Apr 252019

Yesterday, Amazon sent me a form letter telling me that “Fight in the Sex Arena” violated their standards. Since this was my second offense, they deleted my kindle publishing account, erased my ebooks and decided to keep all the royalties owed to me.

They didn’t say what was offensive about my book. Was it heart-racing combat followed by humiliating sex? Was it my frequent abuse of the word, “thrust”? Was it the many, many, MANY scenes where the Cocksquid violates the player? Amazon won’t tell me so I can only assume my erotica was so hot that I killed someone.

This is rather depressing news. My Amazon books earned me on average about $500 a month, which was no small thing. I spent that money on Patreon, comics, cover art, bills and so much porn.

It feels a lot like getting fired, except I am fired from a job I love and plan to keep on doing. I will keep writing and I will find another outlet to sell through, but the emotional impact is still there. It sucks.

I have sent an email to KDP support asking for clarification, but my experience has been that they rarely respond. I will keep you updated on what they say so that other authors can learn.

Thank you for your support and patience as I consider what to do next,

  8 Responses to “Too Hot for Kindle”

  1. WTF? The “standards” are applied so arbitrarily that they should just adopt some trigger flags / tags and let people filter them out.

    • Funny thing, Amazon absolutely refuses to publish a list of things they find objectionable BUT if you go to a 3rd party site like StreetLib, they have a list of things Amazon bans. It is clear Amazon prefers to keep things in the dark for the ordinary ebook writer.

  2. Note: Your books have not been disappeared from my Kindle account. So at least there’s that.

  3. Oh, that sucks so much. I’m sorry and I hope you find a new home and soon. Have you considered Patreon plus alternatives? It was the only way I could make money on my writing these days.

    • I have considered Patreon but I doubt my output would work on a monthly schedule.

      • Patreon can be set to a amount per publication or just monthly subscription. I don’t *think* the latter requires monthly output.

      • A numbrer of authors do a “per post”. So you can do a “$2/post” or whatever and people can choose a maximum in a month (to avoid you doing 123982398 posts in a month). The nice part is that they are fairly open to my stuff so you should be good even with the stuff PayPal kicked you off.

        I’d still consider a secondary source like SubscribeStar, but that’s what I did.

  4. And I feel the need to post this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCHMcHOPqbs

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