May 222017

Five years ago I had testicular cancer. I lost a testicle and had two rounds of chemo. After the cancer I was cured, I started to celebrate my survival by commissioning a sketch card where a sexy lady says “Fuck ball cancer”.

This year I commission Anastasia Catris to do a card of Clea from the Doctor Strange comics. I really liked how she incorporated Clea’s normal costume into the underwear. I also freaking love how Anastasia did those wonderful floating magic sigil hands.

I was 38 when I was diagnosed. That is a bit on the young side for testicular cancer but still in the range. If you are a guy, check those balls. Mine felt a little big for a few weeks and I just thought I was getting fat. If someone feels off about your balls, go see a doctor. Don’t put it off.

You know what, let’s say that goes for everyone for every part of your body. Early detection is key for any cancer. Check your body for lumps and size changes. Check often.

  3 Responses to “Fuck Ball Cancer 5th Year”

  1. Congrats! I just had an old High school friend drop dead of this so it is no joking matter.

    On the plus side that pic of Clea is wonderful. Nice addition to your “coven”.

  2. 1: Congrats!
    2: Holy Hell! I’ve been following your site for more than 5 years O.O

  3. 1. Thanks!

    2. It feels like I have been doing this blog since birth!

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