Mar 042020

Last year my wife’s bosses were purged at her company. new bosses were brought in and they began removing anyone left from the old structure. My wife was given a bullshit performance review and told it was in her best interest to move on.

My wife is looking into other jobs but in the meantime, we decided that I should re-enter the workforce. Writing porn is nice but it seriously does not pay the bills. Like, not remotely.

I still plan to write porn. Writing will always be my passion. I wrote so much porn when I was working seven days a week at a factory job, so I know it is doable. I just need to temper my expectations.

Right now, there will not be a Vaquel story for March. The past month has been stressful and my writing time has been replaced with worrying time. Fear not! I actually have the next three stories mapped out, so it is just a matter of getting my mojo back. I will also keep journalling and updating the blog because I like sharing whatever weird shit I come across with you.

I currently have a job interview tomorrow. I trend to ace reviews and quite frankly, the place appears to be in “Hire any warm body” mode so I am hopeful I will get it. Getting a job will be a huge stress-reducer and I am sure I will get back to a regular writing schedule.

One thing I highly doubt I will do anymore are interactive erotica books. They take half a year to write and that was when I had no job at all. I just don’t see doing that anymore. And maybe that isn’t a bad thing. My latest book, “Be the Supervillain” is greatly under performing my previous interactive erotica books.

Something I do think I will be doing is creating more writing games. I greatly enjoy making “Traveling the Planes of Desire” and I am playtesting my next game, “Your Demon Lover”. Writing games are lovely because I feel like they are blueprints for others to write their own smut. The more people writing porn, the better.

So that is all for now. I hope you will stay with me as I shift to this new schedule.

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  1. As someone going through their own drastic life changes, I’m sticking with you until the end. I need to pick up the last few of your books though, I’ve gotten behind and I apologize.

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