Jun 152016

Darren examined each piece of lingerie in turn. Three of the five brassieres would need to have semen stains removed before he could repair the cups. Two pairs of stockings would need to be re-netted. Of the five pairs of panties, three had tears in the front while two had cuts in the back.

He wrote his estimate for the lot and passed it to the customer.

The customer took her time reading the estimate. That allowed Darren to get a better look at her. She was young, maybe younger than Darren. Her long brown hair was as straight as measuring tape. Full lips were a deeper shade of red than Darren had seen before. A flimsy pink shirt stretched across what Darren estimated to be 32A cups. A white skirt wrapped around shapely hips above long tanned legs.

Her purse bore the logo of Egor Tech University. So did her watch, her earrings and her socks. Like most students at Egor Tech, she was happy to show it off.

It took her an awfully long time to read the itemized bill. She frowned and Darren felt like he had done something wrong.

“Is there a problem, Miss?” Darren asked.

“My name is Danielle,” she said. “And this is too much. I already spent my allowance for this week at the nail salon.

Darren wasn’t sure how to answer that. He glanced down at her nails. They were long, pretty and pink. “Uh, that’s too bad.”

The student smirked. “It might be your lucky day then. How about you fix my underwear and in exchange, I let you eat my pussy.”

“Excuse me?” Darren said.

“You heard me,” she said. Reaching down, Danielle pulled up her skirt. There was no underwear but there were perfectly bare sex lips.

“Uh,” Darren said dumbly. This hadn’t happened before! He wondered if he should call his boss, Mr. Jacque, at home. No, wait, of course not! Of all the days for is boss to call in sick! Oh shit, what if someone were to come in and see a customer with her skirt up? What would Mr. Jacque think?

The student kept looking at Darren. Her smirk had turned into a smile. “You better take my offer. It will probably be the only Egor Tech pussy that you ever get.”

Darren swallowed. That was true. He never really thought about having sex with someone from Egor Tech but not that she mentioned it, it did seem highly unlikely. An extraordinary opportunity was in front of him, literally with skirt raised and all. Instead of excitement, he felt fear at the idea that such a rare chance might pass him by.

He glanced back down at the damaged lingerie. It might take all night, but he could take it home and repair it himself. Perhaps he could fix them without Mr. Jacque ever knowing.

“Okay,” he said. He came around the counter. His hand shook as he flipped the open sign to ‘closed’. Nervously, he took a pencil from his pocket and wrote “Quick bathroom break” on the sign. There, if any customers came by and complained to Mr. Jacque, they would see he had an excuse.

He turned around to find Danielle already on the counter. She had her legs spread wider than looked comfortable. Her long pink nails stroked the outside of her pussy. The pink lips smiled predatorily at him.

“Hurry, before I change my mind,” she said.

Darren rushed over to her open legs. He tried to squat but found that the counter was too high. The only way to reach her sex with his mouth was to bend over at an awkward angle. It would have to do. The easier thing would be to ask her to turn around and sit in his chair but he felt that asking her to move might discourage her from their deal altogether.

Pink fingernails moved to open her pussy lips for him. Darren leaned in and gave her lips a long lick. She tasted like cherries.

“Get in there,” Danielle said. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him to her sex.

Darren’s mouth and nose pressed against her pussy. The taste of her overwhelmed him. His mouth automatically started to lick and nibble. He breathed in her sex and moaned into her pussy.

When was the last that that he ate pussy? Was it when his landlady interviewed him for the apartment? No, it was when the police women stopped him on the subway. It was best not to think about that terrifying time. Darren banished the thought and kept licking.

“Not . . . bad,” Danielle said. Her sharp nails dug into his scalp.

Darren kept licking. He relished the taste of her. The heat of her sex warmed his face. The flowing juices refreshed his parched mouth. The squirming of her pussy smothered his nose but he hungrily kept eating her.

“You love that Egor Tech pussy, don’t you?” Danielle said. “Of course you do.”

Darren did. He didn’t understand it but he loved this pussy. It was smooth, silky, wet and most of all, forbidden. He would never go to college. Girls like her never noticed boys like him. She was delicious in that special way that a treat you will never eat again can be.

He groaned into her pussy. His face felt flush, with shame or desire he couldn’t tell. There was a pain in his back from the angle he was leaning at but he ignored it. He was in ecstasy.

A powerful ache strained against his pants. He reached down to the bulge in his pants. Completely without shame, he rubbed at his restrained erection.

“Stop touching yourself!” Danielle snapped.

Darren immediately moved his hand away. Embarrassment washed over him. He paused in his oral affections.

She grabbed his ear. Sharp nails dug in and twisted. “Don’t stop licking, asshole!”

His mouth went back to work. The twisting of his ear stopped but her sharp nails remained. He licked as fast and as hard as he could out of fear and humiliation.

Darren’s cock felt twice as big within his pants. The fact that he couldn’t touch himself was agony. The slightest shift of his body made his underwear feel tighter around his erection.

Danielle shivered. “Close.”

He licked harder.

“Close,” she said again.

He licked faster.

“Close!” she cried.

Her hands pulled him tighter against her sex. Breathing became impossible. He was buried in young pussy and juices.

He never stopped licking.

“Fuck!” Danielle cried and she pushed his head away.

Darren lost his balance and fell backwards onto the floor. He looked up at the student’s wide open legs as she shuddered on the counter. Muscles spasmed up and down her long legs as she enjoyed her orgasm.

When it was over, she closed her legs. Darren didn’t move a muscle as she stepped into her skirt and pulled it back up to her waist. He watched in silence as she smoothed out her skirt and picked up her bill.

“Have them ready tomorrow morning,” Danielle commanded. “And don’t you dare masturbate with them.”

Danielle stepped over him and went to the door. She unlocked the door and without asking, flipped the sign back to ‘open’. A moment later, she was out the door and Darren was alone.

He stood up. His face was wet. So was the counter. There was a lot to clean and he needed to hurry before the next customer came in.

The pile of lingerie was still on the counter. The thought of masturbating with them was intoxicating although he knew that he never would.

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  1. Very lovely, though I feel sad that he couldn’t get his rocks off.

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