hips collided into them.

Dazanna came to the conclusion that he was going to fuck her for the full contract period. Cyborgs always got their money’s worth. Oh well, at least the client’s dock vibrated and twisted in wonderful combinations. The aching sensation of her stretched legs were eased by bliss inside her vussy. It would just be a matter of time before she climaxed again.

Dazanna’s held onto the desk and moaned with her best Tomey accent.

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