Jul 252016

trialbycuriositycoverDid you read my guest comic in the web series, Gnosis College? My entire issue can be read easily at this link.

Dr. Faustus and Lon Ryden have been creating this top notch comic for quite some time. It is about a college where mad erotic science abounds. The stories range from the amusing to the tragic to the downright horrifying but it is always sexy. If you have a week to kill, I highly recommend reading all of it.

As for my contribution, I wrote a self-contained story about a sorority testing four of their pledges. The pledges must explore a not-so-abandoned house and stay the night. There are logic puzzles! Diversity! Nakedness! Creepy rooms! Multiple penetrations! If you ever wanted to see a Shon Richards porn story in comic form, this is your chance!

  2 Responses to “Trial by Curiosity Webcomic”

  1. I didn’t realize that was Creative Commons. That was an awesome little story, plus a cruel way of doing the final. Have you seen the videos of women reading books while orgasming, they did something like that (magic wand from a helper while they were reading).

    Thank you!

    • Yeah, those reading-while-orgasming videos are some of my favorites. I could watch them all day.

      I am glad you liked the story!

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